LIFE IS A JOURNEY: NOT MISSION?

                                  Life is a journey in which each one have different path in their journey. A journey is not a single person work it’s always a team work of your friends, family and social person est. journey never ends when u die but it will guide rest of the generation.

                                 When a race of life takes place only 1 in 1000 wins it all others lose a basic law of nature. How single person can win over 1000 its something different. They never had something extra but they did something different.

                                 When u decide my journey of life is this and when you share your dream to this world no one will be there to encourage you but they will be first to disgrace you. Never mind only this disgrace are converted to stepping stone. A small story:-(In a group of 5 friends a friend said that in future all lamp will be upside down. Each and everyone in the group laughed started to kid him. My dear readers today all lamps are upside down the person who said it's Edison.)

                                When you dream something new to this world and describe it to this world. Never the world will be in the mood to support but instead it will pull you down. Never mind one day the world will know the value of your dream. A small story:-(When Galileo described earth is oval everyone kidded him as mental. When Archimedes run nude through the street of ROME shouting euraka! Euraka! Everyone said he is a nut.)

                                When you start your journey towards dream there will be many to pull down, disgrace, kid, tease and demoralize you. Never mind convert that negative energy into positive energy one day you rule them. A small story:-(When Gandhi thrown from the train to the platform in south africa,He converted that shame into positive energy and said to the English man "you chucked me out of the train i will chuck you out of my nation.")

                                When you decided your journey then started to walk towards it never worry of obstacles and failures. Never mind the lesson you learn from failure will make you sharper. A small story :-( A person was scraped by all newspaper that he lacked creativity, innovation and talent. He is none other than Walt Disney.)

                                 A fruit of journey can’t be ripened in overnight its stir process perseverance a real success can be obtained in a gradual face. Never mind wait for time to rip success of your hard work. A small story (When George  shaw decided writing his journey he earned nothing in first 8 years but he waited till then earned Nobel and Oscar prize.)

                                A journey never ends when fruit of success is ripening real hard journey starts when your dream destination is reached. Its toughest journey to maintain it after reaching that height. A small story (When bill gates reached such a pinnacle height he fought hard to retain it forever.)

                                A journey will always have pros and cons its how you take the up failure. Even you have much failure in a path you must be stone hearted to never give up. Never mind failure is always make a stepping stone for success. A small story :-(He lost president election, lost business, lost many election but he never lost hope he kept on track with her journey to become president of U.S  its none other than Abharam Lincoln.)

                               Life is not your journey alone but when you’re walking through a path for your journey it creates new way for next generation to follow in your journey. Life teaches something new every day every minute it’s how you take it and how see it matters a lot .Even a victory looks like defeat when loser gives smile.

                               Life is simple don’t make it complex. A journey will be beautiful when your dear ones decorate it. Life is combined with mixer of everything take it have make it world will realize it. Life never ends it’s a long journey walk through it.


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