Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caste Has Large Impact on Grass Root Rural India!

Caste has been over thousands of years hereditary problem in India.Today situation in Urban India as seen some changes,due to change in life style.Even though politician's play false game on caste Urban people got some awareness on ill-effect of caste.The major concern would be urban India were caste caste hub of the nation.Many in rural Indian fuel the caste system rigorously.We need to find reason how caste survive in rural India.  

1)Lack Of Leaders:

Every village in India has a leader or Richie.Everyone in village acct with direction from them,most of the situation they don't want village people to be united.So they motivate caste and to extract wealth from others caste help them a lot.Many of this local leaders don't have knowledge or vision,for them only there prosperity important. We need good village head who can unit people. 

2) Social Inequality:

Social inequality is the hate fullest expression of Caste System. Under Caste System, the whole Hindu society is divided into two broad groups, higher and lower castes. In a caste ridden society the higher caste people enjoy all the privileges while the people of lower caste suffer from all kinds of disabilities. It leads to social inequality between the two caste groups. This caste inequality is the root cause of casteism.

3) Social Distance:

Every Indian caste is basically known as closed group. Because it lacks mobility among the members. In every sphere, there is a great social distance between the castes. Caste System imposes certain restrictions on occupation, marriage, food, drink, social intercourse and so on. Therefore, one caste is socially different from the other caste in Rural India.

The members of own caste cannot touch the culture, religion, norms and values of other casts. Their outlook is only concentrated within their own caste boundary. As a result of which a strong caste feeling develops among them. This feeling gradually converted to casteism.

4) Illiteracy and conservatism:

Rural people are so illiterate and ignorant that they are very conservative and deeply motivated by narrow thought and superstition. They believe deeply in old customs, traditions, folkways, mores, norms and so on. The rural people are very orthodox in their nature. They oppose strongly to any change in society. Being influenced by the rigid customs and traditions, the rural people consider their own caste as superior. It gives birth to casteism.

5) Industrialisation and urbanisation:

Industrialisation and urbanisation are the two process of modernisation. These two processes encourage casteism in India to great extent. Due to the industrialisation, different types of factories and industries set up in different parts of the country. As a result of which the people of different castes work there and form various organisations on the basis of caste which results casteism.
On the other hand, urbanization drove the people from rural areas to the urban areas. People belonging to a particular caste got an opportunity to unite in large numbers in towns. As a consequence the people of different castes formed different associations to seek maximum benefits of the caste members and its leads to casteism in urban India.

6) Development of transport and communication:

In the past, lack of the means of communication hindered the growth of casteism in India to a great extent. But now-a-days, with the growth of transport, the members of a particular caste could easily assimilate each other and the bondage of caste between them grew stronger. Similarly, due to the development of mass media communication like post, telegraph, radio, television, newspaper and so on, the people of one caste could easily communicate with each other and strong their caste organization. All these lead to casteism.

7) Sense of Caste Prestige:

One of the important causes attributing to the growth of casteism in Rural India is the strong desire of the people belonging to a particular caste to enhance the prestige of their, own caste. But the prestige of caste can be maintained only when every opportunity is availed in order to improve the social statue of its member. In order to achieve this objective every caste provides its members with all possible privileges in order to raise their social status. This tends to increase casteism.

8) Marriage Restrictions:

Every Indian caste is basically known as endogenous group. By endogamy, we generally mean, marriage within the caste. Traditionally, Caste System imposes certain restrictions on the institution of marriage. Due to this restriction, the members of a particular caste are forced to marry within its own caste. Moreover, the members of one caste are linked in matrimonial relations; a strong caste feeling develops among them which lead to castesism.

 9)Penetration Of Hinduism:

Hinduism is responsible for birth of caste system in India.Hinduism penetrated rural India like virus.Superstitious belief of Hinduism helped for control of lower caste people by upper caste.When ignorance about Hinduism removed caste finds difficult to survive.         

Monday, May 21, 2012

Reason for Failure of Indian Agriculture?

India food bowl of the world.India has accounted largest agriculture nation in the world.The worst fact is that India can't feed its own 1.21 billion people.The fact doesn't stop here about last 10 years well over 2,00,000 farmers suicide,loss labor force,low production,share in GDP reduction etc.We need to find a solution to solve this problem otherwise future of Indian food print will become so weak.Some of the reason why farmers find's difficult to earn from most essential thing for survival.

1)Dependency on Monsoon

Indian agriculture is always at mercy of good monsoon.Government doesn't have great forecast approach to plan for bad monsoon season.No proper irrigation system and even poor maintenance of existing irrigation system.Government intention on power,road etc or not on irrigation system.
2) Liberal import of agricultural products

The recent globalization has relaxed the import policies of the government which has resulted in liberal import. Though it has reduced prices in the market, it has affected farmers as their products have become unprofitable. They were not given any protection and they had to stop production partly or fully. The government which had to give higher price for importing did not come forward to protect the farmers in reality.
3) Cutback in agriculture subsidies

The government reduced different types of subsidies due to the fluctuations in the market. According to Ram Chand, an economist, cutback in subsidy and control of fertilizers has adversely affected Indian agriculture. It increased the input cost and made agriculture less profitable. The central government budget keeps total silence about subsidy apparently since it goes against the regulations of World Trade Organization.
4) Lack of easy financial assistance to agriculture

Recently the lending pattern of Indian banks has drastically changed and as a result loans were not easily available for farmers. Another drawback was that the interest for the loan amount was not easily affordable. This has forced the farmers to rely on money lenders throwing their condition from the frying pan into fire. Consequently the expenditure on agriculture was pushed up beyond the bearing capacity of the farmers.
5) Decline in the Government investment in agricultural sector

After globalization, the government expenditure and investment in agriculture has been drastically decreased because of its policy of minimum intervention. The expenditure of the government in rural development including agriculture, irrigation, flood control, village industry, energy and transport declined from an average of 14.5% to 6%. The rate of capital formation of agriculture came down, and the agricultural growth also was much reduced affecting the lives of farmers very much.
6) Low support price for farm products

The farmers were affected from both sides, from the government side and from the market side. They were no getting remunerative price for their products. No effort was made for price stabilization.
7) Lack of food security

The public distributing system in the country is very poor aiming only at the vote bank. The poor security of food products has a very negative impact on agricultural market. India has starving. Yet food stocks are rotting in open storage places. Greedy middlemen are exploiting the situation. Hunger and malnutrition are forcing the poor Indians to despair and death. 

The situation of the Indian farmers is a call to the world at large to reconsider the effects of globalization. It is a call to the global family to come forward to a collective effort to come out of selfishness.

Source For Article:Internet source,newspaper,government reports and bablu taught's.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carbon Footprint Of US President Transport

Government of US.as assured 17% of co2 emission by 2020.Even before decide policy for cutting co2 emission,I think American president itself can cut co2 to great level.If we reduce transport contingent of US President,US can cut some amount of the co2 emission.

