Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Developing India:India 2012:Development only word Indian know!

                     A nation with more than a billion population and largest consumer market in the world.India a projected next superpower of the world.World believe India with 8% GDP per annum will emerge as the most powerful nation of the world.India is developing as per statistics and figures no doubt in it but on reality of developing India.Lets look at how India developing one side to how India should develop.

Every human born in the world do something to feed himself today food production went down but chemical industry developing by spraying all chemical on fertile agriculture land of India.Which reduced there fertility to minimum level.Is This Development?

The production cost in agriculture went up and inflation went high but purchasing rate form farmer alone not increased every year 20000 farmers die in India.Is this Development?

Today Everyone in India as right for education since Bank Loan availed many come for higher education its fine but Every Bank in India Made Indian Students to learn and get a job then repay it no one allow Indian student to think beyond Money and Job.Is this Development?

Indian stopped cooking in home due to change in culture,status and working environment so hotel as become the hottest business of all which is developing at a faster rate than any other.Is this Development?

Today money inflow and outflow as increased in the hands of Indians about 20 years back even salary were 500rs they were within the price rate but today salary increased with Inflation as also increased.Is this Development?

KFC,Mc Donald's as Increased  to large extent at same time Hospital as Increased a great deal but still more then 40% rural India don't have medical facilities.Even though India host medical tourism hub.Is This Development?

India as a rough estimate of 8% obesity of its population with other end of the knife 30 % people are below poverty line.Is this Development?

Every year private sector develop at a rate of 10-20% but public sector company Decline in there market share face heavy losses(BSNL,MTNL,BHEL,AIR INDIA,RAILWAYS ETC.).Is this Development?

Ambani's hold world's costliest house in India with other end of the anchor has world's largest slam and still thousand die in winter who sleep in street.Is this Development?

Last 20 Years poor and lower middle class were provided everything of free and subsidies rate indirectly stopping them to work and progress which enable the survival of fittest to live without participation of section of people.Is this Development?

60 years since freedom still Majority of SC,ST and Women are been discriminated from the general society.The most worst of it Still in liberated secular India every years a considerable amount of people die in communal and caste clashes.Is this Development?

Shame of all we proudly say we are Indian's but we are losing that brotherhood within has in the state of tamilnadu  were when there is problem of water sharing with neighboring state Tamil people are come under attack.its clearly shows India is mere interlink like Soviet Union.Is this Development?

We incorporated western economy mnc  queued up into India but instead of development of production sector they used India market for service sector in simple just as a payed labours.Is this Development?

 Urbanization a fastest trend in India so Rural area gets affected due lack of school,hospital etc.The migration of agriculture to other occupation as made Indian agriculture department to destroy.Is this Development?

Every year we export product,goods,supplies etc we have export talented brain from India to foreign nation if it continues one day India will become colony of combined Nato,Un etc we lose our identity as Indian's.Is this Development?
More than anything western culture as increased drunken Indian's to large extent in a state called Tamilnadu the state run wine shop earn 16,500 crs due to which Indian Beverage,smoking Industry develops.Is this Development? 


  • Nationalize all public usage like dam,rivers,roads etc
  • Implement license raj to avoid private party to create a demand and increase production,price.
  • Education as to free till under graduation.
  • Service sector as to be streamlined and production sector as to be developed.
  • Fdi in India as to be marginalized and public sector as to developed.
  • Alcohol,drugs,smuggling as to be strictly monitored.
  • Develop the quality of people live hood from the grass root level.
  • A complete research as to be taken place to know what economic policy matches with Indian culture and Union.
  • Overall our parliamentary and judiciary system as to be change to certain extent.


we are not proposing this only the solution for changing India but we want something as to done to make India equal for everyone to live peaceful and happily.Jai Hind........


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