Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caste System in India:A Open Drainage!

India a nation of diverse culture not only that holds good but also a land of diverse problems.Caste is the most confused knot of all social problems.Religion is just a belief changes anytime of the life,but caste is a constant which don't change even occupation and social status changes.Caste is like pi,omega value simply a mere constant don't change in any situation.We can't change caste but we can eradicate caste from our society.we can't expect politician to talk about casteless society because they want people to be divided.

Every party in India are strongly backed by a caste.So they don't allow people to get united in casteless society because it difficult for minor caste party to remain in the politics.There dalit parties in India from north to south which project them self as voice of SC's and ST's.Since independence no changes as came to this section of people.Top leaders and politicians play caste politics to sustain in power and earn wealth.No equality in the society both economically and socially.

Any Educated youth had concern to know the impact Of Caste?

  • Denies Change of Occupation caste system most probably opposes the change of work.A SC and ST cant start doing a business,agriculture etc run successfully.Even today other than Brahmins cant enter temple goddess premises.
  • Untouchability most sinful act still in practice of the 21st century.Even today you cant find deprived part of the society cant enter temple premises and many maintain distance from the lower caste don't allow inside there house.
  • No unity caste system only increases the hate,anger but never create brotherliness.Still many people of different caste have different style of living.
  • Lack in Social Progress since caste is a age old system which are followed traditionally.So people find it difficult to accept the new ideal and scientific principles.
  • Democracy Failure India is the worlds largest democracy but everyday democracy fails.Even today you cant find a dalit candidate contesting in the non-dalit reserved constitution.
  • Women Slavery Caste system encourage child marriage and oppose remarriage.Women are treated only as sex machine.Caste system is like a Hitler fascism principle.No caste in India respect women rights and there feelings.           
  • Communal Violence Caste system keep on suppressing a section of people.It force lower caste people to take weapons in there hand.Naxalite,maoist etc movements are just a aggression of lower caste people on economic inequality.

Reservation As brought some changes in the society?

  • Brahmin role Declined today Brahmins eliminated from the superiority position,but problem varies caste within them show difference and oppress lower caste.
  • Social Change to some extend people walk freely,study in same class,move same bus etc.Even though we cant find this change in interior part of the world.
  • Economic raise about a major portion there is raise in the economic status of the lower and middle caste.

Still We need to walk-through long path to eradicate Caste?

  • Improve Education Only education can increase the think of the people and unite people.Caste system exist only because of ignorance within the people.Education can bring next generation new bloods without caste.      
  • Promote Inter-caste Marriage Government must provide special offers for people who does inter caste marriage.Inter caste marriage will change the next generation people without knowing caste.
  • Eliminate Caste Word Government must pass a law like untouchability to make caste a criminal word.No form or government policy must have caste oriented approach.
  • Economic Stability we need government economic policy to focus on overall development of all section of the people.
  • Eradicate Timeless Reservation We need to remove reservation after first generation receiving the benefits of reservation.Continuous is also a reason for caste development.
  • Nationalize We need to take tough decision by bring every temple,water,road's etc under nationalized policy.Which makes people accessible to all resources.


  1. a new type of untouchability.. economic untouchability..
    many people still sticking to caste groups, so reservation should continues otherwise our society will become as it was in 1940s..

  2. This article is informative, well-written and very interesting. I have truly enjoyed reading your own points of view and I agree with you for the most part. Now I have to think about this material.


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