A Typical Indian True Love Story:Love birds Died!

                                                      A true Love Which happened in the southern part of India.I am writing this story to explain the problem in our Indian society.Please forgive me if my English and story standard is poor.Lets start the story from early 90's.This story is whole heatedly dedicated to millions of lover who cant able to join due to caste,religion,status,culture,tradition etc.

A child born early 90's in a culture rich town of Southern India.The Child was born in the family of a caring parents and social family.Never the Little child know the same year just few months after a beautiful princess born to a affectionate parents and traditional family.The children may be born of different family,day but in a same town how the come back 18 years after to nourish there love for each other.

First we go into the life of a little boy after few years in same town the family moved into surrounding city.the boy was nourished with the high social maturity and a typical city play boy nature.The boy had crushing time with girls during his school day.The Boy nature made him center of attraction before girls.Girls are just a matter of  attraction and time pass so boy decided to never marry anyone but never know a little princess will come in future to nourish the love in his heart.

Now we turn our focus on to little princess born to a orthodox family environment.The little beautiful chubby was grown in the same town.The Most Lovely father gave the little princess braveness like Rosa Luxemburg,Jhansi  Rani etc.Its Rare to see Indian girls with that much courageousness and braveness like a boy with that traditional quality of family made the girl center of attraction  between the boys and most hated character between the girls.One fine day this stone heart girl going to become a soft cool girl.

After 18 years,One fine day this two distinct people met together in there college life.A miracle as just than known both there name were unique but same pronunciation so brought them both occupy a seat next to each other for there love to mature.since two buddies met as adult they had excess gratitude and attraction over each other.

They started there conversion overall generally just as friends.The boy got placed in the girls heart when boy pulled a problematic boy to ask sorry to her.Then onward the boy moved a position ahead in girls heart she started to share her personal with the boy alone.When boy teased the girl with another boy over flow of emotion made the girl to cry.The instance when the boy realized value of a girl and since then boy didn't do anything without concern of the girl.This instance brought them together with no one can break there relation.

The boy and girl were behaving in most innocent way  like a child started to fight,beat,talk more jovial and bounded very close with each other.So some selfish goose who were studying with them started to kid them and real problem started after that the boy who was not interested in marriage started to show chances a pure love started bloom out of the heart.Until then girl looked like one in thousand but the moment love arouse girl looked different to his eyes.

He started to admire the girl inch by inch from stone heart of Stalin,boldness of Rosa Luxemburg,courage of jhansi rani,smile of child,voice of parrot,childishness of Jerry,beauty of a dream girl overall boy started to look her as a future life partner.The boy and the girl  were center of attraction for many boys and girls.The boy received some proposal and girl too received some 8 proposal.

One Day Evening a problem aroused between the both during a phone conversation without holding on the feeling.The boy exposed that he is having love over the girl and girl behaved like typical Indian girl try avoid the love.The girl believed love is foolishness and unwanted.Girl dint change her behavior with the boy and continued to say him as her dear friend. The boy didn't propose her but tried to prove his love,care,affection over the girl.He strongly believed one day the girls heart will melt for love.

Even though boy thinking as her wife but girl begin to come closer with the boy little by little.3 years gone both were unbreakable in all there aspect of there life.Girl clearly showed the symptom of loving the boy and girl started to be next with the boy.Girl enjoyed the closeness with the boy.They were step away from binding together by exposing there mutual love for them.The sudden problem made the girl to take a mighty decision that she behaved with the boy as friend only and boy only imagined.The boy who did many good to the society in the name of the girl and source of inspiration in all aspect of the life scattered into micro pieces.The boy strongly believed the girl is hiding her love.So left the girl for the happiness of the girl.The boy End up with mere one word"If i have to reborn in this world then your my wife."

Lets see what behind screen in the girls life.The girl had intense love over the boy so only she was that much close with the boy.She had maximum amount of care,love,affection on the boy.Really presence of the boy melted the stone heart girl into a soft ice cream.The problem is the typical Indian society nature love the most sinful word in there dictionary.The family bounding made the girl to say like that but she cant keep on controlling the feeling for a long time.

After few months of avoiding the boy the girl came back to the boy expressed her a long standing love on the boy.Then Girl explained the problem for her not expressing and not able to be with him through out life.The boy know it will be the problem for not exposing said "I know your family only problem if u ask me to choice from your position family r boy friend  i will ask you to choice family because they brought you to this stage for making me to love you so they are important" after which both boy and girl made for each other decided to break as friends for ever.No one in this world to join this pur spiritual love.


  • Every Indian Girl must be grown with braveness,courageousness and power like the girl in the story.
  • Indian Girl major problem they take long time decided but they will take correct decision like the girl in the story.
  • Girls wont play with boy's life if a Indian girl decided a boy as a lover they wont change it till the last minute of there life even though they marry someone they will have dear one in the corner of there heart.
  • Every Indian girl as oppose to love will surely have something behind them to not to do that.
  • This story project openly the caste ism,religion,racism,status,social etc in the Indian society.
  • Some Bloody rascal say this generation Indian's don't have maturity and responsibility read this story and say we don't have  maturity we are for more better than your generation who got married in age of 18,16 etc.
  • Love is a feeling which don't have any limit for it like color,race,caste etc you can feel it in the story.


               This his a true story happened in the southern part of India.A kind advice to millions of parents going to read it please understand love is not something which you cant decided to come r not come over a person.If your son r daughter fall in love understand that they don't fall intentional on love because heart is a monkey which feel safe in the hands of a some lovable person and feel love with them.Please trust your children they wont select a bad decision join there hands together let this love birds fly high in the sky don't fold this love birds separately in a cage of your caste,religion,status etc.Your children heart will die without other one heart with him even though you may find best match for here you cant fulfill your child heart.


 Karl Marx Loved a girl 6 years elder than him and joined hands with her.If jenny was not part of Karl Marx life there wont been history rewritten.Behind Karl Marx biggest there stands jenny.Its success of a love.

Hitler loved a Jewish girl in her small age but they didn't join hands.Hitler went on to kill millions of Jewish if Hitler was success then world history  must something else.
Even history say that some great achievement happened with love and great destruction happened without love r failure of love. 


                           I wrote this story to show case the power of love and  shame of caste,religion etc.Love only can remove  caste,religion from this land.So Please spread the power love across the globe.What that two little baby know that they will born in same town,similar name and fall in love.Really there love in pure and only think can be said that at-least there love story will inspire anyone.No One Can Kill Love Till World Remain Extinct..............I Love You Its simple to say but its bond between two hearts.Long cherish love.


  1. buddy just would like to say u one thing pls bring more content to the point of focus. U displayed here the problem with caste but the theme of that was missing. But, yes a nice try and thanks a lot for protraying what we lovers face in this world. Even I had a break up.....

  2. dai dai this is your love story only.............

  3. hello readers its a true story which i read as article in a paper and i mixed with a social message then posted nothing else to do with my real life incident.............

  4. unna ellam yen tsunami thookala....mh...nice story....but...u knw wat i m tryin to tell....

  5. True love never fails da

    1. I accept it my dear friend true love never fails.they may be physically separated but there love will last life long in there heart even though they move different path....................

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