Religious Socialism: is this really a socialism?

The rise of global inequality causing super structure to undergo a change on economical stand. It's not a sudden change happned in super struture but across the previous century we can find many such incident of superstructure inheriting or claming principles of socialism. The main super structure claiming the principles of socialism is religion.Our question raises after claims of Pope Francis.
Religious Socialism:
Even Thousands of religion across the globe,our point of discussion going to be only two junior most religion's Christanity and Islam. Our defence aganist this claims is must to bring oppressed class from the cluthes of opressors to the path of scientific socialism.
Christanity Socialism Claim:
Two Years  ago a claim for socialism came from head of 1.2 billion people pope francis. His claim was "I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag. The flag of the poor is Christian. Poverty is at the center of the Gospel,". Is it so communism or socialis…

Appraisal System:21st Centuries Exploitation System!!!

In post 1991 period of the technology revolution and the raise of new liberal policies gave way to many new business management concepts. Jack Welch,a former anti employee CEO of GE was the one formalized the most exploitative concept of 21th century in appraisal system. In 1980's Welch introduced a concept to exploit employees in new way know as 'Stack Ranking' or 'Forced Ranking' or 'rank or yank' or 'Forced distribution' or 'Bell Curve' or 'Vitality Curve' etc. It's new concept that introduced to increase competitive environment, Increase production, divide workers unity, In equal distribution of wages, enable firing with poor performer, reduced overall wage rates, Changed work culture and wipe social security.

  The system is implemented by all major corporate across the globe. In India, all new age corporate follow this appraisal concept. During 20th century, across globe there is a problem for corporate with continues rais…

IT Employees:Basic Understanding Of Labour Law!

IT Sector around 8-9% contribution to Indian GDP and holding around 2 million young minds,a stabilizing industry. In Stabilizing phase,Corporate always take decision to lay off employees and implement anti-labour policy for profit maximization. During 2008 recession, more than thousand technocrats committed suicide according to national crime record. 1 in every 20 IT professionals contemplates suicide. Over 30% of IT Professions addicted to Narcotic drugs. Too avoid such situation in lay off phase, Employee should know basic knowledge in protective labour laws.It's always better to fight back for your right's  rather than losing life.

Is Service Bond Valid?

According to Indian Law, Service Bond is illegal. Bonded labour not only illegal but punishable by Indian law. Indian court even ruled out orders that service bond illegal and against fundamental rights. No Company can threaten a employee with service bond for ransom or work. A service bond  can hold legal only under the …

A Critique on Indian Feminist Movement-Part 1

Indians tend to project their historic past and always fail to work towards correcting those mistakes. It’s not a mistake of an Indian; it’s the politics that plays a major role in this. In India, the feminist problem is a thousand year old historic blunder that arose in the name of religion, caste, race, sex, etc., but in actual it’s all built on economic structure. Feminine issue in India was due to strong internal contradiction within the society and culture. Without the proper knowledge of historic blunders, the Indian Feminist Movement is just trying to get rid of external problems. Clarity in history is must for any movement against the male chauvinist atrocities towards women.
Feminist movement is ready to speak of sex discrimination, but not ready to demolish economic fundamentals, religious rituals & caste system. If the economic structure in the society changes, then definitely the value system of the society also changes. In Capitalist Structure, production increased due…

"Think Before You Vote"

"Think Before You Vote" is a article to purely understand what has happened to India in last 23 years of Liberalism policy. Take some time to know that problem is not with political parties, but with  Economic policy. In 23 years of Liberalism, Congress ruled over 15 years and BJP ruled over 6 years, but nothing changed in India because both follow same economic policy. So these two parties can never ever be alternative to each other. The real alternative government is the one that puts the real alternative policy. Here are some facts that we put forward to claim our stand.
1 in 3 graduates between 15-29 years are unemployed.India still allows use of Endosulfan. It is barbaric.15 million rural cultivators in India have quit farming between 1991-2011Worst five states in terms of violent incidents per million population during 2005-2013: MP (14), Karnataka (10), Maharashtra (9), Gujarat (8) and Kerala (7). (Parliament Questions)X-ray technicians are short by 85 percent and lab…