Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poverty Line:Above 28rs I am not Beggar?A Wrong Calculation by Planning commission of India!!!

A major set back for Indian poor and biggest fault by Indian economist.Indian planning commission made a big blunder in calculation of the poverty estimates.After budget 2012 Some Indian's would be so busy in calculating tax exemption and Investments.In between the hotspot we have to look into the people's life who starve for per meal.Indian standard for defining poverty were so poor calculation how can a common man survive with just 22-28rs per day and 672.8-859.6rs per month in rural and urban India?A simple question to Readers can u manage a per day expenditure within 28rs that to in the period of high price rise.

I am not going to calculate so In depth analysis of poverty but from a common man prospect how i can say Planning commission made a wrong calculation:-

Fix-28rs/day(Urban#NOTE-I have eliminated 35 paisa report because no product today with paisa rate that to government as already imposed ban 25 paisa):-

Consider single person:-

Consider 3per meal/day(Condition for above poverty line)

If a person spent per meal-10rs(u can eat boiled rice only)
Then for a day a person spents-30rs
Finally tally for a month-900rs/person/month

Already the expenditure as crossed the national poverty line 840rs/month.Then how a person can spent for medical,cloth,shelter etc.The calculation as big drop hole in it.No one in India can survive with just 28rs setting this itself criteria poverty index as crossed 29.8%.If we Increase the national expenditure level and add parameters to the Index then poverty rate may climb over Himalayas.A basic rule for poverty line food,shelter and cloths.Only in India we calculate using expenditure that to keeping level below minimum.

Some Poverty Statistics On India:-

According to International Benchmark-Income level below $1.25 ppp,By this estimates Poverty level in India 41.6%.
According to UNDP,About 37.8% people below national poverty level.
According to OPHI,About 8 Indian States are more poorer than 28 African nation combined 400 million.
According to UNICEF,Every one in three malnutrition children are from India
About 40% of Indian children below 5 are under weight.
According to MPI,More 53.7% Indian's below poverty Line.
According to World Hunger Index-89% of Indian's below poverty line.Largest hunger nation in the world.


We have define a correct calculation method so which enables correct polices and reforms for people below poverty line.Planning commission as to take in consideration of Clothes,shelter,food,medical,job for calculation because they very keen thing for survival of human in Earth.Even planning commission can take up a complete survey over India like census to Know the Eco-soci-factor of the people.     

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