US President Transport Contingent:

Air Force One-1 no
Military 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
Plus Charter 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
C-17 Globemasters-2 no
C-141 Starlifters-3 no
Helicopters-2 no
Motorcade-19 no

Purpose Of Each Vehicle:

Air force one carry only President,Sectary of State,Defense Chief and principle sectaries.
Back Air craft used to transport elite Vip's,officials,advisers and media.
C-17 Globemasters carrying each one of the two presidents helicopters.
C-141 Starlifters Carrying about 250 security personals and motorcades of the president.
Motorcade Vehicle:-
President Limousine,Identical decoy limo,10 Chevy Suburbans,Ambulance,Police cars and support vehicle

Specification Of Each Vehicle:

Consider A President travels about 13,000 Km for a foreign trip.

747 Air Craft Burns-179,820 Liters.
Co2 Generated-395.5 tonnes
3-747 Air craft generates-1,186.5 tonnes

C-17 Burns Fuel-166,270 Liters
Co2 Generated-365 tonnes
2-C-17 Air Craft-730 tonnes

C-141 Burns Fuel-288,583 Liters
Co2 Generated-635 tonnes
3-C-141 Air Craft-1,905 tonnes

Motorcades 19 Vehicle travels 60 Km at 6Km/Liter burns fuel:190 Liters
Co2 Generated-0.4 tonnes

So for single trip of American President produce about 3,820 tonnes of Co2 emission.Its about per trip emission of co2.     

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Is Love?

Love most unexplained feelings which crosses every person life.Love is one thing which as different meaning in various department.If we look into dictionary for love-Its just affection and attachment between men and women.In scientific aspect love is something different and love is combination of biology,chemistry,physics,social & physiology.Love can be stated as old as humanity,Its one of the few thinks living on Earth even before caste,religion,country,race etc started.Love always been emotional and cheerful matter.

Always there is difference between Love,Lust and Infatuation:

Love is something which live with you every moment of your life.You can feel love.
Crush is just a sexual attraction and a sexual desire.
Infatuation is similar to Love&crush but wont sustain for a long time.

Biological   What's love?

Biology divides love into three types lust,attraction and attachment.We will have in depth analysis of each and outcome of it.


First type of love according to biology called lust.When a person see a opposite sex gets attracted by appearance.It's just a sexual desire stimulated by Testosterone and estrogen.Male's have lots of lust than female.Lust keeps on changing when someone better comes than previous.Testosterone and estrogen stimulate pleasure cells in brain for sexual desire.So only male's have keen interest on girls.


Second type of love which can be attributed as True love.Attraction just a focus on a Individual person for life long relation.Even this stage starts with lust only,but create commitment for single person.When you fall in love at this stage they very well stimulated by pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.Even though its true love stage it may cant end in marriage due social reason.It remains in your subconscious brain ever and last for life long.


Third is key for permanent bonding of love.Where two person gets married and give birth to a child.It's a life long love,but it can break due to social problems.Important reason for life long they are stimulated by higher level chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin which gives life long feeling of love.It depends on situation for attraction to end in attachment.Love touches once more but last life long.

Symptoms of Love:

Many say in romantic way that can't sleep without you and flying like butterfly.Its true really it takes physically in our body too,which can be considered as symptoms of love.The hero of all action inside our amphetamines which stimulates the brain pleasure center.Major symptoms that can be felt are high heart rate,loss of appetite,loss of sleep,feeling of excitement and increase in Nerve growth.

Psychological What's Love?       

Psychology says love as a triangular theory in which love is combination of three stages.Intimacy in first stage were two person's share there personal and classified matters within them.During second stage of commitment in which mate's search for a life long Relation.Passion is a sexual desire for the opposite sex.Basically human psychological works this way towards love.Love is complete combination of all three stages.

Other views on Love?

Love is just a force of attraction between two opposite sex and a social activity.Evolutionary theory suggest that love is key for survival of humanity. A person view on love may vary according to growth and social background.Today love are based on social,physical and surrounding factors.Caste,religion,race,nation etc determine permanent attachment for a person even though they are in love.What so ever love touches one time but lost life long.(some person can argue that love will any number of time,but it depends only psychology and social factor of a individual.)We can marry someone else in life but first love will live ever in our memory,Since we are not machine to wipe out everything from brain.

Source For Article:-Human Evolution,History of love,History of Sex,Robert and Helen fishers theory,Internet sources and Bablu taughts.     

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Periyar:A Modern Socrates!!!

E.V.Ramasamy a modern Socrates of India.Most beloved leader of many south Indian family.Today many achievement and ideology are forgotten about Periyar.Ideology of Periyar are most required to solve problems of India.We are here to brush up the 95 years ideology of  Periyar.Even though Periyar principles were concentrated towards Tamil,I think some of the ideology  can suite will for all.

Personal Profile:

Famously known as Periyar,Thanthai Periyar or E.V.R
Born on Sept 17,1879 in Erode municipal,Tamilnadu 
He held Chairmanship Of Erode municipality.
Died at age of 95-dec 24,1973.


Caste based reservation.
Women liberation.
Lower caste liberation.
Elimination Of caste name from surnames.
Minimize class conflict.   
Strict Resistance against Brahminism,superstitious belief,ignorance,baseless custom.

Periyar Ideology:

 On Women:

  • Man treats woman as his own property and not as being capable of feelings, like himself.
  • The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlords treat servants and the high-caste treat the low-caste. These treat them so meaninglessly only in situations mutually affecting them; but men treat cruelly and as slaves, from their birth till death.
  • Women in India experience much worse suffering, humiliation and slavery in all spheres than even the untochables.
  • To give man freedom of sexual selection, and to permit him to take as many wives as he like, gives rise to promiscuity.
  • If the man has the right to claim a woman, then a woman also should have right to claim a man. If conditions are imposed for the worship of man by woman, let there be conditions imposed for the worship of woman by man.
  • Women liberation takes place only when Male chauvinism fails. 

On Rationalism:

  • Man is considered superior to other beings in this world, because he has limitless capacity for knowledge, People in other lands have advanced greatly, utilizing this knowledge. But our countrymen owing to lack of use of this knowledge, are abjectly deteriorating. Stating that ours is a land of enlightenment, we build tanks and temples; in other lands, men fly in sapce and amaze the whole world.
  • What we need today is growth of knowledge, in order to advance in every field. Knowledge should have its sway.
  • It is through rationality that man's longevity has been increased and his mortality has been significantly reduced.
  • Any opposition not based on rationalism or science or experience will one day or other, reveal the fraud, selfishness, lies and conspiracies.
  • Wisdom lies in thinking. The spear-head of thinking is rationalism. 
  • Capitalists control the machinerys. They create difficulties to the workers. Consequently rationalism, which has to lead the way for peaceful life to all, has resulted in causing poverty and worries to the people because of dominating forces.
  • You cannot expect any rational thought from a religious man. He is like a rocking log in water.
  • There is no use of simply acquiring titles or amassing wealth if one has no self-respect and scientific knowledge.
  • Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the Brahmins. It is a wise deed?

