Monday, April 23, 2012

World History Series:Human Evolution!

About 5 billion years ago in universe there is no solar system found in any form.Exactly around 4.5 billion years ago due to some universal activity small dust,stones,asteroids etc joined to form a ball of fire.There is another assumption to earth also its a broken part of sun.It took few million years to get cooled off forming a solid outer surface.Just gathering Mass the mass started to rotate around sun due law of attraction and gravitation.Around 4 billion years ago earth is just a mere solid surface without living life.It's just like a 7927 miles floating spherical rock.

Around 4 billion years ago excess of gas in the earth surface combined to form a liquid(water).Around 3.5 billion years ago a sock of dust may be DNA formed by a intense cosmic activity created a first living species below water namely bacteria.Bacteria is the origin of all species in the world.Over billions of years  bacteria changed shape and structure to form million of living organism.

Exactly 3 billion years ago photosynthesis living organism plant evolved.After plant aroused the plant earth came to livable form producing oxygen.Plant is the mother of all living organism.A billion years ago fish was a fully developed organism in the earth.Over fish underwent large changes producing amphibians,mammals etc.Finally king of extra-terrestrial animal dinosaurs evolved.Dinosaurs ruled the world over 200 millions of years.Finally they came to extinct when asteroids crush the earth surface.

Similar time mammals like monkey,mice evolved in the earth.Exactly around 70 millions years ago only mammals evolved in the earth.Over millions of year life changed human evolved as a hyper mammal.If we consider world evolution just mere 0.1% human history,But we endangered earth to extinct.Human evolution dating is just back around half a million years ago.

Evolution of human first took place in the world's darkest continent Africa.Midland of Africa is the heart land of human evolution.First evolved human are fully naked without any caste,religion,race,language discrimination etc.Most interesting fact of the evolution is that "The first evolved human is not male its female."An African female is the mother of human beings.

Darwin was to first person to prove we evolved from monkey.Darwin theory was well explained in the origin of species.            


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