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Caste Has Large Impact on Grass Root Rural India!

Caste has been over thousands of years hereditary problem in India.Today situation in Urban India as seen some changes,due to change in life style.Even though politician's play false game on caste Urban people got some awareness on ill-effect of caste.The major concern would be urban India were caste caste hub of the nation.Many in rural Indian fuel the caste system rigorously.We need to find reason how caste survive in rural India.  

1)Lack Of Leaders:

Every village in India has a leader or Richie.Everyone in village acct with direction from them,most of the situation they don't want village people to be united.So they motivate caste and to extract wealth from others caste help them a lot.Many of this local leaders don't have knowledge or vision,for them only there prosperity important. We need good village head who can unit people. 

2) Social Inequality:

Social inequality is the hate fullest expression of Caste System. Under Caste System, the whole Hindu society is…

Reason for Failure of Indian Agriculture?

India food bowl of the world.India has accounted largest agriculture nation in the world.The worst fact is that India can't feed its own 1.21 billion people.The fact doesn't stop here about last 10 years well over 2,00,000 farmers suicide,loss labor force,low production,share in GDP reduction etc.We need to find a solution to solve this problem otherwise future of Indian food print will become so weak.Some of the reason why farmers find's difficult to earn from most essential thing for survival.

1)Dependency on Monsoon

Indian agriculture is always at mercy of good monsoon.Government doesn't have great forecast approach to plan for bad monsoon season.No proper irrigation system and even poor maintenance of existing irrigation system.Government intention on power,road etc or not on irrigation system.

2) Liberal import of agricultural products

The recent globalization has relaxed the import policies of the government which has resulted in liberal import. Though it has red…

Carbon Footprint Of US President Transport

Government of assured 17% of co2 emission by 2020.Even before decide policy for cutting co2 emission,I think American president itself can cut co2 to great level.If we reduce transport contingent of US President,US can cut some amount of the co2 emission.

US President Transport Contingent:

Air Force One-1 no
Military 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
Plus Charter 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
C-17 Globemasters-2 no
C-141 Starlifters-3 no
Helicopters-2 no
Motorcade-19 no

Purpose Of Each Vehicle:

Air force one carry only President,Sectary of State,Defense Chief and principle sectaries.
Back Air craft used to transport elite Vip's,officials,advisers and media.
C-17 Globemasters carrying each one of the two presidents helicopters.
C-141 Starlifters Carrying about 250 security personals and motorcades of the president.
Motorcade Vehicle:-
President Limousine,Identical decoy limo,10 Chevy Suburbans,Ambulance,Police cars and support vehicle

Specification Of Each Vehicle:

Consider A President trave…

What Is Love?

Love most unexplained feelings which crosses every person life.Love is one thing which as different meaning in various department.If we look into dictionary for love-Its just affection and attachment between men and women.In scientific aspect love is something different and love is combination of biology,chemistry,physics,social & physiology.Love can be stated as old as humanity,Its one of the few thinks living on Earth even before caste,religion,country,race etc started.Love always been emotional and cheerful matter.

Always there is difference between Love,Lust and Infatuation:

Love is something which live with you every moment of your life.You can feel love.
Crush is just a sexual attraction and a sexual desire.
Infatuation is similar to Love&crush but wont sustain for a long time.

Biological   What's love?

Biology divides love into three types lust,attraction and attachment.We will have in depth analysis of each and outcome of it.


First type of love according to bio…

Periyar:A Modern Socrates!!!

E.V.Ramasamy a modern Socrates of India.Most beloved leader of many south Indian family.Today many achievement and ideology are forgotten about Periyar.Ideology of Periyar are most required to solve problems of India.We are here to brush up the 95 years ideology of  Periyar.Even though Periyar principles were concentrated towards Tamil,I think some of the ideology  can suite will for all.