On Self-Respect:

  • We are fit to think of `Self-Respect' only when the notion of superior ans inferior caste is banished from our land.
  • He who does not care for dignity, is no better than to a prostitute, however highly educated he is. His education will only endanger those that care for dignity.
  • The aim of genuine Self-respect movement is to change whatever appears to be adverse to man's feelings of self-respect.
  • Man must remove by himself his feelings of inferiority, the feeling that he is lesser born than other beings, and attain self-confidence and self-respect.
  • Man must hold his personal respect and dignity as precious as his life.
On Social Reform:

  • To discard what is unwanted, and to retain what is needed, is what reform means.
  • Social reform cannot stand apart from politics, nor can politics stand apart from social reform. politics exists only for human society. Every political activity is only for social good. Constitutional law and defense are made only for society and in accordance with social good.Tentative and superficial changes here and there, in the same name of social reform, will not bear fruit. The present social set-up should be destroyed as its very base, and a new social order, free from caste and class, should be created.
  • Whom so ever I love and hate, my principle is the same. That is, the educated, the rich and the administrators should not suck the blood of the poor.
  • The proper task of social reform is to remove poverty from society and to ensure that people do not sell their conscience to make a living.

On Science:

  • Look at the enormous change in our life today. Our comforts in daily life have vastly improved. Formerly, we had only the bullock cart. Now we have such modern comforts as the locomotive, the motorcar and aeroplane. We struck flints to make a fire, but now, the pressing of a button makes a thousand electric lights burn. Our people understanding, despite so much change in life, remains just as it was a thousand years ago!.
  • Even those, who some time ago believed all the stories about God, that is who believed that divine power exist, have now come to be so ashamed of there own belief, that hiding there ignorance, they are now struggling heard to prove those stories as scientifically true.
  • He who first created fire with the help of flints, was the "Edison" of those days. There after, we advanced step by step and we now have fire through electricity. Thus, change is natural and inevitable, and no can one stop it.
  • A big change should come about in our country on the food front. We must certainly discover a chemical product as substitute for rice. We first used steam power, with the help of fire, to drive an engine. Then kerosene, crude oil, petrol, electricity for power. In a like manner, the human engine, without being driven by huge intake of food, can be activated by and made to subsist on some fine source of energy, similar to electricity. 
  • Hereafter, even human birth will be rare. Similarly death rate also will decrease. Man can easily live for a hundred years on an average, no one will have more than two children. There will be no correlation between sexual relationship and child-birth.

On Education:

  • Only education self-respect and rational qualities will uplift the down-trodden.
  • It is dangerous for people to support scriptural pundits as using burning stick to scratch an itching scalp; they have no alternative means of livelihood; and therefore we should be ever watchful in out contact with these pundits.Why should anyone, in the name of caste, be considered lowly or be made to do a mean job?. If all in the country are given education, can there exist a caste for doing mean work?. It is not because of lack of education that those people are constrained to do contemptible work and are considered lowly?Students should not waste their school life, as it is very, very precious. Their mind should not be distracted by any event out side. Particularly, students should not participate in agitations.

On Literature:

  • A Literature that concerns itself with knowledge of Nature, which is common to all, and is for remove from religion and God, and a literature that is to do with irrefutable science only by these can a language and its Letters be enriched and only by these can people become enlightened.
  • The importance of a book depends only on its measure of usefulness and not on its creator or and its divine quality and wonderful nature or on its literary or grammatical dimensions.
  • Literature should nurture culture and inculcate noble qualities in the people.
  • What is literature for ? How should literature be ? What can be called literature ? Why should it exist ? My view is that it should not only help man to live, but also be conducive to the progress of society.
  • Our thoughts of literary renaissance should always centre themselves and the removal supertition, meanness, indignity and ignorance. 

On Co-Operation:

  • The aim of co-operation is to serve and help others.
  • Who do spend wastefully, without thought. If we carry on our life through co-operative means, only one eighth of our present expenditure will be incurre. What remains can be helpful to seven more persons. If the conditions of our nation are not changed, it is certain that our life will soon come to ruin.The earlier principle of induvidualism should give place to that of co-operation.
  • Man, by virtue of his reason, has drawn up many plans for social co-operation. These cannot be executed by an induvidual. Necessarily, there must be help from others.
  • If the principle of co-operation established in a proper manner in our country, then society will be free from the cares and anxieties of the morrow and will be enabled to live a lifee of peace, joy and contentment.
On Economics:

  • Many crores of rupees are squandered in this country by way offering gratitude to God and bribing Him to gain greater and greater wealth.
  • It is of equal importance that people should be freed from social as well as economic evils.
  • If I were a king, even for a short While, I would first of all make a law, imposing the death sentence for squandering wealth weddings. I will say that the wasting of wealth is a major disease that affects India.
  • Wealth is the common property of the world. All the people have a right of enjoy it, as their own. They have a common right to it, as long as they live; So also they have a responsibility to preserve it.
  • Day by day, mankind is going towards a climate in which people are devoid of the good traits of decent conduct, honesty and a commitment to fairness. The abolition of the right to property is the only remedy.

On Socialism/Communism:

  • What should be done, If everyone is to have enough food?If none consumes more than what is needed, then, there will be enough food for all
  • Though my aim is to demand economic equality, I believe that coveting other people's properties is an act that is worse than economic inequality.Therefore, It is the Government that should divide equitably by Law.
  • A single person should not have a vast-accumulated position of land. A time will come when land will be distributed equally to all. If we cannot bring about the time soon we should remain as path-finders in this.
  • Capitalism should be destroyed at the root, if the cares and worries of the workers are to be put an end to.
  • The aim of offering succor to poor is only to help to eradicator poverty from society, and not to create sluggards, by the offer of alms to one here, and another there.

On Character:

  • Fair conduct is that which gives no pain to anyone.
  • Those who are guilty of misconduct, fraud and knavery, under the guise of public life should never be spared.
  • If a nation is to prosper, her people should have good character.
  • Only during his student life can conduct easily inculcated in man.
  • We should conduct ourselves with others, in accordance with what we expect of others in this regard; what we think others should do unto us and what kind of conduct towards us that we look for from others. That alone is good character.

On Marriage:

  • Married couple should behave to each other like bosom friends. In any matter, the bridegroom should not have the vnity that he is the husband. The bride also should behave in such a manner as not to think of herself as her husband's slave and cook.
  • Married couple should not be hasty in bringing forth children. It will be good if children are born at least three years after the marriage.The terms `Husband' and `Wife' are inappropriate. They are only companions ad partners. One does not slave for other. They both have equal status.
  • It is enough, if the man and woman sign and declare at the Register's Office that they have become companions for life'. Such a wedding on the basis of a mere signature has more dignity, advantage and independence.
  • Marriage does not concern the wedding couple only. It is linked with the progress of the nation. 

On Youth:

  • The Youth are like children. They are captivated by the immediacy of a situation. They are not aware of what is to come in the future. They are attracted by what is see. Wherever there are drawn to them, and when these disappear, they simply forget them.
  • Mere enthusiasm, courage and a sense of sacrifice alone will not do in the youth. The youth can be of service only when they have capacity to discriminate the good from bad, the possible from the impossible, and to reflect and ponder dispassionately.
  • The period of youth is a dangerous and a highly inflammable one, and so it should be carefully safeguarded.
  • Young man should be bent upon putting an end to all the religious and superstitions and fraud.

