Friday, March 30, 2012

Jesus Christ:Not A God But A Scientific Derivation???

Jesus a most followed goddess in the world.Jesus as the largest followers in the world.Every christian believe in Jesus.So this article is not hurt anyone feeling and belief.The article only to show the scientific relativity with birth and legacy of the Jesus Christ.We are sorry if true truth hurts your heart.

Ancient people of the world believed that sun as the savior. They worshiped sun as the God’s. Even before the birth of Christ well behind 3000 BC Egyptian worshiped Sun(God of light) And Night(Evil darkness). Most interestingly Egyptian god Horus(3000BC) and Jesus Christ(1AD) have similar features in every aspect.Even Ancient belief Zodiac says Sun as God with center position and 12 constellation around the sun representing 12 months&4 season.

Jesus Christ alone doesn’t share same birth sequence or legacy. There are many god’s in the world share same birth sequence and legacy. It’s from Horus of Egypt to Krishna of India. So let’s first look into the birth sequence of the all the mystery goddess in the world. We are going to examine the  scientific evidence.

Jesus VS Other God's(Similarities)

 They some the famous god in the world so we choose it compare but there are more than thousand of god's have similar birth sequence and legacy.Every God and Religion has this same similarities.
Scientific birth day sequence,

Speaking scientifically the brightest star in the east is Sirius. On Dec 24,sirius align along with the three star of orion ‘s belt(Which is known as three kings)even today they are known as three king. On Dec 25,the sun(God’s sun) rise in line with this stars(Sirius and three kings) which is know as birth of Jesus Christ(Birth of Son of God). More fondly its winter solstice. 

Next we see the birth place significance scientifically,

Most of the goddess enjoy virgin birth, Virgin in Latin is known as Virgo (1 of the 12 constellation).The symbol of Virgin is House of Bread, even Bethlehem=House of bread. Too be more specific there is no place in the world known as Bethlehem. It’s located in the space.

Now we will see the death sequence scientifically,

Sun(God’s) Rotates earth first six months north to south then south to north. In that manner On Dec 22,Sun(God’s) reaches tip of the rotation so it looks like death without movement for three days. On Dec 25,Sun rise 1 degree then rotate anti-clockwise which is known as winter solstice. The most famous sentence of Christianity that Jesus died on cross resurrected after three days. Which is a scientific notation don’t have any link with Godly. Spring equinox is celebrated as Easter.

We will have a in-depth analysis of legacy of Christ,

Most famous picture of Christ is the last supper. In which god son occupy center and 12 disciples (12 constellation r 12 months).Which denote the sun transaction period over every constellation. The shorter form of the zodiac board center is the symbol (Holy Cross) of the Christianity.   


God is a police man and religion is a law both come into force for purifying people internally. So To speak the fact there is no god. Neglect a cold war in the name of god and religion. Knowledge is wealth so remove the ignorance of god. Have faith in yourself and spread the power of love. This article only to spread the message scientific knowledge not to harm anyone belief.      


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