Personal Profile:

Famously known as Periyar,Thanthai Periyar or E.V.R
Born on Sept 17,1879 in Erode municipal,Tamilnadu 
He held Chairmanship Of Erode municipality.
Died at age of 95-dec 24,1973.


Caste based reservation.
Women liberation.
Lower caste liberation.
Elimination Of caste name from surnames.
Minimize class conflict.   
Strict Resistance against Brahminism,superstitious belief,ignorance,baseless custom.

Periyar Ideology:

 On Women:

Man treats woman as his own property and not as being capable of feelings, like himself.The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlord…

Internet Pornography In India:A Pleasureful Disastrous Of Nation!!!

It's a article explicit to showcase some cultural change in India.Article written with intention to show how American culture affecting children and youth.I think something as too be done in order to change future of India.This article exclusive on pornography/Abusing contents affecting children.So before reading the article we openly declare that it may contain some adult contents excuse for it.

What is pornography?

Pornography an exclusive sexual subject matter published in Internet,books,magazine,photos,videos,art,painting etc for a business.Pornography a global business targeting large section of youth in adolescence age.Pornography as legal status in many countries and illegal done in other countries.Pornography a $60-70 billion Industry legally and $100 billion illegally.American's are largest producers of pornography in the world.Today global pornography market targets largest youth populated nation in the world-India.

Pornography In India:

Pornography as reached India …

5 Greatest Western Philosophers Of The World!

When Human evolution started people were behaving as they wish.Ancient human don't had any ethics and values.They had only two things as part of there life its food and sex.Ancient people plan for there food go for hunt and most of remaining time sex occupied major portion.People were ready to do anything for food and sex.It's point were history of war started for food and wealth accumulation.Women inequality started when men suppressed them for sex.Human sex feeling drive them very mad for many social evil.It's the time when philosophy started to occupy a specific role towards civilization.Western philosophy occupies most important position in pre Christ millennium.The most powerful philosophers are:


Born:460 BC
Philosophy:Western philosophy,Natural philosophy
Quotes:"It is better to destroy one's own error,than those of others."
Ideas:Theory of perception,Theory of Knowledge
Findings:According to Democritus,E…

Poverty Around The World

If you catch someone from any part of the world,ask him what you need for survival?simple answer money.Every living thing on earth work around the clock for there cavity below chest.Food as become a distance fruit for many on the earth.Everyday billion goes to bed without food,same time thousands of ton food wasted r rotten.Poverty must be driven out of the earth without any compromise.


Poverty never based on one parameter its a cluster of parameters to be considered for survey.About 25% of the people around the world live below poverty.It's approx 1.5 billion people around the world.The record doesn't project others are living happy life.Its around 1.5 billion people live in extreme poverty.Which is different from poor and middle class around the world.Every parameter considered for poverty are:-

Education:Education a key toll which can shape the young brains around the world.Education as to reach across all spectrum.Education is the only tool which can bring a subst…

10 Points About Plastics!

The amount of plastic used for one year around the world accounts 50,000,00,00,000.Plastics been damped into sea are got settled in coast around the world.Every minute 10,00,000 plastic bags are used around the world.India Stands first in usage of Plastic bags.Plastic bags are used for various purpose in India.Plastics are difficult to dispose,It takes around 300 years for plastics to decompose.Plastics has become part of day to day life,Plastic are part of culture.Plastics started to destroy fertile land,kill animals(fish,cow etc).Already plastics has poisoned water,rivers,lake,ponds etc.20 micron thickness plastic,8'*12' size down no plastic must be manufactured.Its been banned in India,but still in production.According to a report,12-18 % of the plastics goes for recycle.It's well over $100 billion business plastic industry. 

Shadow/Black Economy Of India

We talk about in Black money Swiz Bank,but how many of u know its being directed back into India.Our government don't want rich people to lose money,so only government as waited this much long time so that rich move there currency back into India.When government decided to seize swiz account there will be nil balance.Government will project zero black money.Let look into in depth analysis of black money,black economy,shadow government etc

Whats black economy?

