Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Points About Plastics!

  1. The amount of plastic used for one year around the world accounts 50,000,00,00,000.Plastics been damped into sea are got settled in coast around the world.
  2. Every minute 10,00,000 plastic bags are used around the world.
  3. India Stands first in usage of Plastic bags.Plastic bags are used for various purpose in India.
  4. Plastics are difficult to dispose,It takes around 300 years for plastics to decompose.
  5. Plastics has become part of day to day life,Plastic are part of culture.
  6. Plastics started to destroy fertile land,kill animals(fish,cow etc).
  7. Already plastics has poisoned water,rivers,lake,ponds etc.
  8. 20 micron thickness plastic,8'*12' size down no plastic must be manufactured.Its been banned in India,but still in production.
  9. According to a report,12-18 % of the plastics goes for recycle.
  10. It's well over $100 billion business plastic industry. 


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