Sunday, April 15, 2012

Education/Youth In India:A Cause For Change!

A Nation strength cant valued by its Armed,But by its youth and workforce.If we look at India post and pre-LPG  Education in India reached greater heights were today literacy rate India touches 75%. According to 2011 reports there about 1600 graduate college,1300 polytechnic,more than 1,00,000 schools in India.Its a greatest achievement of India after 1990 LPG technique.Indian youth are more required around the world.Indian youth as raised from strength to strength.Proud to Be Indian but feel ashamed to be Indian educated youth.

Post-1990 Education In India:


After 1990 opening the economy for west India say a drastic development in every sector.Indian Manufacture sector say a peak development.So there is a large demand for Indian educated youth in every sector.So educational institution say a great raise more private owned institution.After 2000,when new concept of free market with outsourcing arrived to India.Indian educational Institution became factories producing folks of working force,rather than creating future India.Indian Education Made Indian's just working machine.Indian private educational Institution earns about 5% of educational spending in India,but a report says about $70billion of money spindle around private institution illegally as capitation fee,management fee etc.Educational Institution are creating future of the nation but today became business hub.A service sector became a Investment sector.

Public School More worst than Private:


Government owned educational institution provide free education but lack of quality,infrastructure etc.Government school are pull down unqualified educators.In India about 30% of educational  Institution educators are vacant.Indian colleges can accommodate only 7% of the same age group students.Still rural India lack in primary school.Government  took 60 years bring compulsory education till 14 as fundamental rights and reservation for 25% of poor student.

What so ever Indian Education produce educated youth?


Even Education as become business its producing large amount of working force.Every year India produce about 6,00,000 engineers and more than 50,000 doctors. It looks great but there is no point to be proud of the fact.6,00,000 engineers but no patent,no invention,no discovery great,Indian engineers are only slave machine of money,outsourcing,foreign corporates etc.Its look like i am talking rubbish but it will create great impact like brain drain(Silicon valley of US run with Indian brain),Independent nation etc.Still lots of engineer problem of India are unanswered like agriculture,infrastructure etc.50,000 doctors every year on world largest hub of disease center.I am not blaming Indian youth but Indian government policy and Indian education system.

Youth be cause for change:


Indian education system can produce only machine not valued humans.Indian youths last the quality of thinking and creative skill.Indian education of rote learning and mark system must be changed.Indian government should bring a common pattern of education through out nation,common standard portion,new grading system(providing enough opportunities for extra curricular too.) etc.Indian new education patter must produce youth who can think for nation and produce invention.Indian government must fill the vacant 30% staff position,Start new institution in rural India,improve the knowledge and skill of educators etc.Government should start autonomous body to monitors activity of educational institute since large black money flow through education sector.Government every year must spent 5% of GDP for education modernization.Indian government must motivate more research works.Government must motivate women education(65% literacy)since only when women to come into working force India can develop fundamentally strong.Education subsidies must be more focused towards the weaker section.Government must produce more native jobs to avoid brain drain.Education must value talent and skill of the youth,it should create space for such activity and make specialize in it.   

"If a Society face problems everyday,it doesn't mean Economic Problem of the society but failure of education system"     

Advice for Youth:

We are born on a great nation there is no doubt about it but useless to keep on talking about past leaving our future.Its time for youths to take nation for next level.Every one born after 1990 should work for nation because India is a youthful nation with more than 60% of youth population.Our Education ruined us but we must think and dream for our nation future.If not now then never. Act Now,

                                      "Action"is a Best word-Che


  1. India is generating educated youth but not talented -by our Prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.This is a exact statement which suits to our Indian youth.

    We are getting education but not the employment.Still 270 million indians are illiterate.This is the reality,face it.

    1. We cant exact the reality just like we have to be cause for the change...........Government principle must change and people must change

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