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Valentines Day Special:Love Birds-2 For World Peace!

     Hi Friends,Due to extraordinary out reach of my article Love Birds Died! so Planned my Next article on love special for valentines day.Love the most reached word in the love can change our society which we live.Read this exclusive article on Love in haul it feel the value of love.

Love the most dirty word gets hit in every one's life.Love which gives complete meaning to the life.If world without love there will be no civilization and no culture.So love  means a lot more than anything in this world.Everything is love without it world would remain dark.If you talk of world peace then only love can bring peaceful mind and world to live.Respect love if someone show it over you because in today's world many search for this love.

What His Love?

Biology Say Love as Reproductive feeling,
Physics Say Love as law of Attraction,
Chemistry Say Love as Hormone chemical problem,
Computer Say Love as Binary,

Everything is Love.Love don't have explanation and no limitation.A mother's care for a child his love,a father's affection for a child his love,similarly sister,brother etc all relation express certain amount of love without which you don't feel closeness of a person.Love can only determine the character of a person in the society.As Aristotle said "man is always a social animal" who keep on searching for care,affection and love.

When this Society stop showing love than there will be no Peace and Harmony in the world.If love ends which leads to the survival of the fittest of the fittest.All our civilization bidden together only because of mutual love over each other.The modern society today has started to forgot real morale of our civilization built and principle of it.

Impact Of Love:-

Love can determine quality of a person from become terrorist or human.If a Society Phases many problem then it doesn't means society lack of wealth or culture.It real symbol of lack of mutual love within the society .The world ends 2012 or not but world surely ends when love between the people ends.Love has power to unite different segment of the society together.
World Without Love:-

When human were uncivilized like mammal we hunted animals for survival due to civilization evolved with love we become fledged human.Today when man started to run behind money we left Love which civilization taught us so we started to kill another human who live with us itself.We losing little bit of love within us itself so we started again become a worst mammal.Simple logic of life is we run entire life only for survival in the form of food and love for remaining has human.We can live even without food it may damage personal ethics but world without love is impossible because it will damage entire society,culture and civilization.

World With Love:-

If love rule the world we will feel brotherhood no terrorism,no country boundary and no war.Whole world will leave under a single rule of love.We can eliminate all discrimination,suppression and hate in our society.So don't hesitate to love because love may lead to new world.Love will enhance our culture and bring up our civilization.Love is blind it never look for color,texture,race etc it will unite entire world as heaven to live.

Love Anthem For World Peace:-

Love is full of Energy,
Love is positivity,
we don't need negativity,
Lets not cry and Let's not try,
Hurting,hating and killing each other,
We don't get another
life together
Oh my brother,
So all We need Is
Pyaar,Prema and kadhaal..............
                                -thanks a lot to S.T.R.

Official Video For world peace Through Love:-Love anthem


I Don't have words to express love if any mistake in the article forgive me.I dedicate  this article to one who made me write about love.Love Is blind its true which took me too this stage of my life.Read my exclusive Love Quote in page tab Love.I love u all my dear readers......
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