I Am one in 99%=Ruled by 1%:A One SIded Wealth!

1247 billionaires,1 million millionaires,10 million land lords,1 million rulers jointly rule and suck the wealth of 7 billion people in the world.In name of liberalization,globalization,privatization,corporate,consumerism,imperialism,job opportunity,economic growth what change has arrived in world?Did everyone around you having three time meal?Is everyone leaving a happy life?Question keeps on multiply there is no full stop for it.Just mere 1 % of the people use 99% of people for there work.How can every government in the world can support this ruthless activity for centuries?I am writing this article as a communist comrade fighting for the common man in the world.I am going to show my view about economic mistake of the world.

Capitalism is Boss to provide Job?

Many  don't show opposition to current economic method due to which job opportunity is created.Ignorance makes even foolish thing a great innovation.Capitalism is a method in which you earn money ample enough but they get it back as twice the amount.Capitalism provide investment and job opportunity but its like providing braking dog with piece of meat.So for not seen side of capitalism let look into bad impact.........

  • Capitalist control the politics in the country to extract wealth using power.In democracy only capitalist determine the government to be formed.(Ex;-American government)
  • Capitalist encourage exploitation best example Iraq Invasion.Capitalist look for development they never settle down for something which make government to invade other countries.
  • Capitalism create imperialism(ex:-Afghan),oppression,slavery,puppet government etc
  • Capitalism encourage consumerism and reduce the tendency of reuse.(One time usage product)
  • Capitalism produce all type of inequality in the society(Gender,social,economic etc) 
  • Capitalism is a simple concept of one side accumulation of wealth,Simple term rich get richer and poor get poorer.
  • Capitalism basically based on consumerism market cant be stable.(ex;-Recession-2008)
  • Capitalism is always anti-environment.They destroy ecosystem to extract wealth.
  • Capitalist never provide job for local people usually extract work from undeveloped country for low labor cost.(Outsourcing in India)
  • Capitalism produce minimum profit for localized investment.So they encourage globalization to larger extended for sucking wealth.  
  • Capitalism fool the people in the name of God,Religion,Caste,Race,army,Military etc(No War in the world as taken place for betterment of the common people.World War-I & II are symbol of capitalist trying to capture other country market by colonialism and imperialism)
  • Capitalism generates more wars,Civil wars etc to bring a region or nation under globalization and colonization(Ex:Most of the civil wars in Africa) 

Globe Is a Soccer Ground for Capitalist?

World is not like 100 years back were capitalist can suppress the common people without any major opposition.Today common people have more awareness about capitalism dictatorship so capitalist derived new term for there ruthless activity as globalization,corporate,consumerism which is just mere name change for old concept of exploitation,colonization,imperialism etc....

  • Globalization is a concept of making indirect way for exploitation of wealth by capitalist.Government encourage this cheating activity because were they start a company income flow back to there home country.So capitalist pay revenue money as tax back to government(Hidden secret of America development is they encourage free market.American company spread all over the world but revenue flow back as tax.Ex:-Kfc,Mac donald,Wal Mart etc)   
  • Globalization use large human resource from undeveloped country for developed country.(Outsourcing In India.Indian Software Eng. account for more than 30% silicon valley activity but wealth accumulated for third party nation.)
  • Globalization in other side can be seen as natural resource exploitation from undeveloped nation by developed nation.(America capturing oil wells in Saudi,Iraq,Afghan etc)

"If Western Countries get cold then third world countries as to sneeze that is globalization"

  • Globalization as made even disease more globalized one were enormous industrialization and anti environment activity made new diseases every were in the world.
  • Globalization as destabilized culture and tradition in the native place.Globalization keeps on increasing the demand by developing consumerism.

 Wal mart one day revenue is the annual GDP of 32 Independent countries-Simple example of One sided wealth

Before the arrival of capitalism world runs correctly with Eco-System cycle but today capitalism as created Money cycle were we extract earth,use human resource,destroy environment,pollute for luxorious life of 1% people.Many In history as arrived to fight against the injustice meant to common man.

Simple Money Earn Cycle Of capitalist:

  1. They pay heavy salary and introduce unwanted attractive commodities.
  2. Invent unwanted item and resale the same product in different version.
  3. Discover new disease and open up new medicine
  4. Produce hybrid foods and increase obesity(people run behind Gym)
  5. Reduce public transport automatically increase private automobile industry.
  6. Every Matter in this world is master mind of capitalist for wealth accumulation.
  7. They are tons of matter from software piracy to smuggling all are for One sided wealth accumulation   
Occupy movement in America got significant were American's got realized 99% people work only for 1% of the people.The Most Meaningful line from a activist of occupy movement,


I looked in college.
I found debt. 
I looked to my parents.
I found debt and heartbreak. 
I looked at my friends.
I found grief and sorrow. 
I looked at the land.
I looked at my fellow humans.
I fund disease, debt, sorrow, dissonance, hate, greed, misery, AND NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. 
well. I CARE. an awful lot.

I AM THE 99%

            I wrote this article as one in 99% people.Most of Example pin pointed to America it doesn't mean we hate America.This article is against all developed and developing nation but America is Main because it's Father of Capitalism.We are Not against the American's only against the capitalist & government policy.Every Government must change its economic policy and work overall development of all people.


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  2. i understand we need to change our economic policy but isn't it your right to earn according to your capability. if someone became a billionaire or a multimillionaire because he/she worked hard and had the capability to do so, then why does everyone else criticize them of ruling us? they are just earning more and they have full right to do so and also they are contributing in country's GDP. And also i would like to ask everyone that why do we always compare ourselves to USA and then when we find ourselves lagging in some area, we criticize them. why don't u understand they got independence 250 years ago and we less than 70 years. look how fast, much and in short time we have achieved. we are going to launch a manned mission to space on our own in less than 10 years. we are still in our adolescence and are still learning and growing, so stop criticizing and start encouraging.
    AND I'M ONE OF THE 99%.

    1. ha ha ha ha your too innocent buddy....search net you can find occupy wall street movement taking place in Your dear U.S....I am not projecting my selfishness here on rich....I am saying that rich are outcome of exploitation over poor working class.............search net on wealth accumulation in india and income inequality....walk on the streets of India to know the reality.............I will spoon feed up with details search then you know how much it pain to see a world like this.....If you dont anything you please keep quiet rather than propagandizing flasehood..............Spiral

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