Indian Women Liberation:Wake Up!

                               Woman always have a special part in every man’s life. About 2500 years back in India women were the one who perform prayer in temple even today there many women goddess in Indian culture. After the arrival of pandit’s and Brahmin to India women were driven out of temple as “untouchable of god”.

                                Even After 2000 years today also women are denied equal rights in the family. A nation which worships women as god was denying status for women in a society. It’s the most unfair culture in India. India’s most high profile post is occupied by women’s but still they are denied 33% reservation in the parliament.

                               Indian business women are most recognized across the globe they lead the most of the corporate in the world. Then to still they are not dignified equal to men. An only nation which worship women goddess as most number of female infanticide. There hundreds of law to protect a women in this land but still women not able to walk on a street.

                                A nation were women are used as center of attraction in marketing industry. Still women are sexually exploited and sexually abused. When women dominate the world of technology still Indian women find no time for personal development in the busy family tie-up. Indian women spent their time for collecting water, child brought up and family maintenance.  

                              India had lots of women in history who made nation proud even world's powerful democracy USA never had a elected women president.we had powerful lady at powerful post but still women toil a lot.Women in India need a change to bring forth change for liberation of next generation women in India. 


  • The upper hand of male chauvinism.
  • Women have no desire for liberation.
  • Caste ism,religious fundamentalism and  social impact.
  • Superstitious belief.
  • Indian family bound culture.
  • Traditional gene problem.

  • Denial of equal status.
  • Discrimination in all walks of life.
  • Female infanticide.
  • Child marriage.
  • Eve teasing.
  • Domestic violence.


  • Sex ratio is about 940 for 1000 male.
  • Literacy rate:65.6%
  • Lifetime:72 yrs
  • 2.7 child born/women in India.
  • 50%women are school dropout in elementary level.
  • 35%dropout in higher secondary level.
  • Every three min a woman is raped in India.
  • Indian family courts have more than 50% of dowry and women crime case.


  • Education
  • Over throwing caste,religion and superstitious belief
  • Women employment.
  • Birth control.
  • Women awareness about liberation
  • Powerful law against dowry,Eve teasing and women crime.
  • Mind set of male as to change.
  • Indian should stop worship her as god and treat her as fellow human being.
Powerful Indian women:

  • Mary kom-5 time boxing champion.
  • Saina nehiwal-badminton champion.
  • Indra nooyi-c.e.o of Pepsi co.
  • Bachendri Pal-first Indian women to climb Everest.
  • Irom sharmila-world’s longest fasting human.

Women protection law:
  • Domestic violence act-2005.
  • Eve teasing act-1988.
  • Dowry prohibition act-1961.
  • Sexual offense act-2003.

             Everything is easy to write and explain but change will come only when there is change from within the women.Liberation require spark I feel at least this article will inspire for it.


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