Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caste System in India:A Open Drainage!

India a nation of diverse culture not only that holds good but also a land of diverse problems.Caste is the most confused knot of all social problems.Religion is just a belief changes anytime of the life,but caste is a constant which don't change even occupation and social status changes.Caste is like pi,omega value simply a mere constant don't change in any situation.We can't change caste but we can eradicate caste from our society.we can't expect politician to talk about casteless society because they want people to be divided.

Every party in India are strongly backed by a caste.So they don't allow people to get united in casteless society because it difficult for minor caste party to remain in the politics.There dalit parties in India from north to south which project them self as voice of SC's and ST's.Since independence no changes as came to this section of people.Top leaders and politicians play caste politics to sustain in power and earn wealth.No equality in the society both economically and socially.

Any Educated youth had concern to know the impact Of Caste?

  • Denies Change of Occupation caste system most probably opposes the change of work.A SC and ST cant start doing a business,agriculture etc run successfully.Even today other than Brahmins cant enter temple goddess premises.
  • Untouchability most sinful act still in practice of the 21st century.Even today you cant find deprived part of the society cant enter temple premises and many maintain distance from the lower caste don't allow inside there house.
  • No unity caste system only increases the hate,anger but never create brotherliness.Still many people of different caste have different style of living.
  • Lack in Social Progress since caste is a age old system which are followed traditionally.So people find it difficult to accept the new ideal and scientific principles.
  • Democracy Failure India is the worlds largest democracy but everyday democracy fails.Even today you cant find a dalit candidate contesting in the non-dalit reserved constitution.
  • Women Slavery Caste system encourage child marriage and oppose remarriage.Women are treated only as sex machine.Caste system is like a Hitler fascism principle.No caste in India respect women rights and there feelings.           
  • Communal Violence Caste system keep on suppressing a section of people.It force lower caste people to take weapons in there hand.Naxalite,maoist etc movements are just a aggression of lower caste people on economic inequality.

Reservation As brought some changes in the society?

  • Brahmin role Declined today Brahmins eliminated from the superiority position,but problem varies caste within them show difference and oppress lower caste.
  • Social Change to some extend people walk freely,study in same class,move same bus etc.Even though we cant find this change in interior part of the world.
  • Economic raise about a major portion there is raise in the economic status of the lower and middle caste.

Still We need to walk-through long path to eradicate Caste?

  • Improve Education Only education can increase the think of the people and unite people.Caste system exist only because of ignorance within the people.Education can bring next generation new bloods without caste.      
  • Promote Inter-caste Marriage Government must provide special offers for people who does inter caste marriage.Inter caste marriage will change the next generation people without knowing caste.
  • Eliminate Caste Word Government must pass a law like untouchability to make caste a criminal word.No form or government policy must have caste oriented approach.
  • Economic Stability we need government economic policy to focus on overall development of all section of the people.
  • Eradicate Timeless Reservation We need to remove reservation after first generation receiving the benefits of reservation.Continuous is also a reason for caste development.
  • Nationalize We need to take tough decision by bring every temple,water,road's etc under nationalized policy.Which makes people accessible to all resources.

Friday, April 27, 2012

^Communism In India:Need's United Operation^

Communism is always the principle of Mass and common man,But today communism is under a large depletion in world's largest suppressed country India.Communism can write new future in the world's largest democracy.Communism in India alone divided by more than 93 parties in which about 40 are banned organization.Communism must become more generalized and form new principles in accord with different culture,language,ethnic and class.Communism in India as to be remodeled with some valuable suggestion from my view.

