Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tobacco/Cigarette:Smoking problem of India!!!

In 2010,Cancer alone accounted for 8 per cent of the 2.5 million total male death and 12 percent of the 1.6million total female deaths.Most of the people who are died due to cancer were in between the age group of 30-69 which account for 71% of the total.The estimates are 7,123 of the 1,22,429 deaths during 2001-2003 were due to cancer,corresponding to 5,56,400 cancer deaths in 2010.

At Nearly 23%,oral cancer caused most number of deaths among men.Its followed by stomach cancer and lung cancer.In case of women cervical cancer(17.2%) was the leading cause followed by breast cancer(10%).The most interesting fact tobacco related cancer accounted for 42% of all male deaths and 16.4% of all female deaths.Today tobacco as became viral disease  one of the few industry which is developing in fast face killing millions of people.

Tobacco In India:

Tobacco in India are cultivated in more than 3,90,000 hectare of land.India is the second largest producer of tobacco in the world.Andhra,Gujarat,UP,Karnataka account for 90% of the nation production.4.6% of the forest are been wiped out in India for tobacco production.For curing tobacco and manufacture of cigarettes we need wood in that manner India as lost about 868 million tons of forest wood or of forest.In India about 36 million people are engaged in production,processing,marketing and exporting which include 8 million farmers and 5 million bidi rolling employees.


  • Every one in three youth of India are smokers(35% or 274.9 million)
  • 14.1% of children between age group 13-15 age group are in contact with tobacco any form.
  • India is the second largest consumer of cigarette in the world.
  • Tobacco cultivation in India are about 4.21 lakh soccer field. 
  • India's total revenue of tobacco product are $1.62billion and healthcare spent on tobacco related disease are $6.32 billion.  

Tobacco In World:

 Tobacco are grown in 124 countries,3.8 million hectares of agriculture land.Every land of hectare produce about 1 ton of tobacco.Tobacco production in world is about 7.2 million tons every year.Every year about 20,000 hectares of forest are cleared for tobacco cultivation.There is a global evidence that about 1.7% global forest are wiped due to the tobacco cultivation.About every year 4.95 trillion butts of the cigarettes are littered in the world.Every year 6 million people die due to tobacco related disease.The death toll is estimated to touch a million by 2030.

Side-Effect Of Tobacco:

  • Tobacco are major source of cancer Across the globe and also produce chronic,cardiac disease etc.
  • Tobacco as to be passed through curing before its used so for every Kg of tobacco a 7.8Kg of wood required.So large amount forest are destroyed.
  • Tobacco require frequent fertilizers against the diseases so 16 pesticide are required.It Include DDT,Methyl bromide etc which are main source of ozone depletion and ground water toxic.
  • Cigarettes butts contain all toxic chemicals,pesticides and nicotine.
  • Tobacco also identifies as 6 out 8 of leading cause of death.


Tobacco earns billion dollar and provide thousand jobs,But kills millions of people,deforestation,ozone depletion etc.International Union must find a way to solve this problem.We must bring out farmers and workers in it slowly to other methods of job.Governments must impose restriction for tobacco production and smoking.Tobacco smuggling is the third largest money spindling under ground Industry.So we need to slove the problem otherwise million will moved into smoking habit.   


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