A Tragedy Story of Indian Agriculture/Farmers!!!

Every human  born on this earth can't  survive without food and water.since inception of the humanity agriculture is been the prime important job and every human value food more than anything in this world.Today basic law of our civilization has been destroyed .India a agriculture nation in early 90's has been changed to service sector country in mid 2005.Everyone from a common man to corporates want food for survival but rapid globalization destroying agriculture and farmers.

Farmer's who feed everyone stomach goes empty stomach after the rapid globalization.farmer's lost control over there crop and fertile land.India is the largest food production country in the world if India itself goes out of agriculture then world will go into hand of hunger.If we don't take care of our agriculture then one day we have to start import food from other countries.Farmer's are facing a strong sword from all direction.


  • Agriculture and allied sector accounts 16.2% of total Indian GDP.
  • About over 50% workforce involved in agriculture sector.
  • Indian farmer's produce about 71 kg of wheat and 80 kg of rice for every citizen of the nation.
  • India exported 2 billion kg of wheat and rice to Africa,Bangladesh etc.
  • About a billion kg of food grain rotten every year in India. 
  • Highest food price loss in the world.
  • 200 million people are food insecure in India.
  • India largest producer of diary products in the world.
  • 237.7 million children were affected by malnutrition's.
  • Above 50% of people are not even secure of single meal per day.


  • Real estate,MNC's,Company took away fertile land.
  • Pollution,global warming adverse impact on the agriculture.
  • Poor connectivity of rural India so lack in out come of farm.
  • Inadequate Irrigation facility for farm land.
  • Poor seed quality.
  • Inefficient farming facility.
  • Lack of storage and infrastructure.
  • Lack of organized retail sector .
  • Unstable climate.
  • poor governance.
  • Lack of Insurance for crop failure.
  • No technology in farming.
  • Lack of farm labors.
  • Lack of price fixing for products.


  • No profit from the farming for farmers.
  • Farmers suicides in thousands every year in India.
  • Middle men profit form the farmer product.
  • Degradation of rural India.
  • Naxal and maoist activity.
  • No repayment of Bank Loan.
  • Price rise of basic commodities.
  • Hunger and starvation.
  • 30-40% food goes to waste.


  • A nation which export more than 2 billion tons were still people die of hunger.so government must  find  a law in which farmer can fix the price for there product and food grain reach all section of the consumer without middle man.
  • Every year in India about a billion ton of food grain get rotten to avoid such drastic thing we must built proper infrastructure and storage for the food grains.
  • Agriculture and farmer failure in India due lack of proper irrigation facility.So we need to nationalize all dams,built check dams,maintain Canals etc so that if even monsoon fails we can survive water for irrigation.
  • Whole farmer die hard work are sucked by the middle man who profit from there labor.So government must organize the retail sector.
  • Policies of the government must be more rural development and Improve the standard of the farmers.
  • Bank and finance must provide insurance for the crop in the cause of failure they can manage the agriculture.
  • Strict law as to enforced against the conversion of farm lands to company's by MNC's.
  • Open Farmer market were farmers itself can sell there products to there consumer.
    Implement natural farming and avoid hybrid,fertilizers etc
Everyone work in this world only for food,shelter and cloth don't forget this basic rule.If one of the main thing for survival food becomes scares then world will become a open jungle for survival of the fittest.So act now save our farmers and save our future.  


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