Re-module Structure:-    

  • Every Communist/Socialist party in India as to come to a common forum and solve there ideology problem find a concert step for anti-imperialism,anti-capitalism principles etc.(Communist party everything as to be united in single line for stronger future world)
  • Communist ideology in India as to focus more centralized principles which makes people untied for a revolution and don't differentiate principle for different state.
  • Since India has diversified demography we need a concrete step for better principles.
  • India as largest working class but communism principle as not reached to major section of the people.
  • Communism as to generate younger budding leaders/comrades because for next 30 years youth are going to determine this nation.
  • Communism principle as to be propagandized in every corner of India.If we reach Mass it will become people's movement.
  • Communist leaders/comrades must be never post/position oriented,if its power r principle we must prefer principle first.(Because communist is the only principle for poor,working class etc.)
  • Communism principle as new problem to face in India,Caste.We must make a new strong principle which eliminate caste system(Red flag can fly high only when we eliminate caste etc.)
  • Communism as to find a alternative way for the religious view,basically communist are atheist but its reason for many prefer out communism(We must also spread atheist principles to showcase weakness of religion in society)
  • Communism also have to look into next phase of the world politics environment policy.Due to rapid climate change no rich gets affected only poor as too phase all problems.
  • Communism shouldn't confined within farmers,workers,student alone we need to move next phase were we must target common people,poor traders etc.
  • Red flag can't be hoisted without armed revolution which is a global principle but it difficult to run a armed revolution in diversified country like India.So Maoist must come for main stream politics many youth finds Maoist principle wrong since Maoist kills innocent people.
  • Communism find a methodology for united front which show people new path for working class and poor.
  • Same time communism principle should never differ from its global communism policy.
  • Communist must project with youth candidates for election,Old comrades must provide way for young brains.          
  • Communism must have list of problem to be solved in an order,we must keep on eliminating social step by step.
  • We don't need leaders confined within a locality,We need Che Guevara like leadership not giving voice only for India alone it should be global.
  • Communist should reach the large public by drama,revolution song,books etc.

World History Series:Long Walk!

Around 2 million years ago,Africa is the birth place of humans,animals etc.So human life are under heavy treat by animals.Humans are forced to live a life so cautiously.Any time death may occur  from any dangerous animals in the mid-forest of Africa.So humans had very sharp eyes and hear to monitor the movement of animals.When human started to raise there is more increase of danger.

So people started to look for new habitats and living space.So people started to walk in search of place to survive.It's a long way in civilization along with the neanderthal people.The people sub divided into many groups moved towards north.Many settled in the places which is suitable for the to survive,but still few continued there long journey.

The most attractive element of this long are the inter relation between the continents.People walked through different continent.Human's for years kept on moving from place to place.During there long walk the northern part is completed covered by ice.It took around 2,00,000 years to complete this long walk for different parts of the world.Around 60,000 years ago when people reached Asia they divided into two groups first headed towards present china and others headed towards India.

World was not looking same as now they had different geography location.There is misinterpretation that dinosaurs co-existed with human around the same time.Archaeologist had discovered that after dinosaurs wiped out only humans came to earth.Its a ancient finding that Asia was attached with the African continent.After a major seismic activity Asia separated from Africa.

Present Himalayas was under sea about 570 million years ago.It took around 300 million years to came to the present form.Carbon dating of dead animal found in Himalayas were aging back to 570 million years.Himalayas stopped its geographical changes only way behind 5 million years.Himalayas is the significant which saw drastic change in the earth.

People from Africa moved to different part of the earth.They settled along different vegetation based on which texture and behavior of the people changed.Long history of the world started from the long walk from Africa.      

Monday, April 23, 2012

Indian IT Professional:Losing Identity?

Few years back when American president bush announced to sent back all Indian IT professional back home.Bill Gates reacted  stating that"I will switch over my Head quarters to India.".Every Indian IT professional roamed with great pride.Since then Indian IT & enabled sector saw a tremendous growth.IT sector alone contribute around 7.1% to GDP and employment opportunity for over 3 million people(incl BPO).There is no doubt IT sector promoted all other sector and pushed many families into upper middle class.American silicon valley runs with Indian brain.Great record great work great service to nation If i say like this i am doing betray to my nation.Everything is just for dustbin.Indian professional are literate fools.Don't even think about money mind behind this outsourcing.An Indepth analysis of  outsourcing master stroke.

  • In America a IT professional annual salary $50,000,but on India a professional receives $<7,500.Approx an American company complete its task with 3-6 Indian professional.
  • American know Indian mindset very well.Indian are selfish for money we can extract work from them for hours.(But we imagine Indian professional are top brains in the world)
  • American have largest patent rights in the field of computer science.So its foolish to consider America cant run without Indian professional.
  • American holds largest techno companies in the world from which innovation comes want larger Indian market to be capitalized.(Indirect income for America,So no changes in ban on Outsourcing in America)
  • American Companies in the form giving jobs to Indian youth entered India captured market to dump there product.India is just a new market for America.
  • America remains rich because of it's strong business companies who pour in money from different country.American companies made it impossible to do business without them around the world.
  • American Don't want to lose India because of large human resource and market cap.
  • Most of the Indian use only pirated version of the software,which major giants know very well they motivated to it also.Only reason for doing this American software market to be stable due to outsourcing  were available for low cost. 
  • American Companies earns plenty by low cost labor and reinvest in America to develop new sectors.
  • American incorporated a mighty cultural change by bring something like one time use,use and trow,version,fast eateries etc.
  • America slowly make dominance over the country policy and indirect imperialism over a country.
  • Make Indian to work based on American working hours.Indian IT professional work till late hours even 12-14 hours of a day.
  • American policy makes brain drain in India.
  • Its not only principle of America but all European nation doing outsourcing with India.

