Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carbon Footprint Of US President Transport

Government of assured 17% of co2 emission by 2020.Even before decide policy for cutting co2 emission,I think American president itself can cut co2 to great level.If we reduce transport contingent of US President,US can cut some amount of the co2 emission.

US President Transport Contingent:

Air Force One-1 no
Military 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
Plus Charter 747(Back Air Craft)-1 no
C-17 Globemasters-2 no
C-141 Starlifters-3 no
Helicopters-2 no
Motorcade-19 no

Purpose Of Each Vehicle:

Air force one carry only President,Sectary of State,Defense Chief and principle sectaries.
Back Air craft used to transport elite Vip's,officials,advisers and media.
C-17 Globemasters carrying each one of the two presidents helicopters.
C-141 Starlifters Carrying about 250 security personals and motorcades of the president.
Motorcade Vehicle:-
President Limousine,Identical decoy limo,10 Chevy Suburbans,Ambulance,Police cars and support vehicle

Specification Of Each Vehicle:

Consider A President travels about 13,000 Km for a foreign trip.

747 Air Craft Burns-179,820 Liters.
Co2 Generated-395.5 tonnes
3-747 Air craft generates-1,186.5 tonnes

C-17 Burns Fuel-166,270 Liters
Co2 Generated-365 tonnes
2-C-17 Air Craft-730 tonnes

C-141 Burns Fuel-288,583 Liters
Co2 Generated-635 tonnes
3-C-141 Air Craft-1,905 tonnes

Motorcades 19 Vehicle travels 60 Km at 6Km/Liter burns fuel:190 Liters
Co2 Generated-0.4 tonnes

So for single trip of American President produce about 3,820 tonnes of Co2 emission.Its about per trip emission of co2.     


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