Wednesday, March 7, 2012

India:communist/Socialist State (Or) Capitalist Sate?

India a land of more than hundred of diversity in more than thousand ways.India as got its Independence 60 years before but we are still in position were we are left by British.No common man life as developed are evolved In India.Poor are becoming poorer,Middle class retain as middle class and upper class becoming richer only we can never see a equal status in India.Worst part of the class conflict was our government policy were not still in the position to bring change in billion's of population.Instead It keep section of the people without working providing freebies and allowance other side of the rope were upper class gain more advantage of the government policy.

If we go through the In depth analysis of our Government principles find some of the worst side of the Economic policy.When Nehru took the governance of the country in the Early 47's.He decided Mixed Economy taking advantage of Capitalist and socialist(Communist). This principle remained for well over 40 years in which nation saw significant growth(4-5% GDP),nationalization(Indian airlines to Bank's),Self-dependent(Green revolution,White Revolution) and Good relation with foreign national(Soviet Union).In Early 90's when Manmohan singh opened the Economy for LPG(Liberation Privatization Globalization) were enormous amount of job poured in,Rocket Growth(7-9% growth) but other side it lead to development of a section people only.

So we detailed analysis Two most recognized policy in the world.There impact with  the Indian Society and  Effect of it.

Capitalist State:-

Capitalist state were free trade no one as any restriction doing business in that land.Best Example for this America.In My view we can never be Capitalist country Some of the valid reason which I am proposing are:-

  • If you want to be Capitalist nation then you must have Innovation,creation and discovery which can be commercialized to greater extended.
  • Basic rule of the capitalism is directly or indirectly involve in Imperialism.
  • If capitalist nation you must be ready to take on the cultural and traditional change in the society.        Capitalist nation in which technology evolution will wipe out traditional Industry.
we can never be a capitalist country due lack of innovation,creation and discovery.If we follow this principle's then we will be in the position how we are now like begging other countries,Dependent country,weaker section being neglected.

Socialist State/Communist State:-

Communist state were revolutionary dictatorship of working class can been implemented and neglecting (Privatization,Globalization,liberalization)Best Example Soviet Union,Cuba.My concept about it are:-

  • If you have to be communist nation we must see the revolution of working class against Capitalist & imperialist.
  • Every organization and company should be only government enterprise and no privatization.
  • No elected government and Everyone should work  to earn there wages.

we can never be communist nation.In communist principle it can be upraised only by revolution of the working class for which we need the united India(But we are divided by caste,religion,race,state,language etc).Even communist party in India are divided into various section based different principle.Communist in  India were following Different principle and policy for various state.


We can't accept both the economic policy due to diversity of the principle with Indian we must define new policy for our vast country which will bring overall development all section of the people.If we don't formalize new policy and new leadership then all others extract our wealth and brain power.Our current policy some point in time will lead to overall degradation.It's time to think and act.


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