A Suggestion:

IT a great sector for development.We work for foreign clients instead of which if we invest our human resource in India.Still many sectors in India are need of technology.So if we direct our talent and human resource toward it we can become technology independent country.Our farmers suicide in thousand every year due to failure in crops.If we invest our brain to it we can solve it efficiently.During the starting we may make little earning but will develop our nation.Indian professional losing identity for just money.    

World History Series:Human Evolution!

About 5 billion years ago in universe there is no solar system found in any form.Exactly around 4.5 billion years ago due to some universal activity small dust,stones,asteroids etc joined to form a ball of fire.There is another assumption to earth also its a broken part of sun.It took few million years to get cooled off forming a solid outer surface.Just gathering Mass the mass started to rotate around sun due law of attraction and gravitation.Around 4 billion years ago earth is just a mere solid surface without living life.It's just like a 7927 miles floating spherical rock.

Around 4 billion years ago excess of gas in the earth surface combined to form a liquid(water).Around 3.5 billion years ago a sock of dust may be DNA formed by a intense cosmic activity created a first living species below water namely bacteria.Bacteria is the origin of all species in the world.Over billions of years  bacteria changed shape and structure to form million of living organism.

Exactly 3 billion years ago photosynthesis living organism plant evolved.After plant aroused the plant earth came to livable form producing oxygen.Plant is the mother of all living organism.A billion years ago fish was a fully developed organism in the earth.Over fish underwent large changes producing amphibians,mammals etc.Finally king of extra-terrestrial animal dinosaurs evolved.Dinosaurs ruled the world over 200 millions of years.Finally they came to extinct when asteroids crush the earth surface.

Similar time mammals like monkey,mice evolved in the earth.Exactly around 70 millions years ago only mammals evolved in the earth.Over millions of year life changed human evolved as a hyper mammal.If we consider world evolution just mere 0.1% human history,But we endangered earth to extinct.Human evolution dating is just back around half a million years ago.

Evolution of human first took place in the world's darkest continent Africa.Midland of Africa is the heart land of human evolution.First evolved human are fully naked without any caste,religion,race,language discrimination etc.Most interesting fact of the evolution is that "The first evolved human is not male its female."An African female is the mother of human beings.

Darwin was to first person to prove we evolved from monkey.Darwin theory was well explained in the origin of species.            

Sunday, April 15, 2012

10 Threats To End Of The World

The High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change of the United Nations, chaired by former Thai Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun and including former United States National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft and several former heads of government and foreign ministers as members, what may be the single best intelligence estimate with respect to the future of mankind and its habitat. They identified Ten Key Threats. The two references below detail the panel's mission and composition, and provide access to the final report in multiple forms.The ten threats identified by the High Level Threat Panel of the United Nations are these:

  •     Poverty
  •     Infectious disease
  •     Environmental degradation
  •     Inter-state war
  •     Civil war
  •     Genocide
  •     Other Atrocities (trade in women,children for sexual slavery, or kidnapping for body parts)
  •     Weapon of mass destruction (nuclear proliferation, chemical weapon proliferation, biological weapon proliferation)
  •     Terrorism
  •     Transnational organized crime

Education/Youth In India:A Cause For Change!

A Nation strength cant valued by its Armed,But by its youth and workforce.If we look at India post and pre-LPG  Education in India reached greater heights were today literacy rate India touches 75%. According to 2011 reports there about 1600 graduate college,1300 polytechnic,more than 1,00,000 schools in India.Its a greatest achievement of India after 1990 LPG technique.Indian youth are more required around the world.Indian youth as raised from strength to strength.Proud to Be Indian but feel ashamed to be Indian educated youth.

Post-1990 Education In India:


After 1990 opening the economy for west India say a drastic development in every sector.Indian Manufacture sector say a peak development.So there is a large demand for Indian educated youth in every sector.So educational institution say a great raise more private owned institution.After 2000,when new concept of free market with outsourcing arrived to India.Indian educational Institution became factories producing folks of working force,rather than creating future India.Indian Education Made Indian's just working machine.Indian private educational Institution earns about 5% of educational spending in India,but a report says about $70billion of money spindle around private institution illegally as capitation fee,management fee etc.Educational Institution are creating future of the nation but today became business hub.A service sector became a Investment sector.

