7 Billion:World is not Enough?

7 Billion how big is the number?
  • It would take 200 years to count.
  • 7 billion step would take you 133 times around the world.
  • 7 billion $ is the combined wealth of 100 countries in the world.

7 Billion history:
  • 1800-1 billion
  • 1930-2 billion
  • 1960-3 billion
  • 1974-4 billion
  • 1987-5 billion
  • 1999-6 billion
  • 2011-7 billion
  • 2045-9 billion

7 Billion nutshell:
  • Every second-5 born,2 die
  • Natural increase-3%/sec
  • Average lifetime=69 years
  • Average age=28 years
  • Language=7000
  • Countries=195
  • Ethnic group=270
  • Japan women avg life=86 years

7 Billion facts:
  • In 1975,only 3 mega cities of 10 million above population but now 21 mega cities.
  • There are more people living in urban than village.
  • By 2050,70% of people will live in urban.
  • If we stand shoulder by shoulder we will fill los angels city.
  • Largest ethnic group in the world Chinese.
  • Most of the people are right handed and male.
  • 60% of world’s fuel is used by only g20 countries.
  • World’s most populated country china.
  • World’s richest country U.S.A.
  • World’s biggest country Russia.
  • World’ smallest country Vatican city.
  • World’s most vulnerable ethnic group paris (india). 

7 Billion problem:
  • 5% of us consume 25% of world energy.
  • 13% of us don’t have clean drinking water.
  • 58%of us lack proper toilet facility.
  • World’s 3/5 of earning is only by top 5 countries.
  • India hold’s world’s largest  population of poor,aids,obesity,heart problem,poor living condition.
  •  Africa remained darkest continent through out the human era.
  • More than 40% of population without employment.
  • There will be increase in co2 emmission,starvation,deforestation etc.

7 Billion solution:
  • Adapt international birth control policy.
  • Reduce fertility rate.
  • Educate people on nuclear family.
  • Neutralize global economy.
  • Introduce new eco friendly and go green.

7 Billion imagination:
  • people:7billion
  • water intake(avq intake 2lit/day):14 billion lit/day
  • food intake(avg intake 100gm/day):7billion tons/day
  • family(avg 4person/family):1.75billion family
  • electricity(10watt/family-day):15.billion watt/day
  • fuel(100ml/family-day):.175billion liter/day
  • area(25m/person):17.5billion meter
  • money(everyone donate one dollar each):7 billion$(You will be one among 1000 richest in the world).

       This article not to read and through away its for awareness never think global population wil never affect you. It will affect you directly or indirectly because your one in 7 billion population. Do something on your path to save this world.



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