India's Three Corner Part-I:Naxalite/Maoist

In dense forest on heart land of India's central and eastern parts a rapid bullet sound's are heard for a longtime.Naxal/Maoist movement are spread from naxalbari to northerns parts of Tamil nadu.The area covered under this state are so called red corridor.Many have came across Naxal/Maoist movement in there day to day life.Some thinks Naxal are dangerous blood hold terrorist organization who kill people,but there is a big socioeconomic problem behind the hidden agenda of Naxal/Maoist problem.May be there path of armed revolution looks so hard to recognize but some unexposed economic problems are there in the reserved forest of India.Lets have in depth analysis of so called left-wing extremist there principles,problems etc.

Who is Naxalite?

Naxal movement was started in the year 1967 under the leadership of Charu Majunmdar,Kanu sanyal and Jangal Santhal.Naxal movement started as a peasant upraise for redistribution of land to landless people in Naxalbari village of northern West Bengal.Naxalite is the communist revolutionary movement to hoist Red flag in India.Charu Majunmdar spread communism to every part in the coastal region of India.Naxalite has strong political party system as communist party of India(Marxist-Leninist).

Maoism is based on the principles of Chinese Communist comrade Mao.Maoism came to force due to the merge of Maoist center of India and Communist party of India(Marxist-Leninist) in Early 2004.Maoist have similar ideology of over throwing of imperialism from India.Maoist spread there ideology across the tribes and poor peoples of Eastern Coast.

Ideology Of Naxalite/Maoist:       

Naxal's and Maoist have both global and local ideology to deal with weaker section of the people.Naxal/Maoist global principles are most recognized ideology.They are

Armed revolution for  over throwing the government of India forming Communist State.
Its Class War to eradicate class difference of rich and poor.
To stateless society for more united India.
To stop Imperialism through Guerrilla warfare.

Local Principles are concentrated towards the local people in and around the Naxal/Maoist operative centers.Local principles are more directed towards the reforms oriented for the people.they are

Stop mining in the tribal areas of India by corporates.
Stop evacuation of tribes from Forest.
Allow tribes to use forest resource.
Stop Police atrocities over tribal people.
Motivate pro-people stand on poor. 

According to principles what they are doing is right.Killing people is considered as a sacrifice for there principle.They want neglected section in the development to voice for right's.Funding for Naxalite activity are provide by native people,looting police armory,robbery from land lords and communist organization around the world.

 Naxal/Maoist presence:

So called left wing extremist are spread around 6 states of India covering 1/3rd of the nation.They have strong presence in more than 100 administrative districts of India.According to BBC report there are about 20,000-50,000 armed carders and 1,00,000 carders affiliated with them.They are well equipped with SLR,LMG,AK-47,Grenades,Motors etc.Maoist use most sophisticated state of art explosive IDE and Semtex.

Naxal/Maoist Vs Government:

Over 45 years Naxalite successfully operated in India.It's so sad that our Government can't able to find Issue and method they handle to reach large mass of people.Naxal/Maoist affected states and rural areas are great example of how government as still failed to reach grass root people.Naxal movement is not just bush raised day before yesterday,It's 60years failure of Indian democracy.Naxal/Maoist principle reached people more easily as they more concentrated weaker section of the people who are suppressed by economic development and caste.Over 60 years of Independence India government failed to ask problems of weaker section which as largest concentration.

Government failed to address the needs of the tribal people In the eastern ghats.Eastern ghats covers large amount of forest and also its the mineral bank of India.Over 60 years Government as given permission to many corporates to extract ore from the area without knowledge of the native people.Government allotted mining area with condition to provide job for local,develop infrastructure in surrounding areas,Increase standard of living,Protect environment etc.It's a reverse effect after corporates enter the place they force native people to evacuate,No development etc.Government show no intention for people after allocating mines to corporates.

Native tribal people are more forest resource oriented,so when government forest official ban them from using forest,fire there house,rape women only force them to take weapon in hand.Naxal/Maoist success can be seen from there people friendly approach which govt as to do.Naxal divide the land with landless people.They work with people built house,school,infrastructure,educate etc.They does all work that government as to do with the people of the area.Naxal principle of classless society are key ideology attract people.

Thinks to Consider and Change:

Since i wrote it doesn't mean i am supporting there armed revolution against the innocent people,But i support there ideology against corporates,Imperialist etc.They are not terrorist without an defined ideology.They spent there entire life armed for people roaming in the dense forest in India.I don't feel any wrong selfish intention behind it.It's not matter we support naxalite or not but we need to look into the status of the tribal people,poor,native,mining,corporates spread across the area.If we look into life of the people around mining areas they are affected by skin diseases,drinking water polluted,agriculture failed due to pollution,no jobs,chased away from native place,Forest resource demolished etc.

If look into latest lokayutha report,For every ton of iron ore mined in India government earns just a royalty of  Rs 27 and private corporate companies earn Rs 5,000,Its still worse in bauxite,copper etc.In addition to that  there is illegal mining also taking place around the area.Don't anyone feel its day robbery in-front of our eyes,We talk about 2G scam does anyone dare to talk about this corporates.Still worst this corporates every years tax exemption also last years 5 lakh cores tax exemption for corporates.  

Another report say that 60% of rural Indian people live there life below 35rs/day and urban people below 66rs/day.Even Asian bank report says that rise in social inequality in India as to be taken in concern otherwise this will increase instability in the country.

Government as to take some decision on policy/principles/structure:-

  • Government must issue new mining license only to public sector company to avoid looting from private corporates.
  • Government must give share in the public sector mining company for local tribal people of the area.
  • Government must spent a section of the profit for development of infrastructure,education,living standard of locality.
  • Government official and police must reach to grass root people and if any official  behaves wrong with people government must punish them heavily.
  • Government must provide education local people in the area.
  • Most important of all government must bring land reform act to redistribute the landless people with lands.
  • Government must motivate women and lower caste in economic development.
  • Since Indian urban is developing under constant face government as to concentrate more on rural area.
  • Government should provide more power tribal people to make use of forest.More than forest official only tribal can protect our forest so efficiently.
  • Government must control the activity of corporates in India.Many corporates development is more than development of India.
  • Government must form a standing committee to deal already running mines and effect of them in the locality.
  • A special cell as to be formed to deal with grievance of tribal,peasant,poor etc.         
  • Future economic policy of India should be oriented towards classless society.

Conclusion but not the End:-

Government must stop armed operation against the naxal since they are ideology rebels for every single killed ten raises.So its government duty to bring naxal to mainstream of politics.Since violence is a double side knife kills both side.Naxal method of approach may be wrong but there ideology most needed across India so they must join main stream fight with the people.Class,caste,Religion killing people already if naxal to join that worry list then naxal will lose there support from people.So It will confined as tribal revolt so naxal/maoist must drop there weapon implement there ideology fight in mainstream of politics.I am supporting naxal or not secondary if you want to know pain of tribal people than just see james cameron avatar movie same think happens in eastern ghats of India.There is no difference just it takes place in a new world.We can't oppose one side alone Naxal and police both as killed innocent people so its duty of both to silence there weapon.Let affected people voice heard a loud through out the world.Naxal are not Internal Security treat but a symbol of socioeconomic problem of weaker section.      


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    3. The Church of England announced this morning that it has sold all its shares in the international mining company Vedanta Resources because of concerns over the corporation’s human rights the above link then give ur comment

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