Public School More worst than Private:


Government owned educational institution provide free education but lack of quality,infrastructure etc.Government school are pull down unqualified educators.In India about 30% of educational  Institution educators are vacant.Indian colleges can accommodate only 7% of the same age group students.Still rural India lack in primary school.Government  took 60 years bring compulsory education till 14 as fundamental rights and reservation for 25% of poor student.

What so ever Indian Education produce educated youth?


Even Education as become business its producing large amount of working force.Every year India produce about 6,00,000 engineers and more than 50,000 doctors. It looks great but there is no point to be proud of the fact.6,00,000 engineers but no patent,no invention,no discovery great,Indian engineers are only slave machine of money,outsourcing,foreign corporates etc.Its look like i am talking rubbish but it will create great impact like brain drain(Silicon valley of US run with Indian brain),Independent nation etc.Still lots of engineer problem of India are unanswered like agriculture,infrastructure etc.50,000 doctors every year on world largest hub of disease center.I am not blaming Indian youth but Indian government policy and Indian education system.

Youth be cause for change:


Indian education system can produce only machine not valued humans.Indian youths last the quality of thinking and creative skill.Indian education of rote learning and mark system must be changed.Indian government should bring a common pattern of education through out nation,common standard portion,new grading system(providing enough opportunities for extra curricular too.) etc.Indian new education patter must produce youth who can think for nation and produce invention.Indian government must fill the vacant 30% staff position,Start new institution in rural India,improve the knowledge and skill of educators etc.Government should start autonomous body to monitors activity of educational institute since large black money flow through education sector.Government every year must spent 5% of GDP for education modernization.Indian government must motivate more research works.Government must motivate women education(65% literacy)since only when women to come into working force India can develop fundamentally strong.Education subsidies must be more focused towards the weaker section.Government must produce more native jobs to avoid brain drain.Education must value talent and skill of the youth,it should create space for such activity and make specialize in it.   

"If a Society face problems everyday,it doesn't mean Economic Problem of the society but failure of education system"     

Advice for Youth:

We are born on a great nation there is no doubt about it but useless to keep on talking about past leaving our future.Its time for youths to take nation for next level.Every one born after 1990 should work for nation because India is a youthful nation with more than 60% of youth population.Our Education ruined us but we must think and dream for our nation future.If not now then never. Act Now,

                                      "Action"is a Best word-Che

Seven blunders of the World!

The Seven Blunders of the World is a list that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi gave to his grandson Arun Gandhi, written on a piece of paper, on their final day together, shortly before his assassination.The seven blunders are:

    Wealth without work.
    Pleasure without conscience
    Knowledge without character.
    Commerce without morality.
    Science without humanity.
    Worship without sacrifice.
    Politics without principle.

Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Classical Oldest Language Of The World!

Language is a medium of communication come to form well back 1,00,000 years.The first spoken form of language hasn't still accounted and don't exist in the world,since ancient language don't have written script.Justifying first language of the earth merely impossible.Even accounting first language is difficult,but we can find some of the treasure language of the earth.Civilization developed along with this classical language of the world.

Worlds is always fond of 7, the most powerful 7 classical language of the world.They are treasure of the world.Everyone as a duty to protect the treasure of world.Some of the early existed language even before theses classical language got extended form the world.

7 Classical Treasure Language of the World:


Language Family:Indo-European
Writing System:Greek alphabet
Civilization:Greek Civilization.
Standard forms/Dialects: Demotic/14 dialects
Origin:Beyond 3000 BC(Believed to still more than 5000BC)
Native Speaker:>15.2 million
Today:Greek spread across Mediterranean sea coast,Restricted to Greece nation. 
Specialty:Greek is the language of the scientific vocabulary and over 10,00,000 words are loaned to English language.
History:proto-greek has origin well over 2nd millennium BC,Since Greek evolved along with Greek civilization its more orientated towards culture and tradition.Greek accounts for some of valuable treasured literacy like Odyssey,lliad,Aristotle philosophy & Plato,Greek New testament etc       
Personality:Aristotle,Plato etc.


Language Family:Indo-European
Writing System:Latin alphabet
Civilization:Roman Civilization
Standard forms/Dialects:Latin
Origin:Around 1000 BC
Native Speaker:<1,00,000(Vatican City,Italy)
Today:Latin confined to christian community of the world(Vatican)considered as a death language.
Specialty:Latin is the language of scientific invention and most of biological terms arrived from Latin.About 70% of the incunabula are in Latin. 
History:Latin language evolved around the roman empire.Latin one of the factor behind spread of Christianity.Since Many scientific finding took place in and around roman empire,So Latin place a vital role in science forum.Latin is always confined within the lower half of the Mediterranean sea.  
Personality: Plautus,Caesar etc.