On Caste:

  • If our people do not consent to bring about reforms in caste, religion, habits and customs, in what other way can freedom, excellence and self-respect be ushered in?
  • In a land of freedom, can the citizens be SUDRAS? Can there be religions, epics and laws that consider the citizens untouchables, salves, sinners and menials ? Think and act !
  • The caste-system that teaches notions of superiority, inferiority, high and low, depending on birth, should be scotched at the very base.
  • The constitution at present is not conducive to eradication of caste. It deems it as contrary to fundamental right, at the same time, it also prohibits communal ratio as it considers it class-hatred. To say that caste can exist but not the privilege on the basis of caste, is the worst of all deceptions.
On Miscellanea:

  • Why should the divine power of God disappear if the image of God is seen by some? Why should God and temple be defiled if some go there? Why should God die if some touch His image? Why should God, with the same name and image, have different powers, according to the places where He is?
  • The image of God in such places as Banares, Puri and Pandaripuram do not 'die' when touched by anyone. Those who go to these temples offer worship by doing all the ceremonies themselves. But why do the same-Gods 'die' only in Tamilnadu, if they are touched? Thus, why do the powers of Gods and their lives, and the reputation of temples vary from place to place?
  • Only he who spends according to his means, without borrowing, will be a rich man.
  • A good family is that which does not spend beyond its means. Its expenses should be carefully husbanded. Such a family is a dignified family.
  • He who serves by adopting the principle of being useful to others in this worldly life, and causes no pain to any one else, does not need a separate religion.
  • Character is more indispensable in social life than devotion to religion. To act as you speak and to speak as you act, is the criterion for character.
  • Religious devotion is for the individual. Character is for all. There is no loss if there is no devotion. Everything is lost if there is no character.  
  • The laborer-employe system should go. The system whereby a worker remains a wage-earner in a job, instead of being a partner is slavery.
  • The duty and the responsibility of a rationalist is to thoughtfully and promptly carry out his actions, in fraternal affection, without considering country, language, God, religion and caste. 
  • Without any reason or basis, untouchability has been created as a result of caste. It is foolish to think of abolishing untouchability, in the face of the continuance of caste.

On Society:

  • Helping the poor, we must be able to remove their poverty. By extending help to one here and one there in the form of providing food will not remove poverty.
  • Why should there be high caste and low caste in the country of India, which is said to have gained independence. Can any one say that things could go on only when there is high caste in the country? Can it be argued that the high caste Brahmins alone are people with sterling character.
  • If god is the root cause for our degradation destroy that god. If it is religion destroy it. If it is Manu Darma, Gita, or any other Mythology (Purana), burn them to ashes. If it is temple, tank, or festival, boycott them. Finally if it is our politics, come forward to declare it openly”.
  • The word ‘Sudra’ which means ‘Son of prostitute’ should not find a place even in the history hereafter. We will not allow it to find a place in the dictionary or encyclopedia.
  • Our country would be considered to have gained independence only when the villagers are completely rid of god, religion, castes, and blind beliefs. South India is quite different from the North in many respects. It is a distinct and separate State of Dravidian race.
  • Man is equal to man. There should not be exploitation. One should help the other. No one should harm anybody. Generally there should be no room for grievance or complaint from anybody. Everyone should live and let others to live, with a national spirit.

Periyar principles are hard to digest,but most required for 20th century modern India.Even UNESCO described him as"The prophet of New age,the Socrates of south east Asia,Father of social reform movement and arch enemy of Ignorance,superstitious,Meaningless custom and base manners. "Greatest philosopher of India. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internet Pornography In India:A Pleasureful Disastrous Of Nation!!!

It's a article explicit to showcase some cultural change in India.Article written with intention to show how American culture affecting children and youth.I think something as too be done in order to change future of India.This article exclusive on pornography/Abusing contents affecting children.So before reading the article we openly declare that it may contain some adult contents excuse for it.

What is pornography?

Pornography an exclusive sexual subject matter published in Internet,books,magazine,photos,videos,art,painting etc for a business.Pornography a global business targeting large section of youth in adolescence age.Pornography as legal status in many countries and illegal done in other countries.Pornography a $60-70 billion Industry legally and $100 billion illegally.American's are largest producers of pornography in the world.Today global pornography market targets largest youth populated nation in the world-India.

Pornography In India:   

Pornography as reached India to a such extent even in assembly MLA watch porn.Leaders who had to stop penetration of pornography itself fall pray for it.Blue film most reached word than pornography in India.Every day more than 100 blue film are produced in India.About 70 % of Internet users visit at least one time porn site a month.since development of 2G,3G and Internet opened a new market for pornography in India.Today most of the school going student  use mobile with which they just share pornography.Rapid technology development as made under adolescence children getting into new world of sex.The most valued fact there is no difference between girls and boys.

Funny Fact:

  • Most of the porn stars as only fake breast.
  • Most of the erection in porn movies are produced by injection.
  • They are paid up heavily to fool u up.
  • Most of the video projected as real video are all porn start or prostitute video.
  • Porn star use drugs to get excitation and take big ones inside.   

Impact On India:

  • Children of age between 13 to 18 were targeted and they fall pray for it.Children enter a new world which they don't understand in that age.
  • Pornography business in India banned so its only taking place illegally.It's add to our black money.
  • Pornography a main source which motivates all sexual violence against the women.
  • Internet users in India are hunger for porn in Internet.Every year porn,sex is the most searched word in Google.
  • There about 4-5 million porn website all over the world.
  • India male and female spent hours alone watching porn according to report.
  • Availability of Internet makes them to chat,social,message with unknown stranger share there sex interest. 


  • It affects our economy as everything related to porn are illegal.(Black market)
  • Children who are below 19years watch porn movies force them  try to get pleasure of sex.Which forces children to masturbate,homosexual,try sex with friends and even to prostitutes. 
  • When children get pleasure of sexual feeling,they get addicted to it.Addiction to pornography creates stress,mental instability and bad attitude etc.
  • There is a greater chance of DSM(Diagnostic statistical mental disorder)
  • Many children lose there virginity before they complete education.Most pathetic of all many get pregnant too.
  • Even for producing porn movie they want new girls for each film,so they force girls into pornography and prostitution.
  • Indian porn lovers view mostly small age group girls and boys in sex,so there is significant increase in share of children pornography.
  • It destroy culture of a society and create madness for sex forcing social and sexual crime.
  • It may even have impact on after marriage sex life. 
  • Force them to select other pleasure methods also smoking,drinking and drugs.


Over three thousand years back,when rest of the world indulged in homo sex,Family sex etc.In India sex as been adored as most purist form of love for attaining god.Ancient India glorified sex,every guru kulam taught sex to student.Even women had school to know what is sex and purpose of it.Kama sutra one world's finest book on sex written by Indians.Kama sutra as been source for many sex education through the world,but in India we don't have sex education.A nation which taught the world art of sex must have sex education.Sex education can only make children to select good and bad.

Government can't block all porn website form India,since most of the server outside India.At least they can direct law towards protecting girls from forced prostitution.

Children come under this problem only due to over freedom like mobile,excess Internet,money etc.I think even both parents working as made children to over come idealness they move into sex world.

We can reduce porn watching activity by closing Internet as soon as our work over,diverting mind over other matter. 
Parents and teachers monitoring children are key for children in order to avoid pornography in there life.      


If we have abused or irritated anyone by this article sorry.We taught its a great social problem which as to answered.For one's pleasure many girls forced into pornography and someone else earn money.Finally affecting only viewers mind and body only.We have to do something for stopping this American forced culture into our society.It's in hands of parents to protect children and future of nation. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 Greatest Western Philosophers Of The World!

