Monday, March 12, 2012

Mafia Raja's In India(Foreign Hand In India)

India always become the land of irregularities. Mafia can be seen in wider section of the sector.Mafia are mostly intermediate people from India who does the task of corporates and Multinational people.India's always people of Ignorance and selfish bug.It is the only reason why foreign people exploit our larger consumer base,resource,human  resource and wealth.Mafia are basically Under world don's,Big shot's,Government employes and politician's Who does the job what corporates and MNC's want in India to be done.  

We need to express lead role of the Indian mafia.Let's express the most powerful under world don's who got involved in the  Mafia raj.We will go sector by sector to express how powerful they are in determining the Indian economy.

Coal Mafia:-

Coal always the main source of thermal power production in India.Indian coal resource is the world's largest deposit.We have nationalized the coal mining in India but mafia & Don exploit the resource illegally with the local people for low cost.The most of the coal exploited by the mafia and Don's are high quality coal.which are moved to black market and exported for foreign nation.Which have high value in the global open market.Best example of coal mafia can be seen in Bihar(Dhanbad)orissa and west bengal.Indian high quality coal can be used more in gasfication.The main reason Mafia are unknown are only due to Involvement big shots,politician's behind and involvement of local people.We Have resource of well over 260 billion ton's of coal in which about considerable section as been illegally move to black market.We need to bring in BSF and CRPF around mining location to take strict action against the Mafia.

Forest Mafia:-

Forest cover over 20% of the Indian mainland.Which provides about 1.8% to our GDP.Still our forest are open and venerable for outside invasion.Forest always have large section of the natural product.India forest hold's medicinal plant,animal's and tree's.Many parasitical giant's utilize high herbal value plant in the Indian forestry.Local tribes utilized by the multinational to pluck medic plant from forestry.Animal's in India's forest have high commercial market all around the world.Indian animal's were hunted by the hunter's and poacher's.Which were exported to foreign national through illegal method's for Black market deal.In which larger section of the animal's are becoming endangered.Some costlier wood from India rosewood,timber,sandal wood and fuel wood as large commercial value in the black market aboard.Many multinational furniture and wood product companies pin there label on Indian wood.Since due to strict federal law in there country.Forest mafia are high due to large political background.We need to put in armed guard's,Use UAV's and aerial surveillance.Forest mafia not alone affect economic value but also create environment drop.         

Contractor Mafia:- 

India a nation which as lot job's to be done on the Infrastructure.If Infrastructure as to be developed bridge,road,canal,dam,fly over,power grid and communication etc.Government spent lots of money on the development of infrastructure by issuing tenders and contract.The must adverse of it was multinational company participate in the bid with indirect link of the company.Next 20 years India infrastructure wide market well over 200Billion.The most of the deal were done illegal and construction done in a subsidies quality.Contractor mafia get big deal with using there power in  politics's and corruption.We need to make a nationalized company to build the infrastructure in the India.We must look into the contractor deal that means even single money as to billed and produced publicly for the people.

Land Mafia:-

In India due to development of the consumer based economy.we need to face with growing needs for housing and land.Many utilize this demand from the people.Real estate giant's gain lot by this growth.They force farmer's for selling there agriculture land.They pay low price and use force to evacuate them from that place.The main reason for increase in naxalism through out India.The failure of agriculture in many parts of the nation as lead to selling of agri land for low price.Which MNC"s sell for 100% more price than reality and they shout up the price in that area.Most of the dealing in real estate were taking place only through the black money.In India we have land registration tax every land in India were down for low price to avoid stamp duty.Directly or indirectly we  increase black  money in the society.We must impose strict law to stop conversion of agri land by mafia.Government must remove the stamp duty to decrease black money and stop money laundering.

Human trafficking/Drug Mafia:-

Human trafficking  was the major concern in India.According to Recent survey every 3 minute a women went  missing and every minute a child goes missing In India.Girls between 16 to 28 years are object of human kidnapping mafia.Most of the girl's went missing were never recovered back in India.The girl's and children were sexually exploited and employed in low key work.Even some of the girl's were forced into prostitution than exported to aboard.Drug were smuggled into India illegally by using youth in the business.The mafia make use of the poor people to implement there requirement.Government must form a special cell under central monitoring committee to deal with the smuggling and human trafficking.

Corporate Mafia:-

Many MNC's step into India they provide many job openings and economic growth.They will affect India in a long term impact.Best example Coca cola-sucking underground water,pesticide used in soft drink.Union carbide-Bhopal gas tragedy etc.In every aspect corporates affect our culture,health and wealth of our nation  


Most of the crime are organized by MNC's ,underworld don's and politician's.WE may question in what way it will impact a common man.The mafia not only make impact in our economy only but also create environmental,social and cultural aspect over us.Please if you dont do anything also no means but atleast spread the message and don't buy the product's which are smuggled in and out India.       

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