Bodhidharma:Father of asian martial arts!

                        The evolution of Asian martial arts as they are known today is thought to have originated around 500 A.D., when an Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma arrived in China. Legend has it that he taught Indian fighting exercises to the Chinese monks in order to improve their physical condition. All kung-fu is thought to have evolved from this beginning, and from kung-fu came karate.

                  Bodhidharma was born around the year 440 in

Kanchi, the capital of the southern indian kingdom of Pallava. He was a brahman by birth and the third son of King simhavarman. When he was young he was converted To buddhism and later received instruction in the dharma From prajnatara, whom his father had invited from the Ancient buddhist heartland of magadha. Prajnatara was A master in the dhyana school of buddhism which was Later transliterated to ch’an in chinese, zen in japanese And son in korean .It was prajnatara who told Bodhidharma to go to china. Bodhidharma arrived in China about 475, traveled around for a few years and finally Settled at shaolin temple. Bodhidharma had only a few disciples, including Laypeople, both men and women. His was the first teaching Of the dhyana school outside of india. It was in china,Korea and japan that this school would flourish.Bodhidharma died for the people of china eating the poison food.

Bodhidharma’s Teaching:

‘Many roads lead to the Way, but basically there are only two: reason and practice.

“Reason and practice’ complement each other. One must practice what one understands and learns, and one must understand one’s practice otherwise it may become misguided.

Turn back to reality’ is Bodhidharma clear instruction to regain our original Buddha Nature.

‘Meditate’ is the way of Dhyana.

‘Absence of self and other’ is the first and third of Buddhism’s Three Marks of Existence.

‘Oneness of mortal and sage’ is Bodhidharma pointing to the fact that even Shakyamuni was a human, he was not divine.

To enter by practise refers to four all-inclusive practices: suffering injustice, adapting to conditions,seeking nothing, and practising the Dharma.’

Bodhidharma's facts:

He is a father of asian martial arts.

He is founder of zen buddhism.

He is a expert in hipnatics(knowku varmam)

He is expert in medicine.

When he left India(tamilnadu) he gave a book written by him.The hidden mysteryo no one know whats written on the book.The book is also believed to be lost.  

Bodhidharma's Tribute:


The Outline of Practice or Two Entrances
The Bloodstream Sutra
The Breakthrough Sutra
The Wake-Up Sutra


7 am arivu(7th sense-tamil flim).


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