When Human evolution started people were behaving as they wish.Ancient human don't had any ethics and values.They had only two things as part of there life its food and sex.Ancient people plan for there food go for hunt and most of remaining time sex occupied major portion.People were ready to do anything for food and sex.It's point were history of war started for food and wealth accumulation.Women inequality started when men suppressed them for sex.Human sex feeling drive them very mad for many social evil.It's the time when philosophy started to occupy a specific role towards civilization.Western philosophy occupies most important position in pre Christ millennium.The most powerful philosophers are:


Born:460 BC
Philosophy:Western philosophy,Natural philosophy
Quotes:"It is better to destroy one's own error,than those of others."
Ideas:Theory of perception,Theory of Knowledge
Findings:According to Democritus,Everything happens in the world related to atoms.A disorderly arranged atom produce cosmos. 
Died:370 BC
Honor/Memorial:Laughing Philosopher/Thrace University named after Democritus/father of Modern
Books/Works:The great world ordering,The great Diacosmo
God Father(Influenced by): Leucippus(Natural philosophy-atomic structure)


Born:341 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Place:Archonship of sosigenes  
Philosophy:Western Philosophy,Social Philosophy
Quotes:"Nothing is enough for man to whom enough is too little"
Ideas:Physical theory,Social theory
Findings:Epicurus philosophy,all based on good and bad are derived from pleasure and pain.Pleasure is only due to absence of suffering.
Died:270 BC
Honor/Memorial:School of Epicurus/Epicursim
Books/Works:37 works on Nature,2 quote book
God Father(Influenced by): Pamphilus(A Platonist)


Born:469 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Philosophy:Western social Philosophy
Quotes:"By all means marry,If you have good wife,you'll become happy;if you get bad one,you'll become philosopher."
Ideas:Socrates methods,Ethics
Findings:If you have a problem break it into serious of question then you will find a answer for it.
Died:399 BC(Death sentence for polluting youth.A cup of poison given by guard)
Honor/Memorials:Father of political and modern philosophy
Books/Works:Socrates works are attributed only in Plato "Socrates Dialogues"
God Father(Influenced by): First social philosopher of Greek.


Born:427 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Philosophy:Western social philosophy
Quotes:"At touch of love everyone becomes poet"
Ideas:Political philosophy,realism,society
Findings:According to Plato,More than democracy "A philosophy king" is better.A person who can think of future decide correct for people.
Died:348 BC
Books/Works:Alcibiades series,Symposium
God Father(Influenced by): Socrates(Plato who described the Socrates final stage of life.)


Born:384 BC
Era:Ancient period
Place:  Stageira,Chalcidice
Philosophy:Western social and scientific philosophy
Quotes:"At the best,man is the noblest of all animal;separated from law and justice he is the wrost."
Ideas:Physical,biological and ethics
Findings:Aristotle philosophy are universal philosophy,he described the 5 elements,motion,optics etc.Aristotle implemented "philosophy king" concept of Plato through Alexander the great.
Died:322 BC
Honor/Memorials:Influenced Islam,Christian philosophy
Books/Works:Corpus Aristotlicum
God Father(Influenced by): Plato

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poverty Around The World

If you catch someone from any part of the world,ask him what you need for survival?simple answer money.Every living thing on earth work around the clock for there cavity below chest.Food as become a distance fruit for many on the earth.Everyday billion goes to bed without food,same time thousands of ton food wasted r rotten.Poverty must be driven out of the earth without any compromise.


Poverty never based on one parameter its a cluster of parameters to be considered for survey.About 25% of the people around the world live below poverty.It's approx 1.5 billion people around the world.The record doesn't project others are living happy life.Its around 1.5 billion people live in extreme poverty.Which is different from poor and middle class around the world.Every parameter considered for poverty are:-

Education:Education a key toll which can shape the young brains around the world.Education as to reach across all spectrum.Education is the only tool which can bring a substantial permanent change in poverty.Every year 69 million children dropout from there school.Education as not reached to the global poor.Quality of education as to be improved.Still billions of people don't get proper quality education due to strong divide between urban and rural.Many African countries ranks very low in education.

Sanitation:Sanitation is a key parameter for determination of poverty.Since access to proper sanitation avoids many epidemic and contiguous disease.Over the years poor sanitation is source for mosquitoes and dozens of virus.According to a report,around 2.5 billion people around the world don't have proper sanitation.Many people around world does there loo-loo matter in open place.India ranks first in poor sanitation,even many African nation have better sanitation than India.

Drinking Water:Most valuable and costlier liquid on earth,indispensable for survival on earth.Many economist predicts world war-3 is going to be for Water.Water is becoming so scares and many pay for the natural resource.Approx 2.5 billion people don't have access to clean water.UN must take action for extension of fresh water to deserted places in the world.Water scarcity is spread widely across the globe.

Health Facility:Most of the people around the world don't avail proper medical facility.Since health facility reach as great difference between rich and poor.Weaker section of the society as less health care and facility.Poor are becoming target of most deadly and epidemic disease.Every day thousands die due to HIV/AIDS,Malaria,TB etc.Only reason they don't have access for proper medical facility.  health facility is so weak in every part of global rural.

Housing:It's key for secure living on the earth.Many people don't have roof over there top.Many immigrant people live in tented and street side.It's well over 1.5 billion people don't have shelter to live.Even many more find difficult to live under all climate.Most of the such people are migration people.

Economy:Money most unavoidable matter for life on earth.Most of the measurement about people's economy are calculated with per day earning.If we consider <$1.25/day then about 1.2 billion people below this line.On 2nd condition we consider <$2/day means approx 3 billion people nearly half the world.It's due to unequal distribution of wealth across the globe.

Food: Every day food inflation touches new high,because of which people under spent most of there money for food itself.At same time tons of food are wasted all over the world.

Extreme poverty is just cluster of every parameter.When we consider from 1981 position of 52 % poverty we got reduced to 25% across globe.We must have a principle to bring down poverty to zero.       


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Points About Plastics!

  1. The amount of plastic used for one year around the world accounts 50,000,00,00,000.Plastics been damped into sea are got settled in coast around the world.
  2. Every minute 10,00,000 plastic bags are used around the world.
  3. India Stands first in usage of Plastic bags.Plastic bags are used for various purpose in India.
  4. Plastics are difficult to dispose,It takes around 300 years for plastics to decompose.
  5. Plastics has become part of day to day life,Plastic are part of culture.
  6. Plastics started to destroy fertile land,kill animals(fish,cow etc).
  7. Already plastics has poisoned water,rivers,lake,ponds etc.
  8. 20 micron thickness plastic,8'*12' size down no plastic must be manufactured.Its been banned in India,but still in production.
  9. According to a report,12-18 % of the plastics goes for recycle.
  10. It's well over $100 billion business plastic industry. 

Shadow/Black Economy Of India

We talk about in Black money Swiz Bank,but how many of u know its being directed back into India.Our government don't want rich people to lose money,so only government as waited this much long time so that rich move there currency back into India.When government decided to seize swiz account there will be nil balance.Government will project zero black money.Let look into in depth analysis of black money,black economy,shadow government etc

Whats black economy?

It comprise of fake product,counterfeit product,smuggling,pirated,gambling,prostitution etc.List is too big for consideration.Black economy may multiple the individual wealth but it will destroy countries combined wealth.In India black economy size about 40% of the GDP.

