Monday, April 23, 2012

Indian IT Professional:Losing Identity?

Few years back when American president bush announced to sent back all Indian IT professional back home.Bill Gates reacted  stating that"I will switch over my Head quarters to India.".Every Indian IT professional roamed with great pride.Since then Indian IT & enabled sector saw a tremendous growth.IT sector alone contribute around 7.1% to GDP and employment opportunity for over 3 million people(incl BPO).There is no doubt IT sector promoted all other sector and pushed many families into upper middle class.American silicon valley runs with Indian brain.Great record great work great service to nation If i say like this i am doing betray to my nation.Everything is just for dustbin.Indian professional are literate fools.Don't even think about money mind behind this outsourcing.An Indepth analysis of  outsourcing master stroke.

  • In America a IT professional annual salary $50,000,but on India a professional receives $<7,500.Approx an American company complete its task with 3-6 Indian professional.
  • American know Indian mindset very well.Indian are selfish for money we can extract work from them for hours.(But we imagine Indian professional are top brains in the world)
  • American have largest patent rights in the field of computer science.So its foolish to consider America cant run without Indian professional.
  • American holds largest techno companies in the world from which innovation comes want larger Indian market to be capitalized.(Indirect income for America,So no changes in ban on Outsourcing in America)
  • American Companies in the form giving jobs to Indian youth entered India captured market to dump there product.India is just a new market for America.
  • America remains rich because of it's strong business companies who pour in money from different country.American companies made it impossible to do business without them around the world.
  • American Don't want to lose India because of large human resource and market cap.
  • Most of the Indian use only pirated version of the software,which major giants know very well they motivated to it also.Only reason for doing this American software market to be stable due to outsourcing  were available for low cost. 
  • American Companies earns plenty by low cost labor and reinvest in America to develop new sectors.
  • American incorporated a mighty cultural change by bring something like one time use,use and trow,version,fast eateries etc.
  • America slowly make dominance over the country policy and indirect imperialism over a country.
  • Make Indian to work based on American working hours.Indian IT professional work till late hours even 12-14 hours of a day.
  • American policy makes brain drain in India.
  • Its not only principle of America but all European nation doing outsourcing with India.

A Suggestion:

IT a great sector for development.We work for foreign clients instead of which if we invest our human resource in India.Still many sectors in India are need of technology.So if we direct our talent and human resource toward it we can become technology independent country.Our farmers suicide in thousand every year due to failure in crops.If we invest our brain to it we can solve it efficiently.During the starting we may make little earning but will develop our nation.Indian professional losing identity for just money.    


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    see the above link. this is the best example. our people r working by sheding their blood..

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