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Caste Based Reservation:A Dream of Nation>>>>

Reservation In India always a question of debate.Reservation based on caste,religion,physically challenged etc.Reservation always have pros and cons but i want to show my views and point to prove reservation can abolish inequality in the society.Reservation was strongly opposed by the group of people who want to show  oppression on the weaker section of the society.The awareness of reservation as not reached lower part of the society.Reservation is not for bringing caste dominance but to lower the influence of the upper caste in the society. 

Every Indian youth in ignorance oppose reservation.Youth in India speak of open competition.I want to ask everyone whats competition?When a society has people inequal in many aspects then how can you held a open competition?Reservation provides a opportunity to bring people from social status,education,economy of lower caste to a position equal to upper caste.There is no second thought it remove certain percent of position of the upper caste.Over 60 years of independence the fruit of reservation can be seen in the state of Tamilnadu.A maximum amount of lower caste in Tamilnadu were economically uplifted.

Why Reservation On Education & Employment?

To understand the reason for reservation based on caste,we must take a in-depth view of  Caste in India.Over thousands of years Caste in India is divided based on the occupation and education.Based on which people are treated as discriminated,untouchable etc.Caste in India were basically divided on work they do as Brahmins to dalits.In ancient India you can identifying a person caste by just looking at a person.

Today position as changed every people belong to many caste as occupied many position in high rank.So you cant discriminate a person by just looking for that much South India as renewed by reservation in education.Reservation may be not removed caste from the society but provided enough opportunity for people from any caste.So people who speak against reservation do two things before talking against it?Look at the 200 years of Indian caste how people are toiled under the Brahmin's rule and Visit south India To see fruit of reservation(It doesn't mean I am dividing North and south India.There is less awareness about reservation and lack of reservation reaching lower caste In north so people object it)

David Vs Goliath:-

India is the nation of multiple caste we say Reservation doesn't provide opportunity for skill,talent,knowledge etc.A nation is strong when every part of the society develop equally.At present upper caste is like David and lower caste is like Goliath.Lower caste people are of huge mass but they fall prey to small size upper caste.So When Goliath defeats Davida until the reservation as to be provided.Then a fair open competition can be held were two people of two equal power can compete.              
What So Ever Limit Reservation for focusing?

Reservation as all aspect to be socialist approach to decrease the caste class difference.Any how reservation as to be fine tuned for that some changes as to be made.Some changes which i feel can bring sharp focus on weaker section.

  • Some more parameters as to be added to caste based reservation like limit the reservation for first generation graduates and employees,economic backward,special talent etc 
  • Strict law as to enforced who miss use reservation,Many make duplicate certificate as lower caste and avail reservation.
  • If a person or a family is uplifted by reservation then next generation should be removed from reservation.   
  • Reservation must be targeted and focused on correct people from doing we can bring new system to keep track of person who are availing reservation.
  • Reservation must be more time oriented after which it should motivate open competition based skill,talent,knowledge etc.
  • Many caste claim there are majority in each every state and ask for higher reservation so caste based census as to be taken with economic,social,education detail of each people.This will help government to concentrate reservation to correct portion of the society.
  • Every three years the criteria for reservation as to raised to some level for increase the standard of people. 

Reservation Best Reached Too:

Reservation as reached to lower caste are not many politician used it for political mileage.Many caste they show the self as deprived caste asking themselves as to move lower class in the reservation.This makes them to avail large benefits of caste and reservation.Caste-ism people benefit from reservation  by receiving repeated caste based reservation.Caste can be removed only every individual change them self but reservation leads the way to reduce the effect of caste and bring some social status equality.  
  I am not writing this article as writer alone but one of the fruit of reservation.My father studied because of reservation so my family uplifted but as second generation  me too got reservation so only little anger over on not time restricted.

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  1. still lower caste people still cant make it to the top post even tough they have adequate knowledge.. bcz higher caste people want their caste to occupy top post. best example.. mm.. meena kandasamy's mother in IIT


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