Friday, April 27, 2012

World History Series:Long Walk!

Around 2 million years ago,Africa is the birth place of humans,animals etc.So human life are under heavy treat by animals.Humans are forced to live a life so cautiously.Any time death may occur  from any dangerous animals in the mid-forest of Africa.So humans had very sharp eyes and hear to monitor the movement of animals.When human started to raise there is more increase of danger.

So people started to look for new habitats and living space.So people started to walk in search of place to survive.It's a long way in civilization along with the neanderthal people.The people sub divided into many groups moved towards north.Many settled in the places which is suitable for the to survive,but still few continued there long journey.

The most attractive element of this long are the inter relation between the continents.People walked through different continent.Human's for years kept on moving from place to place.During there long walk the northern part is completed covered by ice.It took around 2,00,000 years to complete this long walk for different parts of the world.Around 60,000 years ago when people reached Asia they divided into two groups first headed towards present china and others headed towards India.

World was not looking same as now they had different geography location.There is misinterpretation that dinosaurs co-existed with human around the same time.Archaeologist had discovered that after dinosaurs wiped out only humans came to earth.Its a ancient finding that Asia was attached with the African continent.After a major seismic activity Asia separated from Africa.

Present Himalayas was under sea about 570 million years ago.It took around 300 million years to came to the present form.Carbon dating of dead animal found in Himalayas were aging back to 570 million years.Himalayas stopped its geographical changes only way behind 5 million years.Himalayas is the significant which saw drastic change in the earth.

People from Africa moved to different part of the earth.They settled along different vegetation based on which texture and behavior of the people changed.Long history of the world started from the long walk from Africa.      


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