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Caste Vs India:Destroyer of our Society!

Caste the most polluted thing in the Indian Society.If we Eradicated this one think from our society then we can see a new world.In some countries all policy are built around money but only in India we built our policy around Caste.We motivate caste without knowledge about it.Simple step to divide rule in the society.If you want to be leader in India just divide the people based on caste.In this article I am going give my in-depth knowledge about caste in India.

What is Caste?

Caste is the general classification of people based on the work they does and profession.In fact even New born baby Inherits His/Her fathers Caste.

Origin Of Caste:-

Hinduism Is the many reason for caste in India.The Veda which common Indian Hindu generally preach classify people based on there profession.If we Go back three thousand years back when Aryan Invasion came and settled in Northern India Than aroused a fresh religion of the land known as Hinduism.Generally over 3,000 years there as been strong war between the Aryan's and Dravidian's over religion of Hinduism.Which as been openly portrayed in Hindu epic Ramayana where Rama of Aryan origin takes on the Ravana of the Dravidian Origin.(Similar to Light vs Dark,White Va Black).

Veda are generally written in the most perfect priest Language Known as Sanskrit.Sanskrit is always been the language of the Brahmin's and higher section of the society.Veda first coined the term Brahmin which made them only person to offering puja for god(In the name of purity)Brahmins isolated many lower and middle caste people from the temple.Brahmins treated lower caste people as untouchables and sin to walk on the path they walked.

The best part of the Veda and Hinduism when Brahmin's started to preach there ideology the first victim of them were the King's and rulers.So they divided the society based on caste which made simple for them to rule the country.Jati the Sanskrit word of Caste which doesn't have equal word for it in many Dravidian Language.This symbolize the origin of caste from Veda and Hinduism.

Why We don't Need Caste?:-

Caste divide us into many aspect.Caste will never have positive effect on the common man.Only ruler's and politicians have greater benefits from caste.When we divided the  people we can basically rule the people without any united oppression.Best example for it English can able to rule us for two hundred years because of the division between us.We were never united in any aspect.

Caste is just a pure dominance of upper caste in the society.According to Marxian taught,Caste is generally for upper caste to show dominance over lower caste exploit there wealth.Mostly lower caste  does lower and most difficult job the fruit of there were generally earned by upper caste.

Caste not only demoralize our society but also create ignorance highly demotivate a person from inferior caste.Caste also kill many good hearts who fall in love and create a society were they leave with a person whom they don't like make unhealthy society of living nameshake.

How Can we Over come Caste?:-(My Views)

Caste are Our gene problem due long heritage.we cant just like that throw away caste from our society.We must mix anti-caste principle like a slow poison.We must remove caste box from all application from.Then we must start reducing caste based reservation  and slow start to encourage Inter-caste marriage by giving some benefits to them.Some harsh decision must at point in which caste name street and place must be changed.Indulge in educating children with high morale of anti-casteism if we make someone not to use caste then by busy life future we can remove the caste.If we follow this atleast we remove it in our future generation.



  1. Great sentiment - I really enjoyed this article. The most effective ways to cull caste out of our minds and hearts is to meet people from different communities everywhere - at school, college, work, by joining charitable organisations etc. You end up admiring them for what they are capable of doing, not what caste they belong to. In forms if they ask you for your caste why don't you say "Human Being" or "Indian"?

  2. Hi,KayEm i accept your viewpoint but too add few points for your Idea in India caste as spread to all place from temple to office so only place we can remove it were home and school..............

  3. I agree 100%. But the saddest thing is that majority of higher caste, would not want to loose their superiority.You see I have lived over a decade in western Countries. I never faced racism, in fact I was treated very well, by the Whites.The only time,though a small stint , that I really felt that I was treated as an inferior human being is when I socialised with Indian people.That is the time when I realized as to what the caste discrimination/racism is.It reminded me of Gandhi being kicked out of he train.Soon for the rest of my stay near London I mixed with non Indians mostly whites, I had a grand time, and I would watch in the thames news & BBC of high Indian settler/ immigrant complaining, groaning/moaning about a racial abuse,which he suffers.He was called a 'Paki' etc. The Brahmins have not invented anything except caste for their altar ego & divine superiority over lower castes.The British whites invented almost everything which we use from the time we wake up till we switch off our lights to go to bed.If lower caste is lesser human than higher caste, then logically the whites are superior to upper caste Brahman,Kshatriya.It's that simple.It's about opportunity not talent.The lower castes have been oppressed & denied education etc, so naturally they have hardships to endure,which handicaps them to become opportunists unlike others.But things are changing, slowly nonetheless.The media,industry,film industry,civil service is all dominated by the upper castes, so natural & very obvious fallouts & repurcussions can be seen.What is the Maoism, Naxalism is all about.The Red Corridor also
    "Trillion Dollar MOU Corridor" as some call it,is the richest mineral belt of India,inhabitated by the poorest people of India.The Adivasis/tribals have realized their rights and are resisting the land snatching.Is not the media, goverment & the military industrial complex preparing & planning a total onslaught on the tribals to clear the way for the mining sharks.How can the poorest people of Nuclear India be the biggest security threat.The Goverment is sold out to foreign
    mining MNCs and is all set to sacrifice the Adivasis as "lambs at the altar of progress".Ultimately,India will be sold out.Remember "East India Company" , This is the consequences the country will face, with discrimination/prejudice/inequality among its own people.

    1. Thanks my beloved leader for sharing your rich experience with me...........i am happy to know about.............dnt worry one day world will change.............


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