Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 Thing's can be done with Indian Black Money In Swiss!

According to several economists and financial experts report, bank deposits in the territory of Switzerland by nationals of India total upwards of $1.4 billion. That is close to the nominal GDP of India today. IT kind of gives credence to the widely held belief that $1.456 trillion of Indian money is parked in Swiss bank vaults. 

5 Things Which India can do with that Black Money:-
  • India, as of December 2010, had external debt amounting to $ 237 billion, according to the CIA World Fact book numbers.First step should be to pay this debt off. Assuming that with interest, the figure rises to even $275 billion, the country would be left with $ 1.181 trillion after paying off all its foreign debt.
  • Infrastructure in India, unlike in the case of China, will be built only using a public-private partnership model. In certain sectors like telecom, airports and power, the model has been successfully working. In case of developments of ports, roads, railways and urban transportation, the models are evolving. Assuming up to 70 per cent of the funding comes from the government and the rest from other players, India would invest $ 700 billion in this sector. The bulk of the government's investment should be in water treatment, sanitation, waste management, renewable energy, health, education, urban infrastructure and allied fields.The 8 to 9 per cent YoY (year on year) growth will ensure that the government has more than enough funds to pay for maintenance and salary of workforce needed to maintain and run the expanded services.
  • Now, we are left with $ 481 billion.India is one of the hungriest nations in the world. It is ranked 67th out of 84 countries listed and ranked on the Global Hunger Index report, 2010. India accounts for 42 per cent of the world's underweight children.Unless India ensures food security for all its people, its claim for greater role in the world will be taken with a pinch, if not a lump, of salt. In that regard, universalisation of PDS is the simplest and surest way to ensure food security.
  • Out of the remaining $181 billion, $60 billion should go in strengthening our defense capabilities. Over and above the already-approved $100 billion procurement plan, that should give us one of the meanest fighting forces in the world.
  • The remaining $ 121 billion money should be used to fund higher education, cutting-edge scientific and social research institutes and exclusive scientific projects.
Conclusion:-(Just we predicted)

Undoubtedly, all this is only possible if the money is available. The Swiss Banking Association has already said that it might hand over to the Indian government a list of names of individuals who have accounts there if New Delhi so requested. However, unlike the German government, the Congress-led UPA seems to be dragging its feet.


  1. What you have a written is a DREAM for us but NIGHTMARE for our politicians. :P

    1. I accept it may be dream but i want to create awareness about it just that's all......

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