Friday, April 27, 2012

^Communism In India:Need's United Operation^

Communism is always the principle of Mass and common man,But today communism is under a large depletion in world's largest suppressed country India.Communism can write new future in the world's largest democracy.Communism in India alone divided by more than 93 parties in which about 40 are banned organization.Communism must become more generalized and form new principles in accord with different culture,language,ethnic and class.Communism in India as to be remodeled with some valuable suggestion from my view.

Re-module Structure:-    

  • Every Communist/Socialist party in India as to come to a common forum and solve there ideology problem find a concert step for anti-imperialism,anti-capitalism principles etc.(Communist party everything as to be united in single line for stronger future world)
  • Communist ideology in India as to focus more centralized principles which makes people untied for a revolution and don't differentiate principle for different state.
  • Since India has diversified demography we need a concrete step for better principles.
  • India as largest working class but communism principle as not reached to major section of the people.
  • Communism as to generate younger budding leaders/comrades because for next 30 years youth are going to determine this nation.
  • Communism principle as to be propagandized in every corner of India.If we reach Mass it will become people's movement.
  • Communist leaders/comrades must be never post/position oriented,if its power r principle we must prefer principle first.(Because communist is the only principle for poor,working class etc.)
  • Communism principle as new problem to face in India,Caste.We must make a new strong principle which eliminate caste system(Red flag can fly high only when we eliminate caste etc.)
  • Communism as to find a alternative way for the religious view,basically communist are atheist but its reason for many prefer out communism(We must also spread atheist principles to showcase weakness of religion in society)
  • Communism also have to look into next phase of the world politics environment policy.Due to rapid climate change no rich gets affected only poor as too phase all problems.
  • Communism shouldn't confined within farmers,workers,student alone we need to move next phase were we must target common people,poor traders etc.
  • Red flag can't be hoisted without armed revolution which is a global principle but it difficult to run a armed revolution in diversified country like India.So Maoist must come for main stream politics many youth finds Maoist principle wrong since Maoist kills innocent people.
  • Communism find a methodology for united front which show people new path for working class and poor.
  • Same time communism principle should never differ from its global communism policy.
  • Communist must project with youth candidates for election,Old comrades must provide way for young brains.          
  • Communism must have list of problem to be solved in an order,we must keep on eliminating social step by step.
  • We don't need leaders confined within a locality,We need Che Guevara like leadership not giving voice only for India alone it should be global.
  • Communist should reach the large public by drama,revolution song,books etc.


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