Global Warming:A Enviromental Solution!

                                                       A million in this world are in direct effect of global warming.The act which do for pleasure of us is directly going to impact one day.We cant stop the impact of global warming in the mere future but we can delay the effect of it.Man as always being asocial animal starved for a survival.Rapid industrialization may opened up lots of job but its greatly affected only the common man.Alaska and Gulf of Mexico oil spill are the great example of industrialization and global warming.

                                                          We cant force the world back to stone age or ice age but we can reduce our activity of global destruction.A small step of initialization can make a giant leap for mankind.The simple steps to reduce the mass destruction:-

  • Never use paper to much in your day to day life.Reduce the usage of Newspaper and go for E-Newspaper.
  • Reduce the usage of plastics up to certain level in day to day life.
  1. Take Purchasing bag for shopping to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.         
  2. Don't ever liter waste plastic material just like that on Top soil.
  3. Buy & Use recycle  material  to limit the wastage and replace the plastic.
  4. Collect the recycle material from your home wastage baggies to increase production of recycle material.    
  • Education system as to be change and more of on-line test,e-book,lap,virtual and smart room rather than written,books &paper work.
  • Reduce the solid waste getting mixed up with the drainage and get polluting sea.
  • Reduce the consumption of power put your AC at mild chillness,use power efficient lamp,turn off your lap rather than sleep mode,reduce the brightness of your screen.
  • Technology as to be increased in power sensory,power reduction and co2 emission reduction.
  • Avoid Tungsten filament bulb and florescent lamp of large power consumption & co2 emission.
  • Prefer more walking rather than riding on your bike for short distance.
  • Go on public convince like train,bus,plane for long distance to reduce the the power consumption & reduce co2.
  • Don't keep on changing your mobile,lap,electrical appliances to reduce e-waste.
  • Reduce the daily water consumption for bath,washing & household purpose.
  • Move to next phase of banking as for e-banking,e-payment & e-money to reduce usage of paper work.
  • Go for personal digital diary rather than the personal diary.
  • Built rain harvesting tank in every home & company to collect the rain water.


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