Every year India government losing $500 billion of money due to black economy.If we stop this big hole itself we can make big time policy for the people.Black economy is spread like a virus in many sectors.Black economy demolish structure of economic system in India.In order avoid tax many hide there wealth from government.

How Black Money Generated?

Its just approximate Value but value may be higher than projection specified here,

Import:-About 10-20% of the import are moving into Black economy.The projection lies between 20,000 crore -40,000 crore.Smuggling also the major contribution under this sector.
Public Projects:-Most of the project delays in this sector are due the money corrupted.Nearly 20% of the money as black money.Estimation between 60,000 - 80,000 crores.
Housing  & Service:-Most of the black money comes from this branch due to non-billing and hiding of wealth.30% of the money approx 3,00,000 crores.
Subsides:-Every rupee Indian Government spent as subsides in which only 15 piase are spent for the cause.50,000 -70,000 crores.
Industrial Output:-Production output are hidden secret of every country to avoid tax.nearly 1,00,000 crores are locked every year in this sector as black money.

Where is this Black Money?

If you think black money in Swiz bank then your in 20th century come back to 21st century.Rich people in India are genius.when government started to talk about black money itself they started to route back money.Simple way back policy FDI.Most of the money invested in India as FDI are Indian rich people black money converted as white through FDI.It's true most of the money are routed from Maldives,Mauritius etc.Its already back into India,but for bring more money into India corporates ask for more FDI.

Now with whom this Black Money?

Real Estate:-Major share of black money move into real estate since its hot cash exchange.Most of resident complex,mall,theaters etc are from Black money.Government fix land value low but selling and buying taking at 100% higher rate.
Investment:-Finance sector a key place were black money routed.Construction sector is the combined black money of many.
Gold:-Gold most secure asset which can be transacted into any currency of there value.Gold most powerful investment for black money.
Politics:-2009-2010 congress party spending Rs 525.97 crores and BJP Rs 261 crores(according to auditing report).Election commission found that last 5 assembly election each party candidate spent around 25-50 crs.Its around 1000 assembly total estimate 4,000 crs of Black money.The cost value change for MP Election.The sum value may touch 10,000 crs.
Film Industry:-An estimate say that about 60% of the movie are produced with the black money.Every year 1000 films are released in India.An estimate of over 1,000 crs black money flow in to Film Industry.
Cricket/IPL:-Most of the Ipl spending are kept secret from public.75,000 crs of Bidding taking place   in IPL5.Everything bidden are black money.             

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Return To Public Sector Companies

Public sector is always the real asset of a country.In India public sector always means lose and poor management.It all happened after 1991 LPG economic policy of India.In order to promote private sector ,government started to show less interest in public sector company.Public sector company Once known as Gem of India are facing a great dip due to drastic development of private sector in India.Public Sector always determine the overall asset of a country.

In 1991,When government changed its economic policy,everyone stated that red tape and license raj increase corruption.It's clear if corruption during 80's for hundreds means now its for billion,so policy not a matter for corruption.I think its time for has to re look at the Public sector company.Public sector doesn't alone makes our economy strong,but also develop as a independent country.We think Chinese as our competitor but they are competing with US.I am not insulting our country but we need to restructure our country from basic.We are not independent for jobs to military equipment we are dependent on other countries help.If American stops outsourcing then 60% of IT sector gets affected.

Lets look into a classical example how public sector works in China.China our most competing counter part on other side of Himalayas a independent communist nation.I think we must learn how public sector can be converted into profit organization from China.If we consider top 150 companies in China most of them are public sector where majority of share are under government.If we look into glimpse of  Chinese economic development we can find many truth.

  • Every year China's Economic Development touches 9%
  • Chinese holds 18% of the global consumer market(Even India holds equal amount global consumer market.)
  • Chinese products as replaced many American product in the global market.
  • Chinese just pushed Japanese to third place and came second largest economy After US.

Now we can see there economic principles within public sector company which we must learn to implement in our public sector companies. 

  • Public sector companies are  managed by top business management people,Even though Government as major share in the company.There will be no interference from Government.
  • Every level of organization are inter linked and untied approach.
  • They Invest lot in R&D development of the company.
We can see even in many other countries the raise of public sector company.Since public company are combined wealth of the nation.

  • Even 3/4 of the world's largest oil company are Public sector companies.
  • World's largest natural gas company Gazprom,Russia is a public sector company.
  • Even major developing countries as taken public sector as main weapon Brazil,China,Venezuela,Russia,Cuba etc 

We believe after 1991 LPG we have reached this position and development,But its a wrong assumption entire world running behind public sector.I think its time to show restructure policy for public sector company,otherwise in future we must face occupy wall street type movement in India.We must bring all mining,road,public transport,tele communication,water resource,infrastructure activity under public sector.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

India's Three Corner Part-I:Naxalite/Maoist

In dense forest on heart land of India's central and eastern parts a rapid bullet sound's are heard for a longtime.Naxal/Maoist movement are spread from naxalbari to northerns parts of Tamil nadu.The area covered under this state are so called red corridor.Many have came across Naxal/Maoist movement in there day to day life.Some thinks Naxal are dangerous blood hold terrorist organization who kill people,but there is a big socioeconomic problem behind the hidden agenda of Naxal/Maoist problem.May be there path of armed revolution looks so hard to recognize but some unexposed economic problems are there in the reserved forest of India.Lets have in depth analysis of so called left-wing extremist there principles,problems etc.

Who is Naxalite?

Naxal movement was started in the year 1967 under the leadership of Charu Majunmdar,Kanu sanyal and Jangal Santhal.Naxal movement started as a peasant upraise for redistribution of land to landless people in Naxalbari village of northern West Bengal.Naxalite is the communist revolutionary movement to hoist Red flag in India.Charu Majunmdar spread communism to every part in the coastal region of India.Naxalite has strong political party system as communist party of India(Marxist-Leninist).

Maoism is based on the principles of Chinese Communist comrade Mao.Maoism came to force due to the merge of Maoist center of India and Communist party of India(Marxist-Leninist) in Early 2004.Maoist have similar ideology of over throwing of imperialism from India.Maoist spread there ideology across the tribes and poor peoples of Eastern Coast.

Ideology Of Naxalite/Maoist:       

Naxal's and Maoist have both global and local ideology to deal with weaker section of the people.Naxal/Maoist global principles are most recognized ideology.They are

Armed revolution for  over throwing the government of India forming Communist State.
Its Class War to eradicate class difference of rich and poor.
To stateless society for more united India.
To stop Imperialism through Guerrilla warfare.

Local Principles are concentrated towards the local people in and around the Naxal/Maoist operative centers.Local principles are more directed towards the reforms oriented for the people.they are

Stop mining in the tribal areas of India by corporates.
Stop evacuation of tribes from Forest.
Allow tribes to use forest resource.
Stop Police atrocities over tribal people.
Motivate pro-people stand on poor. 

According to principles what they are doing is right.Killing people is considered as a sacrifice for there principle.They want neglected section in the development to voice for right's.Funding for Naxalite activity are provide by native people,looting police armory,robbery from land lords and communist organization around the world.

