Thursday, April 5, 2012

Social Class Division Of the World:An Inequality!

Class is not a educational institute room for generating young brain's of the world.Class is a economic division between people in the society.Class division can wider the problem of the society.Class is the division of people based on the wealth,Income and asset.Class looks simple but it as in depth impact on the grass root people and economy.Class side-effect are so dangerous in wider aspect on overall society.

The rulers and administrators divided for a class based society for easy exploitation of work and wealth.In class division were mostly upper class people benefits.Lower class people are used as workers and peasants.Class are always constant which don't change substantial based the growth of a person.Because its simply when u move to upper class you will directly r indirectly push 20 people to lower class.

A person cant develop without keeping 10 people below in lower class.Class always have worst side-effect attached with inequality of the society.Generally class divide the society as three section  upper,middle and lower class.Upper class people are millionaires and billionaires in the world.Middle class basically white-collar job holders who work under the upper class people.Lower class are worker,peasants,farmers and labor people.

Upper class people account only 1-2% of the world population,But they earn 5% of world's Income.Top 20% rich earn 80% of the world Income.Middle class accounts for 40-50% of the world population.Half of the world lives in lower class.1244 billionaires revenue are $4.8 trillion and 14million millionaires account $68.4 trillion revenue.Just not even mere percent of the population earn about 20 % of the world's revenue.

Social Class Problem:-

Education Inequality:where people from upper class sent there children for boarding schools,but lower class people sent there children to state owned  schools.Where there is a education inequality between  higher skilled upper class children and lower skilled lower class children.This inequality wider the gap between social class far more than present level.

Health and Nutrition:Upper class get better health facility and peak nutrition level increase obesity.In case of lower class people poorer health facility and health care.Most of the disease spread across the world were among the lower class people.Infant mortality,cancer,malnutrition,Cardiac vascular diseases are major diseases spread across the lower class people.

Employment:Upper and middle class people will get larger benefits of job and employment opportunities.Lower class people enjoy only restricted to limited employment opportunities.

Law Inequality:Every government show special attention and special law for the upper class people,But strict law are enforced on lower class people.  

The result of class exploitation and awareness about bad effects of class as lead to occupy movement.The movement getting accelerate in all major cities around the world.The main motivate of the movement are in-equal wealth distribution,Improper asset,99% of the people work for 1% of the rich people.The main reason for writing this article I am one among the 99% people.   

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