Language Family:Afro-Asiatic
Writing System:Hebrew alphabets
Civilization:Post-Mesopotamian Civilization
Standard forms/Dialects:Hebrew
Origin:around 10th century BC
Native Speaker:Native Speaker extincted around 7 th century AD,<8 million(Modern Israel)
Today:Hebrew is restricted as language of Jewish people and popularly Spoken around Israel.
Specialty:Holy Language of Jewish and Hebrew's.Since Bible first written in this language only.Most Jewish and christian History in Hebrew language.  
History:Hebrew saw many periods from monarchic Period to Arabic period.Old testament is fully written in Hebrew 
Personality:Moses etc.


Language Family:Indo-Iranian
Writing System:Persian Alphabet/Cyrillic Script
Civilization:Muslim Civilization
Standard forms/Dialects:9 dialects
Origin:5th century BC
Native Speaker:110 million
Today:Its spread across 12 countries in the world.Persian Language inscription can be seen across the Mughal Construction.
Specialty:Persian language inspired Many Indo-Aryan Language.Persian Is the mother language of Urdu.
History:Persian was first originated along the Iraq and Iran.Persian Spread across the South Asia by Mughal Colonization.Persian as significant presence in Muslim community.Persian and Arabic both confined within Muslim Religion.
Personality:Mughal Empire Kings,Saaid etc.


Language Family:Sino-Tibetan
Writing System:Chinese characters, zhuyin fuhao, pinyin, Xiao'erjing
Civilization:Chinese Civilization
Standard forms/Dialects:Mandarin/16 Dialects
Origin:2nd millennium BC
Native Speaker:> 1.4 Billion
Today:Chinese is the largest spoken in the world.Chinese is spread across entire Asia.
Specialty:Chinese is the only language which as to read top to bottom.Chinese share largest culture share across the world.
History:Xia-Dynasty was official Empire which spread Chinese across the globe.Chinese language is believed to more than 10,000 years old.It has literature,Culture and tradition.Chinese Culture one of the few culture existing in the world.
Personality:Yu,Shan etc.


Language Family:Indo-Aryan
Written System:No native script(Written in Devanagari)
Civilization:Hindu Culture(Since language confined to Hindu Brahmin)
Standard forms/Dialects:No Spoken Form(Dead Language)
Origin:3000 BC(Rig Veda)
Native Speaker:<5,000
Today:Sanskrit is a dead language.Still its used only for Mantra's of Hindu workship and Indian Government Slogans.About Century Back Sanskrit lost its Spoken Form.
Specialty:Sanskrit is the mother of all European Language.
History:Sanskrit Script early found in Rig Veda.Its Hindu Veda believed to sacred.Sanskrit always been language of priest and Bhramin,so Sanskrit came to extinct.Sanskrit is always not a language of common man.  
Personality:Valmiki,Kalidas etc.


Language Family:Dravidian
Written System:Tamil Script
Civilization:Indus-Valley Civilization
Standard forms/Dialects:7 Dialects
Origin:before 300 BC(Some Estimate over 2000BC )
Native Speakers:>77 million
Today:Tamil Spread across south Asia.It Enjoy Official status of more 4 countries.
Specialty:55% of the epigraphical Inscription found in India are in Tamil.Tamil-Brahmi Script inscription are found in Egypt,Thailand,Sri lanka,Which is about 2000 years old.Tamil is the only surviving classical language of the world. 
History:Tamil-Brahmi Script are first written form of Tamil.Tamil Language had well defined written grammar even 2500 years ago(Tholkkapium).So Many believe that Tamil also one of the Language evolved during origin of Communication.Thirukurral One of the Greatest Literature of the world. 
Personality:Thiruvalluvar,Tholkkapiur,Bodhidharman etc.

