Friday, March 9, 2012

Modern Slavery in largest democracy India!

Present situation in India implement modernized slavery.In India migrants are larger section of people coming from weaker state to developing state.Basically Inter-state labor more exploited in India for more cheaper labor.I want to show case some of the problem faced by Inter-state labor.Inter-state migrants are been suppressed form basic human rights and labor law.

Migration In India:-

In India Migration are done only for basic labor.The developed states like Gujarat,Tamilnadu ....etc  were local people get settled for just MNREGA (Rs 100 for 100 days).So people in that state ask high labor price because of it large construction,mining,industries,eateries are forced to Import people from weaker state. This make available of cheap labor and larger working population to larger sector.

Process of Migration:-

When a Construction company or Industry requires cheap labor they book a contractor from weaker state.The contractor make use of poverty and family problem of the people force them into cheap labor.They pick up unskilled labor cheap labor and sent them to the job.The contractor get paid for number of person supplied to the company.

How Migration converted to Slavery:-

The labor who come to do cheap labor were forced to do 12-14hrs a day and 5-6days per week of hard core job.They were just paid for minimal amount Rs4000-5000 as wages for month in which 10% as to be paid for contractors.There work are hard core in which they have to work ruthlessly and met with accident during work.They were never paid compensation for there work accident.No medical facility and No proper resident place.They live in the place near drainage and slam very poor living condition.In a small hut 10-13 people leave with small set of cookeries.They sent back minimum amount back home who starve in hunger.

Problem of Migrants:-

Migrants get involved in crime because of the low wages they go into robbery.Migrants due to family separation they get involved in gang rape and spread HIV so easily for wide range of the people.They Indulge criminal activity creating public nuisance.

Law Broken In migration labor:-

According to Indian,there define law about minimum wage and time for work.According to law a labor as to payed with 250rs/day and maximum of 8-9 hours of work.Weekly one day holiday.The present problem of the migrant labor they were forced to do hard core labor,for longer hours,poor living condition,no protection for life and minimum wages.Simple word to express slavery in most modern form.


The tall buildings,mining,road,bridge,tower,factory which u see today were built by labor like them only if we don't such person we cant leave a comfortable do something for them and i request you for placing humble suggestion about it.  


please place ur suggestion here.............

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