 Naxal/Maoist presence:

So called left wing extremist are spread around 6 states of India covering 1/3rd of the nation.They have strong presence in more than 100 administrative districts of India.According to BBC report there are about 20,000-50,000 armed carders and 1,00,000 carders affiliated with them.They are well equipped with SLR,LMG,AK-47,Grenades,Motors etc.Maoist use most sophisticated state of art explosive IDE and Semtex.

Naxal/Maoist Vs Government:

Over 45 years Naxalite successfully operated in India.It's so sad that our Government can't able to find Issue and method they handle to reach large mass of people.Naxal/Maoist affected states and rural areas are great example of how government as still failed to reach grass root people.Naxal movement is not just bush raised day before yesterday,It's 60years failure of Indian democracy.Naxal/Maoist principle reached people more easily as they more concentrated weaker section of the people who are suppressed by economic development and caste.Over 60 years of Independence India government failed to ask problems of weaker section which as largest concentration.

Government failed to address the needs of the tribal people In the eastern ghats.Eastern ghats covers large amount of forest and also its the mineral bank of India.Over 60 years Government as given permission to many corporates to extract ore from the area without knowledge of the native people.Government allotted mining area with condition to provide job for local,develop infrastructure in surrounding areas,Increase standard of living,Protect environment etc.It's a reverse effect after corporates enter the place they force native people to evacuate,No development etc.Government show no intention for people after allocating mines to corporates.

Native tribal people are more forest resource oriented,so when government forest official ban them from using forest,fire there house,rape women only force them to take weapon in hand.Naxal/Maoist success can be seen from there people friendly approach which govt as to do.Naxal divide the land with landless people.They work with people built house,school,infrastructure,educate etc.They does all work that government as to do with the people of the area.Naxal principle of classless society are key ideology attract people.

Thinks to Consider and Change:

Since i wrote it doesn't mean i am supporting there armed revolution against the innocent people,But i support there ideology against corporates,Imperialist etc.They are not terrorist without an defined ideology.They spent there entire life armed for people roaming in the dense forest in India.I don't feel any wrong selfish intention behind it.It's not matter we support naxalite or not but we need to look into the status of the tribal people,poor,native,mining,corporates spread across the area.If we look into life of the people around mining areas they are affected by skin diseases,drinking water polluted,agriculture failed due to pollution,no jobs,chased away from native place,Forest resource demolished etc.

If look into latest lokayutha report,For every ton of iron ore mined in India government earns just a royalty of  Rs 27 and private corporate companies earn Rs 5,000,Its still worse in bauxite,copper etc.In addition to that  there is illegal mining also taking place around the area.Don't anyone feel its day robbery in-front of our eyes,We talk about 2G scam does anyone dare to talk about this corporates.Still worst this corporates every years tax exemption also last years 5 lakh cores tax exemption for corporates.  

Another report say that 60% of rural Indian people live there life below 35rs/day and urban people below 66rs/day.Even Asian bank report says that rise in social inequality in India as to be taken in concern otherwise this will increase instability in the country.

Government as to take some decision on policy/principles/structure:-

  • Government must issue new mining license only to public sector company to avoid looting from private corporates.
  • Government must give share in the public sector mining company for local tribal people of the area.
  • Government must spent a section of the profit for development of infrastructure,education,living standard of locality.
  • Government official and police must reach to grass root people and if any official  behaves wrong with people government must punish them heavily.
  • Government must provide education local people in the area.
  • Most important of all government must bring land reform act to redistribute the landless people with lands.
  • Government must motivate women and lower caste in economic development.
  • Since Indian urban is developing under constant face government as to concentrate more on rural area.
  • Government should provide more power tribal people to make use of forest.More than forest official only tribal can protect our forest so efficiently.
  • Government must control the activity of corporates in India.Many corporates development is more than development of India.
  • Government must form a standing committee to deal already running mines and effect of them in the locality.
  • A special cell as to be formed to deal with grievance of tribal,peasant,poor etc.         
  • Future economic policy of India should be oriented towards classless society.

Conclusion but not the End:-

Government must stop armed operation against the naxal since they are ideology rebels for every single killed ten raises.So its government duty to bring naxal to mainstream of politics.Since violence is a double side knife kills both side.Naxal method of approach may be wrong but there ideology most needed across India so they must join main stream fight with the people.Class,caste,Religion killing people already if naxal to join that worry list then naxal will lose there support from people.So It will confined as tribal revolt so naxal/maoist must drop there weapon implement there ideology fight in mainstream of politics.I am supporting naxal or not secondary if you want to know pain of tribal people than just see james cameron avatar movie same think happens in eastern ghats of India.There is no difference just it takes place in a new world.We can't oppose one side alone Naxal and police both as killed innocent people so its duty of both to silence there weapon.Let affected people voice heard a loud through out the world.Naxal are not Internal Security treat but a symbol of socioeconomic problem of weaker section.      

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 8 Deadliest Drugs in the world

Recreational drug as a long history in humanity.Drug history runs back to from origin of humanity.Drug substance was not first used for medicinal value.Drugs are more than 10,000 years old in human culture.In ancient time drugs are mostly used for recreation,pleasure,relax,stimulation and erection.Drugs are in use either one or another form over thousand's of year.Even today drugs are used for same purpose but intention of cultivation as changed a great deal.Illegal Drug traffic around the world funds armed revolution,criminal activity,underworld dons,political activity etc.

The Eight most powerful drug in the world not only by substance power but also by market value.


Chemical Name:benzoylmethylecgonine
Preparation:Cocaine is obtained from coca plant(Natural method)synthesis cocaine is produced by using the chemical substance.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Topical,Oral,Insufflation,Intravenous
History:Over thousand years its been in practice of indigenous people of south America to consume Coca leaf.After arrival of Spanish Cocaine reached across the globe. 
Effect Time:1-2 hr
Usage:Alertness,euphoria,erection,sexual activity,power
Side-Effect:Physiology damage,Stress,depression,akathisa,nervous problem
Routes To Market:Caribbean,Mexico,Chile(Through bags)
Market Value:$100-$400 Per gram/World Black market value-$85 billion
Legal Status: Controlled Drug/Banned in many countries


Chemical Name:delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Preparation:Marijuana are produced from the dried flowers and steam of female cannabis plant.
Type: Cannabis
Intake Routes:Oral,Smoking,Inhalant
History:Cannabis were used well over 3000 years in south Asia.They are also found in Romania.Cannabis spread from south Asia to rest of the world through trade practice.
Effect Time:1 hr
Usage:Chemotherapy,AIDS,Vomiting,pain killer
Routes To Market: India,Myanmar,China(Sea and land)
Market Value:$20-$150 per gram/World black market-$145 billion
Legal Status:Banned in third world countries.


