Sunday, March 4, 2012

15 Most Funny Thing In India!

India is always diversified in many aspect let's see some of the most funny matter but real message  hidden within it.

  • Important Commodity for survival Rice price Rs30(open market) but Sim card's are available for free of cost.
  • Universal PDS Rice free for below poverty line but for public toilet We have to pay Rs 3.
  • In bank vehicle loan interest 5%  but education loan interest 11%.
  • In India,Pizza reaches more faster than ambulances in Indian traffic.
  • Every corporates Ready to buy million dollar Cricket teams but not ready to spent for social work.
  • Slippers and cloths are sold and preserved in cold room's but tons of vegetable rot every day without proper storage.
  • Soft drinks are available at Rs 10 but mineral water are of cost Rs 20.
  • In India all foreign sports car on road but no Indian road has speed limit excess 80Km/hr.
  • Liquor are available without any limitation but every summer Indian face water problem.
  • Every corner of India there is mobile recharge point but still many village without hospital.
  • Cellphone as reached every common man but still electricity as not reached many village.
  • Cellphone and electronic prices goes down but vegetable & commodity prices goes up.
  • Indian government ready to subsides corporate tax for about 5 lakh crs but not ready to implement 1 lakh cr food security bill.
  • We say we are Gandhi nation we follow Non-violence but we spent 70 billion for defense.
  • We wait and buy jewels& gold but we never wait in queue to Vote.
  • We are ready to waste watching cricket for hours but we are interested to show opposition for Government policy & price rise.        

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