Dead World Treasure Languages:

Language more than just mode of communication,its a rich culture.So Everyone's duty to protect a language and mother tongue.Otherwise we will lose our rich culture and tradition which our fore fathers left for each and everyone.Some Of the dead languages which brought civilization to the world.1.Sumerian(Mesopotamian Civilization-5000BC)2.Akkadian(Mesopotamian Civilization-4500BC)3.Armenian(Jesus Christ Mother tongue)4.Egyptian(Egypt Civilization-3000BC)

                    "Protect your language,To Preserve your Past For Historic Future"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Armory Of India:Indian Navy Ships


Nuclear Submarines

Name:INS Chakra
Type:Nuclear Submarine
Class:Akula Class submarines
Cost:1.5 Billion
Speed:28-35 Knots
Weapon:Torpedoes: 6 x 21" (533mm) torpedo tubes ,30 charges (torpedoes, missiles or mines),4 launch tubes (2.4 meter dia each),12 x K15 SLBM (3 in each launch tube) or 4 x K-4[1][5] SLBM (Under development)
Power:Nuclear power

Non-Nuclear Submarines

Name:Sindhughosh Series
Type:Diesel Powered Submarines
Class:Kilo Class submarines
Speed:17-25 Knot
Weapon:9M36 Strela-3 (SA-N-8) SAM launcher,Club-S (3M-54E) ASCM (after mid-life refit),Type 53-65 passive wake homing torpedo,TEST 71/76 anti-submarine, active-passive homing torpedo,24 × DM-1 mines in lieu of torpedoes
Range:6000 Miles

Type:Diesel powered sub marines
Class:Type 209
Speed:22 Knots
Weapon:14 × AEG-SUT Mod-1 wire-guided active/passive homing torpedoes,24 × external strap-on mines
Range:15000 Miles


Aircraft Carrier

Name:INS Viraat
Type:Aircraft Carrier
Class:Centaur Class
Speed:28 knots
Weapon:2 * 40 AA Bofors Gun,16 * BARAK SAM
Range:6,500 miles
Power:Steam Turbines
Aircraft:30 Aircraft's(Harrier,Helicopters)


Name:Shivalik Series
Type:Multi roleFrigates
Class:Shivalik Class
Speed:32 Knots
Aircraft:2 Helicopters
Cost:2600 Crores

Name:Talwar series
Type:missile guide Frigates
Class:Talwar Class
Speed:32 Knots
Aircraft:3 Helicopters
Power:Gas turbine

Name:Brahmaputra series
Type:missile guide Frigates
Class Brahmaputra Class
Speed:30 knots
Range:4500 km
Power:Steam power

Name:Godavari  series
Type:missile guide Frigates
Class:Godavari Class
Speed:27 knots
Range:4500 miles
Weapon:4 × SS-N-2D Styx AShM,24 x Barak SAM (3 x 8 cell VLS units),1 x AK-725 twin-barreled 57 mm gun,4 x AK-630 6-barreled 30 mm gatling,2 × triple 324 mm (12.8 in) tubes (Whitehead A 244S or Indian NST 58 torpedoes)
Aircraft:3 heilcopters

Name:Nilgiri series
Type:Missile guide Frigates
Class:Nilgiri class
Speed:28 knots
Range:4000 miles
Power:Hp motors
Weapon:2 x MK.6 Vickers 115mm guns,2 x AK-630 6-barreled 30 mm gatling guns,2 x Oerlikon 20mm guns,2 x triple ILAS 3 324 mm torpedo tubes with Whitehead A244S or the Indian NST-58 torpedoes 
Aircraft:1 helicopters

Destroyer Ship

Name:Delhi series
Type:Guided missile destroyer
Class:Delhi Class
Speed:28 Knots
Range:5000 miles
Power:Gas turbine
Weapon:16 x Kh-35 Switchblade (SS-N-25) SSM(4 x quadruple KT-184 launchers),32 x Barak 1(4 x 8 cell VLS units),2 x Shtil SAM systems,1 x 100 mm AK-100 gun,2 x 30 mm AK-630 gatling guns,2 x RBU-6000 213mm Anti-submarine mortar arrays,5 x 10-21 inch torpedo tubes
Aircraft:2 Helicopters

Name:Rajput Series
Type:Guided missile destroyer
Class:Kanin Class
Origin:Soviet union
Speed:35 knots
Range:4000 miles
Power:Gas turbines
Weapon:8 x Brahmos supersonic missiles,1 x 76.2 mm main gun,4 x 30 mm AK-230 guns or 4 x 30 mm AK-630M guns,2 x S-125M (SA-N-1) SAM twin launchers,1 x 533 mm PTA 533 quintuple torpedo tube launcher,2 x RBU-6000 anti-submarine mortars,1 x Dhanush ballistic missile (added to INS Rajput)
Aircraft:1 helicopter

