Love Birds-3 for Indian Society!

Love birds for India was after the success of the previous article Love birds-2.Love the most Indispensable think in everyone's life.No One can survive in this world without love.In some part of your life you need to show or accept the love.Love doesn't have definition if you define love then your biggest fool in the World.To lead a life in earth you must poses something called love.Which make world look different for us.Love the most Hit word in Indian Society.The Word love bring blossom within youth,bring happiness in family,Hated term in Society.

Ancient India:-

Love were Part of Indian costumes and tradition.Over 3000 years back when Hinduism started in India and Veda was scripted.Love played a dominate role in the Civilization.In Ancient period,Indian's worshiped Kama deva and rati devi as a first symbol of love.Hinduism also preached love Only the purest form in the world to Attain God.Kama sutra a veda of Hinduism preaches Sex most purest of love in which a human can connect with the God.Love Evolved in many forms in India from religious aspect to common man.In Indian culture Love was a part of Indian Tradition were people live in as one family as joined family.Mostly in ancient India Love are considered as just a Sex due to which women were suppressed.After Arrival of AD Indian culture got changed to some extent.Which are openly can be seen In Indian Epic story Ramayana were Rama and Sita love for Each other,Krishna and Radha,Meera (A lonely women waiting for her love through out the life.)

Modern India:-(Today)

In Mechanical life of India,We are losing value of love not only between opposite sex but within our family also.Every year domestic violence in Indian family are on rise and number of person commit suicide also on rise.Every year in India about 1,00,000 people die due to love failure alone.In most of the situation love as been failed only due to the social impact and misunderstanding.More than girls only boys commit suicide.India is the only nation were love breakups and failures end up in suicide.Most of the domestic problem in India only due to lack of love.

First of all to thousands of readers love never fails.Only we make love failed.In most of the situation in India love breaks up before they tie-up there hands.Some love break due to fake relationship and misunderstanding.some relation break due to social impact.Once in India were people lived in join family love was the main aspect which bonded family members together.Today nuclear family were family miss love of grand parents and parents.So the children when they get someone who can show care on them they fall in love with that person.No one can say when a person gets love in its life.

In money world we don't have time to show love on a person.If anyone there to show love over you respect it and because its difficult to find such person in future.The major problems for love in India are caste,religion,status,consumeration,change in culture,social impact and stress etc.In busy day to day life some problem are not brought to light.In which love suicide and murder for love are very high in India.I already showed some of the problem of love in India like caste and religion so now I want to show case the problem due to enormous consumeration of people and change of culture.

Love:A Product

Love today has become more as commercial product.Love was hated by the common man due to caste and religion.Love was commercialized by business man and industrialized person.In Indian entertainment field were about more than 90% of the film realized are love stories.Most of commercial hit film's are love stories.So love became commercial and largely concentrated over a youth population in India.Many producer utilize love earn in million and destroy love in the society.Today Indian cinema show love as more glamor and  sexual oriented.So many youth fall in love due to impact of movies and get indulge in wrong relation.Finally they end up in stress and spoiling each other life.Most of the youth they don't feel the value of love.Still more than 70% of movie ticket in India were based on youth and lovers.Indian communication and telecom sector only based on the lovers.The billions of money what telecom sector earn were only due to love only.Still today many business in India were running around love only. Serial today telecasted in Tv were wrongly project love within the family and Increase domestic violence in the family.

Once upon time love produced William Shakespeare,Karl Marx,Napoleon etc but today its destroying youth in Indian society producing only deva das,suicide,mental disturbed etc..Most dangerous of the consumeration was in the name of love many women and girls are cheated.they were smuggled for prostitution,human trafficking and organ market.Today some love mutual break up after they share closeness with each other.The main reason for this problem are only due to wrong impression of love.


Love become most untouchable word in the Indian society.The enormous market of love which directly affect the person only who truly love.Already true love in India were affected by caste and religion.To add more pain to love the wrong projection of love affecting society in a wider aspect.Even tele serials destroy love in the society.They increase domestic violence in the Indian society.My humble request to value true love and support it against all odds.


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