Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Price Rise In India:A Under Ground stratergies!

Increasing price rise and inflation are major concern in India.A few million of my fellow men are starving for food and few more million are feeling hard to afford money for food.The biggest question we have to rise a question how can world largest agriculture country go hunger every day.we aim at 9% GDP did we ever planned to provide food to every one and bring down price.Government as introduced a nice policy Food security bill providing food for free of cost.

Indian’s are not beggars don’t treat people as a slave.If your providing food for free that means your making a society lazy and not workable.Instead of that provide equality in all aspect and develop good policy for overall development.If government plan’s in such a way that it can increase the production and bring down the price rise.Most of the price are artificial hike created by some intermediate bussiness man and Corporates.

Most of the price rise are artificial.The suppliers damp the product untill there is heavy demand and relase the product to earn more profit.Ex:-If a supplier holds three lorry of tomato to a market out 5.Then there will be demand for tomato in the market.So price will climb up and suppiler will earn surplus.The farmers are paied only mere amount by projecting less demand.
If we are not able to feed our own people than why we must say economical strong nation.There is no need to say we are economical strong.I am proposing some of my ideas and solution to bring down price and increase production. 
The steps should be taken to reduce price rise and production:-

  • Open a agro market run by central government across the country in every corner of the India.(To agro product directly by farmers itself.)
  1. In which the farmers are given freedom to decided there rate based on the quality or government should decide a common price.(this will reduce the hand of intermediate people and complete fruit of labour goes to farmer itself.So reduce the chance of black market,storage of demand and artificial hike.) 
  2. This will provide a side income for the farmers by selling vegetables etc.(This will eradicate poverty of farmers little bit and Motivate more people in farming)
  3. Even government can earn something from the Agro market by fixing a amount as fee to the farmers.(Which can be utilized in Research on agriculture)
  • The smugglers and artificial hike makers must be surely booked under the gondas act severely punished.(We must implement law to such a extended that take over of all property of the concern person without any appeal.)
  • Like 2% education cess on all product.We can collect 0.25%of agro cess on all foreign product which imported on India and 2 % agro cess on all foreign brand alcohols,soft drinks and agro product(Since Indian market is flooded with foreign item and products if we impose cess this will lead to the growth of the agro industry and Made in India Product.It will also remove the hands of MNC and corporate.)Since foreign product were used only by rich it wont affect poor and middle class.
  • A standard prize rate as to be fixed to maintain a constant & affordable prize without any limitation across the country.
  • We can impose heavy stamp duty one who converts agro land for commercial pupose.(Reduce land mafia)
  • We can sell all commodities through universal PDS in which no middle man can play a hand in it.(Which will reduce damping of product for demand and bring in a organized retail sector)
  • We can give subsidies to farmer who want to transport there agro product for distant market and place.This will increase the production and reality price.
  • We must increase the research and technology in the argo industry.More than mere traditional approach we must bring in change or a better revolution in the agro industry.(More essential for better production)
  • We must ban all export of agro product untill we match our demand.If surplus product were produced 4 years in a row we can export from the 5th year.

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