Irom Sharmila(iron lady of manipur):world's longest hunger striker!!!

                   Irom Sharmila Chanu was born on March 14, 1972,most famously known as the "Iron Lady of Manipur" or "Menghoubi" ("the fair one").she is a civil rights activist, political activist, and poet from the Indian state of Manipur. Since 2 November 2000, she has been on hunger strike to demand that the Indian government repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, which she blames for violence in Manipur and other parts of India's northeast.Having refused food and water for more than 500 weeks, she has been called "the world's longest hunger striker".Armed force (special powers)act enable all shoulder rank offer can use weapon against any suspect without any permission.On nov 1,2000 about 10 were killed in manipur who were standing in bus stand by army using armed forces act in front of Irom Sharmila which triggered her strike.

               After starting her fast Indian government arrested her with an case of attempt to suicide and started to force feed her for last 11 years.Irom Sharmila was under house arrest to for many years.she as got lots of international award for her peace movement.


                  Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare's 13-day fast might have attracted thousands and captured the imagination of an entire nation, but in sharp and dismaying contrast is the iconic struggle of Irom Sharmila in Manipur.She has been on a fast for over a decade, without food and water. Her brother said that the indifference by the government, politicians, civil society, even media and the people is shameful.For ten years Irom Sharmila Chanu hasn't eaten a morsel of food, nor taken a drop of water. She is fasting in protest, demanding that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act must go to free Manipur from fear.Today, the Gandhian on a modern day satyagraha is a high security prisoner booked under attempt to suicide.

                She weighs just 37 kgs and most of her body organs are wasted. Her menstrual cycle has stopped. The Indian state has kept her alive on a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients and she is force fed twice a day through her nose.When Team Anna already backed by thousands asked Sharmila for her support, the Iron lady expressed her solidarity but asked why could she not get the advantage of exercising her non-violent protest for justice as a democratic citizen of a democratic country."When Anna started fasting for four days in the month of April, Parliament, intellectual circles, the NGOs and the citizens of India discussed his issue very deeply. So, we thought that we the people from North east are not the citizens of India," her brother said.

                The AFSPA gives the Army and the paramilitary forces the power to use force, shoot or arrest  anyone on a mere suspicion. Sharmila began her fast after an incident in Malom when ten innocent civilians were gunned down by men of the Assam rifles.The faith of the young woman in a hospital bed still remains unshaken.

               "Whether Anna supports her or not, it doesn't matter. If he supports her it's very good as a citizen and as a human being. But at another point if he doesn't support her that is also fine with us. Sharmila will continue her fasting until she gets her demand," her brother said.Sharmila's simple Gandhian fast is an epic protest that remains unparalleled in history.She is only matched by the protest of 12 mothers of Manipur who disrobed themselves to protest the indifference of a disinterested nation when Thangjoram Manorma, was picked up by the Assam Rifles claiming she was part of an underground group. Her body was later found with clear signs of brutal torture and rape.

                The women of Manipur have protested bared and dared, but sadly no one is listening.She is simply denied attention because she is a women.please join in one hand to support her and her cause.Please save her life.

When life comes to its end
You, please transport
My lifeless body
Place it on the soil of Father Koubru

To reduce my dead body
To cinders amidst the flames
Chopping it with axe and spade
Fills my mind with revulsion

The outer cover is sure to dry out
Let it rot under the ground
Let it be of some use to future generations
Let it transform into ore in the mine

I'll spread the fragrance of peace
From Kanglei, my birthplace
In the ages to come
It will spread all over the world.
                                       -lrom Sharmila



  1. There is some deliberate disinformation here just continually requoted over the web as a viral. She does not weight 37kg. Her weight had reduced to that level some years back you can tell from photos taken then. She is now very healthy. The report of her cessation of menstrual cycles apart from being none of your business is an attempt to infantilize her. She is a mahatma the truth of what she has done is powerful enough. A very ordinary woman who has done extraordinary things. Her brother is not her spokesman. He is her brother. She has always spoken warmly of her fellow satayagrahi Anna Hazare and with some disappointment over the bureaucrats who follow artificial means and ends and surround them both. My name is Desi Coutinho if it interests you.

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