Corvette Ship

Name:Kora Series
Type:Guided missile Corvette
Class:Kora Class
Speed:25 knots
Range:4000 Miles
Power:2 diesel
Weapon:16 x Kh-35 (SS-N-25) SSM (4 x quad KT-184 launchers),1 × 76mm gun (AK-176 or Otobreda 76 mm),2 x 30mm AK-630 CIWS,Igla-1E SAM 
Aircraft:1 helicopter

Name:Khukri series
Type:Guided missile Corvette
Class:Khukri Class
Speed:25 Knots
Range:4000 miles
Weapon:2 x AK-630 CIWS,1 x AK-176 76mm gun,4 x P-20M missiles,2 x SA-N-5 SAM launchers 
Aircraft:1 helicopter

Name:Verra Series
Type:Guided missile Corvette
Class:Trantaul Class
Origin:Soviet union
Speed:32 Knots
Weapon:4 x P-15 Termit/SS-N-2 Styx or 4 x P-270 Moskit/SS-N-22,1 SA-N-5 SAM (1x4) MANPAD air defence missiles,1 x 76 mm AK-176 dual purpose main gun,2 x AK-630 30 mm gun 

Name:Abhay Series
Type:Guided missile Corvette
Class:Patrol corvette 
Origin:Soviet union
Speed:34 Knots
Range:1650 miles
Weapon:1 SA-N-5 SAM (1x4),1 x 76 mm (3.0 in) gun,1 x 30 mm (1.2 in) gun (AK-630),2 x RBU 1200 anti submarine rocket launcher,4 x 406 mm (16 in) anti submarine torpedo tubes; some ships have 2 x 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes)

Other Ships:

Amphibious Warfare Ship-10 Ship-Combined carry about 150 tanks,30 crafts,20 Ship and More 5000 soliders

Patrol vessel Ship-19 Ship-They can bring larger area under surveillance and security watch

Minesweeper Ship-8 Ship-they have capability of removing enemy mine traps in the sea.

Fleet Ship-15 Ship-They enable transport of large military cargo to war location.

Research and Analysis Ship-10 ship-To analysis the weather and ocean activity

Training Vessel-4 Ship-Most supportive for young sailors.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Armory Of India:Indian Army Missile

Missile System are key against the Enemy Aircraft and tanks.They also determine the safety of our  Infantry and artillery.  

Missile System

Anti-Tank Missile

Type:Anti-Tank missile
Speed:230 m/s
Guidance System:Infra-red guided
Launch Platform:Helicopter,NAMICE
Range:4-7 Km
Warhead:8 Kg

Type:Anti-Tank missile
Speed:200 m/s
Guidance System:SACLOS wire
Launch Platform:Vehicle
Range:2000 m
Warhead:tandem heat

Name:9M113 Konkurs
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-tank missile
Speed:200 m/s
Guidance System:wire guided
Launch Platform:vehicle
Range:4 Km
Warhead:tandem heat

Name:9M133 Kornet
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Guidance System:Laser guided
Launch Platform:Individual
Range:4 Km
Warhead:7 Kg TNT,Tandem heat

Name:9K111 Fagot
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Speed:80 m/s
Guidance System:wire gudied
Launch Platform:individual
Range:2500 m

Name:9M120 Ataka
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-Tank missile
Speed:400 m/s
Guidance System:Radio Gudidance
Launch Platform:Individual
Range:6-8 Km
Warhead:6-8 Kg TNT,Tandem heat

Name:9K11 Malyutka
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Guidance System:wire
Launch Platform:Individual
Range:3000 m
Warhead:3.5 Kg

Name:FGM-148 Javelline
Type:Anti Tank Missile
Guidance System:Imaging infra red
Launch Platform:Individual
Range:2500 m
Warhead:8.4 Kg

Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Guidance System:Infra red homing
Launch Platform:Individual
Range:25000 m
Warhead:tandem heat

Name:9M119 Svir
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Guidance System:Laser guided
Launch Platform:125 mm smooth bore
Warhead:4.5 Kg tandem hollow charge

Type:Anti-Tank Missile
Speed:285 -300 m/s
Guidance System:semi-laser homing
Launch Platform:105-120 mm smooth bore
Range:8000 m
Warhead:4.5 Kg

Type:Anti Tank Missile
Speed:190 m/s
Guidance System:Wire
Launch Platform:Individual
Warhead:6.8 Kg anti armor

Anti-Air craft Missile

Name:Prithvi Air Defence
Type:Anti-ballistic missile
Speed:>Mach 5
Guidance System:Interior Guiding System
Launch Platform:Tatra
Range:1500 Km

