Arctic Cold War:Global Warming a Business!!!

World Look like business product for many corporates and capitalist countries.There is no limitation for them to imagine and explore.The latest in row is the ownership over the Arctic Ocean.The Arctic belongs to all the people round the world as no nation has sovereignty over it.Still then five nation around the arctic ocean namely the U.S.,Canada,Denmark,Norway and Russia disagree though they themselves have competing territorial claims. They have tons of reason to compete with each other to claim territorial claim of the Arctic


  • The Arctic Circle encloses 21 million square kilometers of land and 13 million of mostly ice-bound seas.By way of comparison,India's total land area is 3.3 million
  • It's estimated that the region may hold over 40 per cent of the current global reserves of oil and gas.There may also be significant reserves of coal,zinc ans silver.As global warming causes the ice to melt,even for limited periods,the commercial exploitation of these resources is becoming feasible.In January2011,the multinational oil major,BP,concluded a strategic alliance with the Russian state Company,Roseneft to exploit the hydro carbon resources in the Russian Arctic. 
  • Arctic shipping has become reality in the summer months.The northwest passage,mainly along Canada's Arctic coast,will link far East Asia with North-East passage,mainly along Russia's Arctic shoreline,would provide an alternate route between Asia and North America,but also between Europe and Asia.these Arctic routes,which used to be the stuff of fables in the 18th and 19th centuries,cut global shipping routes by several thousand kilometers.For Example the Arctic route from Rotterdam(Holland) to san Francisco will be 4,000 km shorter than the existing route.This route has already been used in the past two summers by commercial shipping increases,so will the geopolitical importance of the Northern tier countries.
  • The Arctic Region is now becoming a popular tourist destination in the world.In 2010 alone over 50,000 tourist sailed the pristine waters of a hitherto forbidden zone.

  • It's ironic that while on the one hand the world  is grappling with global warming triggered by climatic change,the world's major power are scrambling to profit from it's consequence in the fragile Arctic ocean.It will increase global warming,Ice melt and climate change.
  • Which may affect the chemical composition of the world's ocean,raise sea-levels,affect ocean currents and thereby weather patterns across the globe,including our own monsoon,which are vital to our survival.
  • Increase in rapid co2 emission more than current global rate.
  • The ecological resources will be greatly affected to a larger extent.
  • If Arctic is disturbed may adversely affect the survival of people across the planet  
  • The strategic chokepoints of the panama canal,the Suez canal,the bosphorous and the Malacca  straits,would lose much of their economic importance.


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