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A Typical Indian True Love Story:Love birds Died!

A true Love Which happened in the southern part of India.I am writing this story to explain the problem in our Indian society.Please forgive me if my English and story standard is poor.Lets start the story from early 90's.This story is whole heatedly dedicated to millions of lover who cant able to join due to caste,religion,status,culture,tradition etc.

A child born early 90's in a culture rich town of Southern India.The Child was born in the family of a caring parents and social family.Never the Little child know the same year just few months after a beautiful princess born to a affectionate parents and traditional family.The children may be born of different family,day but in a same town how the come back 18 years after to nourish there love for each other.

First we go into the life of a little boy after few years in same town the family moved into surrounding city.the boy was nourished with the high social maturity and …

Developing India:India 2012:Development only word Indian know!

A nation with more than a billion population and largest consumer market in the world.India a projected next superpower of the world.World believe India with 8% GDP per annum will emerge as the most powerful nation of the world.India is developing as per statistics and figures no doubt in it but on reality of developing India.Lets look at how India developing one side to how India should develop.

Every human born in the world do something to feed himself today food production went down but chemical industry developing by spraying all chemical on fertile agriculture land of India.Which reduced there fertility to minimum level.Is This Development?

The production cost in agriculture went up and inflation went high but purchasing rate form farmer alone not increased every year 20000 farmers die in India.Is this Development?

Today Everyone in India as right for education since Bank Loan availed many come for higher education its fine but Every Bank in India Made India…

Global Warming:A Enviromental Solution!

A million in this world are in direct effect of global warming.The act which do for pleasure of us is directly going to impact one day.We cant stop the impact of global warming in the mere future but we can delay the effect of it.Man as always being asocial animal starved for a survival.Rapid industrialization may opened up lots of job but its greatly affected only the common man.Alaska and Gulf of Mexico oil spill are the great example of industrialization and global warming.

                                                          We cant force the world back to stone age or ice age but we can reduce our activity of global destruction.A small step of initialization can make a giant leap for mankind.The simple steps to reduce the mass destruction:-

Never use paper to much in your day to day life.Reduce the usage of Newspaper and go for E-Newspaper.Reduce the usage of plastics up to certain level in day to day life.Take Purchasing …

Tamil:World's Oldest Language,Culture & Ethnic Group!

Tamil a distinct language group of Dravidian language family.Tamil language is spoken widely across the globe still today Tamil is recognized as only classic language extinct in the  world.The rough estimate of Tamil population in the world:90-100million.The count of Tamil spread across the world:-

Sri Lanka-34,92,676
South Africa-10,00,000

Specialty Of Tamil/Tamil-an:

Sumerian,Arabic,Mayan,Meso,Persian,Turkish etc are  strongly believed as from Tamil.  Sumerian are believed to have similarity in the language script  and certain culture co relation between both language(enable to date Tamil as 5000 BC language. )Mayan are strongly believed to be from Ceylon Tamil community even inscription of Tamil c…

Endangered Species In India:Even Mouthless Species Find Difficult to Live In India!

We have thousand to fight for mouthful people around the world but no one to fight for this speechless species.Whom are dying due to our change in living style here are the some those which coming extent in a mere future if act late then we will have only stil image to show for our future.A ecosystem is so vital to maintain the earth livable for living being so extinct of the animals will have impact on our mere future.SO ACT NOW PROTECT YOUR MOTHER EARTH!!!


Habitat:Western ghats,Gujarat
Range:Below 2000
Reason:Habitat loss,disease,depletion of prey base

Indian Wild Ass:

Name:Indian Wild Ass
Habitat:Rann of Kutch,Sind

Reason:Due to salt extraction activities

Asiatic Cheetah:

Name:Asiatic Cheetah
Status:Critical Endangered

Range:below 200


Asiatic Lion:

Name:Asiatic Lion



FDI in India:What An Idea SIrji?

"LEVIS JEANS" and "VANHAUSEN" blown away our khaddi and cotton,
"NITETY" and "GOWN" wiped out our saree and tradition,
"PIZZA" and "BURGER" swapped our tasty idly and chappathi,
"AXE" and "OLAY" perfume vanished our fragrance of manjal and mehandi,
"CRICKET" and "GOLF" chased away our khabbadi  and wrestling,
"WINE" and "VODKA" poised our healthy toddy and rice barely,
"RBS" and "UBS" emptied our co-oper bank,
"DOLLAR" and "EURO" theft our talented brain,
"COKE" and "PEPSI" in digested our natural coconut and buttermilk,
"APPLE" and "BLACK BERRY" ruined Indian traditional culture,
"FACEBOOK" and "TWITTER"  washed out our brain,
"DISNEY LAND" and "WARNER BROS." dis-projected our Indian movie,
"FOX" and "STAR" outcast-ed our own doordhasan,