Urban Slum In India:A Pocket of criminal activity!

When you walk around the city pavement if you get foil smell,half-naked children playing,street dog barking,No lights and thatched house then surely your crossing one of the slums in the cities of India.Slum a sub standard living place were people live below a normal human life.Every growth that city face will always enlarge slums in the developing nation.Every time the strong section of the city develops there will be weaker section getting enlarged due to migration of worker from rural to urban spot.Where migrant people get settled in the slums of city.

According to recent survey that about 1 billion people live in city slum around the world.It's estimated that about 73 million people live in the city slums of India.India has one of the world's largest slum in the world.Slums in India accounts worst living condition poor water,living condition,lack of sanitation,small half thatched houses etc.In busy city we don't have time to look at the slum's in our city.If don't look at the slum's in right time then one day it will epidemically affect the society.Government policy are enlarging the slum and keeping poor as poor.

Slums In India:-

 53 mega cities in India which as population well over 1 million population.On tally More than 30% of the population live in city slam.Since improper migration of people from rural to city as accounted major treat to the society.Most of the unlawful activity takes place in the city slam.The picture of Indian slum are poverty,garbage,unhealthy condition,illiteracy,unemployment etc.Slum in India are epicenter of underworld activity.Where most of the criminals hub are slams of India.

Due to lack of government policy reaching poor people in City and lack of future focus on poor in the economic policy.Since no concentration on poorer section in India.So people in slum to survive they become so vulnerable to anti-social activity.Many Anti-social activity like robbery,smuggling,drug traffic,payable killers,gun traffic etc.Slum also account for malnutrition,poverty,starvation etc.Slum is always the house of lower caste people in India.The people who does the layman job in the society.

Urban slam due to poor living condition were most disease originate and spread across the wide areas.Slums are used as pocket for local politics and urban usage.Slum fires are most common in India.The main reason for slum are political mileage of the local politicians.Children don't get proper education which may create panic by producing anti-social elements.In dharavi World's largest slum in Mumbai were 1 toilet is used be 1440 people.Its so pathetic scene can leave in the world.


Government must make utmost care on the grass root of the city.No one can survive in city without people in the slum's.Present policy are making rich richer and poor poorer.So we need to bring in the reform by providing houses,education,proper sanitation,drinking water,Every city mega city must have separate board to deal with slums etc.Slum are not only symbol of economic weakness but also vulnerable pocket of  criminal activates.So something as to done to solve the problem of the urban slums.      


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