5 Greatest Western Philosophers Of The World!

When Human evolution started people were behaving as they wish.Ancient human don't had any ethics and values.They had only two things as part of there life its food and sex.Ancient people plan for there food go for hunt and most of remaining time sex occupied major portion.People were ready to do anything for food and sex.It's point were history of war started for food and wealth accumulation.Women inequality started when men suppressed them for sex.Human sex feeling drive them very mad for many social evil.It's the time when philosophy started to occupy a specific role towards civilization.Western philosophy occupies most important position in pre Christ millennium.The most powerful philosophers are:


Born:460 BC
Philosophy:Western philosophy,Natural philosophy
Quotes:"It is better to destroy one's own error,than those of others."
Ideas:Theory of perception,Theory of Knowledge
Findings:According to Democritus,Everything happens in the world related to atoms.A disorderly arranged atom produce cosmos. 
Died:370 BC
Honor/Memorial:Laughing Philosopher/Thrace University named after Democritus/father of Modern
Books/Works:The great world ordering,The great Diacosmo
God Father(Influenced by): Leucippus(Natural philosophy-atomic structure)


Born:341 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Place:Archonship of sosigenes  
Philosophy:Western Philosophy,Social Philosophy
Quotes:"Nothing is enough for man to whom enough is too little"
Ideas:Physical theory,Social theory
Findings:Epicurus philosophy,all based on good and bad are derived from pleasure and pain.Pleasure is only due to absence of suffering.
Died:270 BC
Honor/Memorial:School of Epicurus/Epicursim
Books/Works:37 works on Nature,2 quote book
God Father(Influenced by): Pamphilus(A Platonist)


Born:469 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Philosophy:Western social Philosophy
Quotes:"By all means marry,If you have good wife,you'll become happy;if you get bad one,you'll become philosopher."
Ideas:Socrates methods,Ethics
Findings:If you have a problem break it into serious of question then you will find a answer for it.
Died:399 BC(Death sentence for polluting youth.A cup of poison given by guard)
Honor/Memorials:Father of political and modern philosophy
Books/Works:Socrates works are attributed only in Plato "Socrates Dialogues"
God Father(Influenced by): First social philosopher of Greek.


Born:427 BC
Era:Ancient Greek Civilization
Philosophy:Western social philosophy
Quotes:"At touch of love everyone becomes poet"
Ideas:Political philosophy,realism,society
Findings:According to Plato,More than democracy "A philosophy king" is better.A person who can think of future decide correct for people.
Died:348 BC
Books/Works:Alcibiades series,Symposium
God Father(Influenced by): Socrates(Plato who described the Socrates final stage of life.)


Born:384 BC
Era:Ancient period
Place:  Stageira,Chalcidice
Philosophy:Western social and scientific philosophy
Quotes:"At the best,man is the noblest of all animal;separated from law and justice he is the wrost."
Ideas:Physical,biological and ethics
Findings:Aristotle philosophy are universal philosophy,he described the 5 elements,motion,optics etc.Aristotle implemented "philosophy king" concept of Plato through Alexander the great.
Died:322 BC
Honor/Memorials:Influenced Islam,Christian philosophy
Books/Works:Corpus Aristotlicum
God Father(Influenced by): Plato


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  3. Ho Aristotle can think of Christian philosophy when Christ was born 360 years later?? The whole content is to be verified and validated.


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