India and China:Tiger vs Dragon!

               when world watching the close game of population between china and india.The knowledge viewers watching the close race between both economy.Even warrior's of the world having a close eye on both nation.The two supersonic nation of the world known to be the future soviet union and u.s.a. of the world.

                Its always unfair to compare India with China.China is the most dynamic independent nation.India is going to surpass china population by what India can never match are be close competitive to China in any aspects of the world.Its not mere words we strong point to say with our information.

                 India is free-economy with liberated freedom for everyone to express there speech and expression.China is a communist country with a restricted freedom they were able to conduct shanghai expo,Asian games and Olympics for 24,000crs but what about India a nation with billion population it took 74,000 crs for single poorly conducted common wealth games its full of corruption.China heavy corporal punishment for those involved in corruption and other side we don't even punish terrorist.

              China with aim and goal to beat every nation in the sporting arena still we are counting for a medal in Olympics.A nation with restricted internet usage is dominating the world of technology.china's recent super computer as stunned even U.S.China a nation for all martial arts with exact diet and disease free nation.On other side of the Himalayas the nation is first in aids,obesity,epidemic disease and malnutrition.

            A nation with 3 wealthy on it side in world's top 10 rich as about 30% of poverty but China a Mao communist nation without wealthy person as minimum poverty.we have enough foreign investment,lots of job openings but china with mere dependent on its hand itself had developed over even U.S. we are dependent on involvement of outsourcing in development of the nation.China never accepted foreign items to imported they are self depended and they give prime important to there culture and respect for there own product.

            A nation never care about pride and prestige of its people & product.Indian product are below standard they never made to international market.China recently destroyed duplicate products of the nation to protect its standard and pride worth's more than billion.We are the nation with hundred conflicts,violence,protest and terrorist attack but on other hand even a dot of upraise is never felt in that communist nation.

          If Pakistan cross a dot border line we warmup for war against them but we keep our mouth tight when china cross over into over Territory.we never even warn them because they are far powerful in military defense and arms are china made(self developed).In India we import weapon 
form Russia,France etc.we project our self most fast developing nation  but its mere artificial hype created.

         China make be weaker in the lesson of democracy and freedom but limitation of it can lead to the over all development of the nation.India may have thousands of inspirational leaders but in China everyone in made as leaders.We want someone to do and work for us but they want to work united.
Its not a fight between communist and capitalist nation but for neutral society of India.   


          Its not about to project  China super power and India is weaker.really this article to know were we are in this world.China in early 80's were in the same position what India is today as youthful nation.They all worked in one hand to development and pride of there nation today they are outstanding in all fields with self-dependent.If 65% of our population youth work together over throwing our difference and self interest.Towards the common goal of the nation pride one day we will retaliate China.If not now it will never happen in India again friend's wake up in one voice as Indian's.
         ............................Jai hind.................Let India Grow......................................



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