It comprise of fake product,counterfeit product,smuggling,pirated,gambling,prostitution etc.List is too big for consideration.Black economy may multiple the individual wealth but it will destroy countries combined wealth.In India black economy size about 40% of the GDP.

Every year India government losing $500 billion of money due to black economy.If we stop this big hole itself we can make big time policy for the people.Black economy is spread like a virus in many sectors.Black economy demolish structure of economic system in…

Return To Public Sector Companies

Public sector is always the real asset of a country.In India public sector always means lose and poor management.It all happened after 1991 LPG economic policy of India.In order to promote private sector ,government started to show less interest in public sector company.Public sector company Once known as Gem of India are facing a great dip due to drastic development of private sector in India.Public Sector always determine the overall asset of a country.

In 1991,When government changed its economic policy,everyone stated that red tape and license raj increase corruption.It's clear if corruption during 80's for hundreds means now its for billion,so policy not a matter for corruption.I think its time for has to re look at the Public sector company.Public sector doesn't alone makes our economy strong,but also develop as a independent country.We think Chinese as our competitor but they are competing with US.I am not insulting our country but we need to restructure our countr…

India's Three Corner Part-I:Naxalite/Maoist

In dense forest on heart land of India's central and eastern parts a rapid bullet sound's are heard for a longtime.Naxal/Maoist movement are spread from naxalbari to northerns parts of Tamil nadu.The area covered under this state are so called red corridor.Many have came across Naxal/Maoist movement in there day to day life.Some thinks Naxal are dangerous blood hold terrorist organization who kill people,but there is a big socioeconomic problem behind the hidden agenda of Naxal/Maoist problem.May be there path of armed revolution looks so hard to recognize but some unexposed economic problems are there in the reserved forest of India.Lets have in depth analysis of so called left-wing extremist there principles,problems etc.

Who is Naxalite?

Naxal movement was started in the year 1967 under the leadership of Charu Majunmdar,Kanu sanyal and Jangal Santhal.Naxal movement started as a peasant upraise for redistribution of land to landless people in Naxalbari village of northern We…

Top 8 Deadliest Drugs in the world

Recreational drug as a long history in humanity.Drug history runs back to from origin of humanity.Drug substance was not first used for medicinal value.Drugs are more than 10,000 years old in human culture.In ancient time drugs are mostly used for recreation,pleasure,relax,stimulation and erection.Drugs are in use either one or another form over thousand's of year.Even today drugs are used for same purpose but intention of cultivation as changed a great deal.Illegal Drug traffic around the world funds armed revolution,criminal activity,underworld dons,political activity etc.

The Eight most powerful drug in the world not only by substance power but also by market value.

Chemical Name:benzoylmethylecgonine Preparation:Cocaine is obtained from coca plant(Natural method)synthesis cocaine is produced by using the chemical substance. Type: Stimulant Intake Routes:Topical,Oral,Insufflation,Intravenous History:Over thousand years its been in practice of indigenous people of south Am…

Top 7 Revolutinary Leaders:Who Changed the World/Worked For Humanity!!!

Life is simple.Some of the person looked simple but time changed there life so drastically.I am so glad to write about inspirational leaders whom everyone must admire for there extraordinary  revolutionary taught.I want everyone get inspiration from the extraordinary leaders who changed the world with there revolutionary taught.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Birth:29,Jan 1929
Nationality:United States
Place Of Birth:Atlanta,Georgia,U.S
Death:4,April 1968(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A Man who won't die for something is not fit to live"
Books:Why we can't Wait,A testament of hope
Legacy:A Icon of Civil Rights all around the world
Achievement:American civil Right's
Reward:Nobel Peace prize-1964
Timeline:Montgomery Bus boycott-1955
Against Poverty and Vietnam war-1968

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
Birth:14,Jun 1928
Place Of Birth:Rosario,Santa fe,Argentina
Death:9,Oct 1967(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A true revolution can be upraised only when there i…