Chemical Name:Morphine
Preparation:Opium Contains 12% of Morphine.After Alkaloid are extracted from opium poppy they are treated with alcohol and organic solvent to extract pure morphine.
Type: Narcotics
Intake Routes:Inhalation,Insufflation,Oral,Intramuscular
History:In 1804-Freidrich Serturner from Germany discovered morphine from opium,Later in 1827 morphine came commercial as alternative for alcohol.
Effect Time:2-3 hrs
Usage:Acute pulmanory edema,Sever pain
Side-Effect:Respiratory disorder,renal failure,asphyxia
Region:Afghanistan,Arab nations
Routes To Market: Through Africa and Thailand
Market Value:$10-$250 per gram/World black market-$70 billion
Legal Status:Controlled Drug/Banned in third world countires



Chemical Name:Nicotine
Preparation:They were extracted from tobacco plant leaf.They were dried and grained to get small tobacco dry leaf.Tobacco leaf as to be cured.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Smoking,Oral,Chewing,Vaporized
History:Tobacco as long history over 1000 years,Tobacco as used in different culture in various periods in history.Tobacco doesn't have a specific year of origin.
Effect Time:2 hrs
Routes To Market: Entire world
Market Value:$1-$10 World market-$200 billion and World Black market-$61 billion
Legal Status:Widely recognized drug used in all form.



Chemical Name:Diacetylmorphine
Preparation:Heroin is a derivative of morphine.When morphine extracted from opium poppy is synthesized with diacetyl produce Heroin.
Type: Narcotics
Intake Routes:Inhalation,oral,Intramuscular
History:1817-Alder wright synthesized morphine to produce Heroin.
Effect Time: 15-25 min
Usage:surgical painkiller,terminal illness,painkiller
Side-Effect:Decrease Kidney function,dependence,mental weakness
Routes To Market: Malaysia,Singapore,India
Market Value:$50-$1400 per gram/World Black market-$72 billion
Legal Status:Prohibited Substance/Banned in any form of trade


Chemical Name:Methamphetamine
Preparation:Meth is prepared in wide range of synthesis process.Preparation is highly dangers since it contains corrosive and flammable chemicals.Most widely used synthesis ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes: Oral,Smoking,Injection,Inhalation,Suppository
History:1893-Japanes chemist Nagai Nagayosh.Its widely used in world war-II.
Effect Time:8-10 hrs
Side-Effect:parkinson disease,Meth mouth,Sexually transmitted diseases.
Routes To Market:Mexico
Market Value:$50-$500 per gram
Legal Status:Prohibited Substance/Banned to produce in lab.


Chemical Name:Alcohol Family
Preparation:Ethanol hydration,Fermentation,Modern process
Type: Depressants
Intake Routes:Oral
History:Oldest drug in the world which is in still existence.Most of the old method alcohol are by fermentation process.
Effect Time:6-7 hrs
Usage:Recreational drug,Sexual activity
Side-Effect:Birth defects,cancer,Metabolism
Region:Entire world
Routes To Market:Every trade route
Legal Status:No ban



Chemical Name:3,4 methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine
Preparation:Safrole a black oil substance extracted from root bark or fruit of sassafras tree.This substance is synthesized with the chemical substance to form MDMA
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Oral,Sublingal,Renal,Injection
History:1912-Anton kollisch first synthesized MDMA.MDMA was widely used by the American army.
Effect Time:6-10 hrs
Usage:Physiotherapy,Reduce fear
Routes To Market:Mexico
Market Value:$7.6 billion dollars
Legal Status:Prohibited drug/No rights for production.

Drug are most recreational one which can relive the pain of a man only for short period of time.Drug not only destroy personal health but also economic structure,Tradition,culture,life style etc.The Good example of such activity is Russia were large number druggist get addicted everyday.Its a affected Russia internally so heavy.Most of the drug destination are pointed towards Russia.So Say no to drugs to protect our future.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 7 Revolutinary Leaders:Who Changed the World/Worked For Humanity!!!

Life is simple.Some of the person looked simple but time changed there life so drastically.I am so glad to write about inspirational leaders whom everyone must admire for there extraordinary  revolutionary taught.I want everyone get inspiration from the extraordinary leaders who changed the world with there revolutionary taught.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Birth:29,Jan 1929
Nationality:United States
Place Of Birth:Atlanta,Georgia,U.S
Death:4,April 1968(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A Man who won't die for something is not fit to live"
Books:Why we can't Wait,A testament of hope
Legacy:A Icon of Civil Rights all around the world
Achievement:American civil Right's
Reward:Nobel Peace prize-1964
Timeline:Montgomery Bus boycott-1955
Against Poverty and Vietnam war-1968

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Birth:14,Jun 1928
Place Of Birth:Rosario,Santa fe,Argentina
Death:9,Oct 1967(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A true revolution can be upraised only when there is a true feeling of love "
Book:Motorcycle Diary,Guerrilla Warfare
Legacy:Guevaraism,Youth revolution icon of the world
Achievement:Cuban revolution,Congo & Bolivia revolution
Reward:100 most influence people of 21st century
Timeline:Motorcycle journey entire South America-1950
Minister of Industries,cuba-1961


Mahatma Gandhi

Birth:2,Oct 1869
Place Of Birth:Porbandar,Gujarat
Death:30,Jan 1948(Assassinated at 79)
Quote:"An Eye for eye makes world blind"
Book:My Experiment with truth
Legacy:Gandhian Ideology,Nonviolence Crusader
Achievement:Civil Right's in South Africa,Indian Independence
Reward: Father of India
Timeline:Civil Right's-1914
Quit India-1940


Vladimir Lenin

Birth:22,Apr 1870
Nationality: Soviet Union
Place Of Birth:Simbrisk,Russia
Death:21,Jan 1924(Died at 54,stroke)
Quote:"A lie told often becomes the truth"
Book:What is to be done?,State and Revolution
Legacy:Leninism,working class icon
Achievement:Russian Revolution,Soviet Union Formation
Reward:First Comrade of Communism
Timeline:October revolution-1917
Soviet Union Formation-1922



Abraham Lincoln

Birth:12,Feb 1809
Nationality: United States
Place Of Birth:Hodgenville,Kentuchy,America
Death:15,Apr 1865(Assassinated at 56)
Quote:"As i would not be a slave,so I would not be a master.this express my idea of democracy "
Book:Life and Public service,Wisdom and wit
Legacy:Mastermind of Democracy,Democratic Icon
Achievement:Abolition of Slave
Reward:Crusader against Slavery
Timeline:President of US-1861
Emancipation Proclamation-1863


Nelson Mandela

Birth:18,Jul 1918(still alive)
Nationality:South Africa
Place Of Birth:Mevzo,South Africa
Quote:"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Book:Long walk to freedom,The struggle in my life
Legacy:Anti-Apartheid Icon
Achievement:Democracy in South Africa,Black People Right's
Reward:More than 250 awards
President of South Africa-1994    

Karl Marx

Birth:5,May 1818
Nationality:No Concrete nationality(Basically German)
Place Of Birth:Trier,Kingdom of Prussia
Death:14,Mar 1883(died at 64)
Quote:Religion is the opium of the people
Book:Das Capital,Communist Manifest
Legacy:Marxism,Communism,Socialism,Father of working class
Achievement:Communist Ideology
Reward:100 Most influential people of the world
Timeline:Communist Manifest-1848
Das Capital-1867

History of humanity saw many leaders but only few leaders principle survived over years.I think this 7 leader's principle will survive till end of humanity.They are most exemplar leaders who gave there entire life for humanity.Most of the leader in the list are brutal Assassinated.Legacy of such great leaders as based over centuries.I think 21st Century missing such leadership whom worries about entire humanity.Let legacy of such leaders bring changes in Billions of people.

                                       "Wake up to be next leader of humanity"     


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