Type:Anti-ballistic Missile
Speed:4.5 Mach
Guidance System:Interial Navigation System
Launch Platform:Tatra
Range:100-200 Km

Name:S-300,S-200(two variant)
Origin:Soviet Union
Guidance System:radio Guided
Launch Platform:Launcher
Range:250 Km
Quantity:6 system(288 missiles) & 2 System(24 missiles)

Speed:3.5 mach
Range:35 Km
Warhead:56 Kg

Name:SA-6 Gainful
Origin:Soviet Union
Speed:2 Mach
Quantity:1500 missiles

Name:SA-8 Gecko
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Amphibious SAM
Speed:80 Km/hr
Range:5000 Km

Name:SA-18 GOpher
Origin:Soviet Union
Speed:61.5 Km/hr
Range:500 Km

Name:Tunguska M1
Origin:Soviet union
Speed:65 Km/hr
Range:500 Km

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Anti-Aircraft gun

Name:Bofors l70
Type:Auto cannon
Caliber:40 mm

Name:ZU 23-2
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Anti-aircraft cannon
Caliber:23 mm

Armory Of India:Indian Army Artillery Weapons

Artillery are third force of the attack for infantry.Artillery are basically projectile attack over 20 Km of the range. 


Name:Haubits FH77
Caliber:155 mm
Rate Of Fire:3 rounds in 3 seconds
Range:21 Km
Feed System:Hydraulic powered

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Field Gun
Caliber:130 mm
Rate Of Fire:6 rounds
Range:27.5 Km
Feed System:Self loading

Origin:Soviet union
Caliber:122 mm
Rate Of Fire:10-12 rounds/min
Range:15.4 Km
Feed System: Self loading

Name:FV433 abbot SPG
Type:Self-Propelled artillery
Caliber:105 mmMG
Rate Of Fire:40 rounds

Name:M-46 catapult
Type:Self propelled artillery
Caliber:112 mm
Specialty:Developed by DRDO

Name:Smerch 9K48
Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Multiple Rocket Launcher
Caliber:300 mm
Range:90 Km

Type:Multi Barrel Rocket launcher
Caliber:214 mm
Rate Of Fire:12 in 44 sec
Range:40 Km
Cost:3-5 Crores

Name:BM-21 Grad
Origin:Soviet union
Type:Multi Rcoket launcher
Rate Of Fire:2 rounds/sec
Range:20 Km

Armory Of India:Indian Army Infantry Tanks

Tanks are second line of attack for Infantry.They make face to face enemy more deadly and make Infantry more stronger to move into enemy Territory.   

Tanks/Mine/Support Vehicles

Origin:South Africa
Type:Armored Personnel Carrier 
specialty:12 Firing port,7.63 mm MG,20 mm Cannon
             carry 14 members

Type:Mine cleaner
specialty:Clears mine so faster than manual clearance

Type:Mine protected vehicle
specialty:Developed by DRDO

Type:Bomb disposal
specialty:It can clear bomb without any human efforts

Name:Arjun MBT
Type:Battle Tank
Cost:17.2 crore
specialty:4 crew members,Anti tank missile,Kanchan Armour

Type:Battle Tank
Cost:$4.25 million
specialty:3 crew members,Heavy armour

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Battle tank
Cost:$2 million
specialty:125 Bore Gun,3 crew members,Anti aircraft gun

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Battle Tank
specialty:100 mm Rifle gun,Coaxial gun,4 crew members

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Fighting Vehicle
specialty:Coaxial gun(2000 rounds),72 mm smooth bore,Semi automated gun,11 members

Type:Armour personnel carrier
specialty:12 members,smoke discharger

Name:OT-64 SKOT
Type:Amphibious personnel carrier
specialty:20 members,14.2 mm kmp machine gun

Origin:Soviet union
Type:Amphibious scout car
specialty:4 members,Armour,7.62 mm machine gun

Type:Fighting vehicle
specialty:2 members,7.62 mm GPMG

Name:Karthi BLT
Type:Armour Bridge launcher
specialty:Indian built advanced bridge

Origin:Soviet Union
Type:Fighting Vehicle
specialty:30 mm automatic cannon gun,3 members

Type:Battle Tank
specialty:Armor,114 mm gun,MG

Name:WZT-2,3(two variant)
Type:Recovery vehicle
specialty:12.8 DHSK

Type:Mortar Carrier
specialty:Indian Built,Automatic mortar launcher

Type:Anti-tank Gun
Specialty:Indian built anti-tank lanucher
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