Aryan/Dravidian Conflicts:Impact On Tamil Culture!!!

Over thousands years the most controversial topic in India  always Aryans vs Dravidian.Some believe there is no Aryans and Dravidian its just a concept of Max Muller.Some believe Aryans are good and Dravidian's are bad.Some believe Aryans arrived 1500 BC from Iraq and Russian.Some believe Dravidian's were first living in the Indus valley Civilization.Some say British made division of Aryans and Dravidian's for easy rule.

What ever it may be we can totally neglect the some of the views like no Aryans and Dravidian's if so the what Hindu believe Ramayana is falsehood.Since Rama believed to Aryan and Ravana believed to be Dravidian.So this conflict is not just concept of Max Muller.We begin our Aryan and Dravidian conflicts from long back history.If my views and concept hurts someone please forgive me.

Aryan Impact on Dravidian:-

  • Aryan are believed to Invasion India about 1800 BC.They pushed native Dravidian's into South India.
  • Dravidian's were believers of Deism and Deity God's.Because Which Still thousand Deity God's are spread across the village of the Tamilnadu.Every village as guard god(ex;-ayyanar,munni etc) and Heritage god(ex:-muthu mari amman,Kalli amman etc)only Aryan's brought in Hinduism(Shiva,Brahma etc).
  • Dravidian have open impact of the Aryan when they forced Hinduism into the culture.The Hinduism Divided into two way were tamil believed in Murugan(Tamil god) as son of Shiva and North Indian's don't believe it.This show open conflict of Dravidian and Aryan from ancient times.
  • The mother of Dravidian language Tamil which has origin 5000 years ago and Sanskrit mother of all Aryan language has origin early 1000 BC.Sanskrit is the language in which all veda and purana of Hinduism written.Its a clear Indication of Aryan Brought in Hinduism.
  • The Worst Of Indian Culture "Caste System"  was brought in by Veda's of Hinduism Which Divided the people based on there purity of work.Dravidian's never had caste in there culture.They all lived in group's rather than in Caste Divided.The Best Example Of Aryan's Brought in Caste System there is No equal for Caste in Sanskrit word  Jati In World oldest Classical language Tamil.
  • Aryan's the only who brought divided and rule concept into which made India Weaker for Foreign Invasion.
  • Aryan Always projected them self as good due to there white skin and Dravidian as Bad r evil due to there Black skin.Which can openly seen in the Ramayana epic Were Rama takes on the Ravana.Which were written to show domination of Aryan over Dravidian.
  • Sanskrit always been priest language you can never find the language in day to day life.Where as Tamil been a common Man language.
  • Dravidian's always respected Women's to great level.They were the one to perform the devotional activity to the God but when Aryan's arrived they moved Women out of the temple in the name of Purity. 
  • Brahmin's were of Aryan origin.Whom brought in Caste,Culture,Sanskrit language into the Dravidian Culture.


I am not Racist to write about this conflicts.Too show case only the bad Impact of one Race on other Race.Tamil People We are born in the culture of Caste less society but today we have thousand's of caste,Religion etc.We are the first one to teach the world to rule and civilization but today we are destroying our tradition.Aryan racist Aggression openly can be seen In Sri Lanka were Sinhalese,Tamil Brahmin,North India's support the Genocide over the Tamil.Only Non- Brahmin Tamil support the cause of Tamil Elam.Aryan always have Aggression to Destroy a Ethnic group best example of it is Hitler.Learn From it save our tradition,culture and heritage of our Dravidian's.The worst of it is except Tamil no one speak of Dravidian Rites.Even Telugu,Kannada's and Malaya's never soon interest in the Dravidian's rites.If you didn't even spread this ideology are not but at least follow this thought in your life.Remove caste from your life.                        


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