Monday, March 19, 2012

Policies/Reforms/Economy In India-Pull Down By Indians

Indian government Always known for indirect tax,policies,subsidizes,reforms.Which never goes to hand of labor,worker or poor.It only lead to the overall development of strong section basically government officers,politicians,rich,MNC's and corporates.Every year India propose a deft budget.Which never lead to overall growth of the people in India.So for We have seen overall activity of the government but now we will see what is taking place in every individual sector.
Industrial/Production/Manufacturing Sector:-

The heart of the country is the production sector.We never invented new things but we never built existing product itself properly.Most consumer product are assembled in India we never produce great thinks due lack of involvement Research.Even Government never spent much on R&D.India's 40% industrial output comes from small and medium scale industry which employees more than 66 million people.Small firms across India are greatly affected by power failure.Indian production sector faced a fall so Government allowed FDI but doesn't work a great deal due lack of intense labor/skilled labor.Our product don't have quality standard to fight with world market,So only Made in India losing its Value.Most of the Nationalized company facing heavy challenge from private player so they are in edge of privatization.

Construction/Transport/Road Sector:

Every State and Central government spent large amount of the money on connectivity.Transport are the basic amenity for development of the country.Construction are done under NHAI and private contractors.The most of the job were delayed purposely were intermediate lot from it.Even they finish the work in time.The quality of the product were in stake.We never did a R & D to know apt road for Indian climate.Most of the road wont stand more than 6 months.Still more 40% of India without proper connectivity.

Power Sector:-

The most hottest sector without which no sector can does its full pledge work in India.Power shortage as reached its pinnacle were Indian power house lack in compatibility to equal the requirement.Thermal power production contributes more than 2/3 of power supply.The resource for production Coal as heavy shortage in India were requirement touch 813 million tonnes.Even FDI in this sector so weak no one ready to put there money.Even state run power houses are bankrupt and subsidize customer in India.The strong policy and Plan from Government Indian power facing a edge of privatization.30 % of produced current goes as waste in power distribution and a section of power moves to black market.

Education Sector:-

The future leaders of India are curved from school.Most Indian Children move to school only  for free meals.Only 40% higher secondary in Which only 15% goes for higher education.Government as made a law compulsory education for Every Indian till 14 age.The quality of IIM  and IIT were went down.There are about 16,000 engineering college producing 7,50,000 engineers.In only 25% are employable and no patent/invention comes from a large section of engineers.The quality of education is not considered as a parameter in India.India education system never allowed student to think only made it to recall.

Agriculture/Food Sector:-

The most important sector for survival of humanity In the world.About 60% of the workforce does agriculture and contributes only 17% of the GDP.Government as planned only remove excess labor from agriculture but equally we never push in Technology.We provide subsidizes fertilizers but we never get equal amount of production from the land.60.4% 0f land in India were agriculture land in which only 30% are irrigated.Indian agriculture mainly based on the monsoon.So we need to built the nice irrigation facility.

Other Sectors:-

I have no point in speaking about communication sector.Every one know  2G scam and BSNL meeting heavy lose.In Mining Sector mafia raj only no government take action to control the activity.Tourism Sector every year face rise in visitors but still maintenance of tourist spot a big question mark.Subsidizes are misplaced in India petroleum(50,000 crs),Food(1,50,000 crs),Education(21,000 crs) and NREGA (42,000 crs). 


Our policy were misled by poor politics.Most of the scheme make people to remain on a status.Ex:- NREGA provides job but reduce labor for other work so labor cost went up.Food security provide only free food but not job r opportunity to earn and eat.Most of the money goes under ground as black money.If we don't make correct principle then we must bring in FDI and MNC's only.We may lose all over JEWELL of INDIA public sectors.So time to act bring back economy in rite track.        

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