Dow Chemicals(World's Deadly company):Olympics Sponsors?

Dow chemicals is the most talked company of the current scenario.Due to the sponsorship of the company for London 2012 Olympics.The Company was strongly objected across the India for involvement in the endorsement of London Olympics.Since company bought the union carbide which got involved in Bhopal Disastrous.Dow chemicals is the second largest chemical company in the world.Dow is the silent killer which not only implemented its aggression in India alone but its impact is all over the world.

Impact of the Company:-

  • World's largest producer of Plastics which as sterilized millions of hectare  farmlands.
  • Dow chemicals Rocky flats plant produced Nuclear material plutonium for Hydrogen bomb.In Early 1969 company fire spread out Radioactive particles into the atmosphere affecting many.Which is the costliest industrial accident.
  • Dow Chemicals worst impact can be felt still today in Vietnam during the Vietnam War Dow was the only company supplied most deadly  Naplam and agent Orange Which will affect all agriculture land and affected 3million human beings then sterilized them .The impact of it still can be felt in Vietnam.
  • Dow Corning Plant Impact had vast impact around the Site.The people were affect by breast cancer,Lupus,autoimmune diseases.
  • Dow Chemicals sub unit Union carbide Produced the worst industrial accident ever Which killed about 20,000 people and contaminated land & water.
  • Dow Chemicals DBCP has sterilized its own Male Employes.They were never able to give birth to next generation.
  • Dow Chemicals most successful pesticide sold in America Chlorpyrifos has dangers effect on children below 3 years.Its as caused mental disorder and ADCH.
  • Dow Chemicals aminopyralid Which destroyed vegetable crops in many place of the U.K.
  • Due to Dow Chemicals production of Dioxin in its Main Factory as affected the Tittabawassee River.Which has impact across the people of the area of increase of Dioxin level in blood and it may cause cancer.


Olympic is the international event to mark the sportsmanship,peace,brotherhood etc.Dow chemical one of the deadliest company in the world.Dow company has never compensated the people who are affect by its company.If your human show your support to remove dow from Olympic Sponsorship.
I want International community to over throw MNC's like this out of major Event.            
Impact Photo:-(only for strong heart)


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