Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internet Pornography In India:A Pleasureful Disastrous Of Nation!!!

It's a article explicit to showcase some cultural change in India.Article written with intention to show how American culture affecting children and youth.I think something as too be done in order to change future of India.This article exclusive on pornography/Abusing contents affecting children.So before reading the article we openly declare that it may contain some adult contents excuse for it.

What is pornography?

Pornography an exclusive sexual subject matter published in Internet,books,magazine,photos,videos,art,painting etc for a business.Pornography a global business targeting large section of youth in adolescence age.Pornography as legal status in many countries and illegal done in other countries.Pornography a $60-70 billion Industry legally and $100 billion illegally.American's are largest producers of pornography in the world.Today global pornography market targets largest youth populated nation in the world-India.

Pornography In India:   

Pornography as reached India to a such extent even in assembly MLA watch porn.Leaders who had to stop penetration of pornography itself fall pray for it.Blue film most reached word than pornography in India.Every day more than 100 blue film are produced in India.About 70 % of Internet users visit at least one time porn site a month.since development of 2G,3G and Internet opened a new market for pornography in India.Today most of the school going student  use mobile with which they just share pornography.Rapid technology development as made under adolescence children getting into new world of sex.The most valued fact there is no difference between girls and boys.

Funny Fact:

  • Most of the porn stars as only fake breast.
  • Most of the erection in porn movies are produced by injection.
  • They are paid up heavily to fool u up.
  • Most of the video projected as real video are all porn start or prostitute video.
  • Porn star use drugs to get excitation and take big ones inside.   

Impact On India:

  • Children of age between 13 to 18 were targeted and they fall pray for it.Children enter a new world which they don't understand in that age.
  • Pornography business in India banned so its only taking place illegally.It's add to our black money.
  • Pornography a main source which motivates all sexual violence against the women.
  • Internet users in India are hunger for porn in Internet.Every year porn,sex is the most searched word in Google.
  • There about 4-5 million porn website all over the world.
  • India male and female spent hours alone watching porn according to report.
  • Availability of Internet makes them to chat,social,message with unknown stranger share there sex interest. 


  • It affects our economy as everything related to porn are illegal.(Black market)
  • Children who are below 19years watch porn movies force them  try to get pleasure of sex.Which forces children to masturbate,homosexual,try sex with friends and even to prostitutes. 
  • When children get pleasure of sexual feeling,they get addicted to it.Addiction to pornography creates stress,mental instability and bad attitude etc.
  • There is a greater chance of DSM(Diagnostic statistical mental disorder)
  • Many children lose there virginity before they complete education.Most pathetic of all many get pregnant too.
  • Even for producing porn movie they want new girls for each film,so they force girls into pornography and prostitution.
  • Indian porn lovers view mostly small age group girls and boys in sex,so there is significant increase in share of children pornography.
  • It destroy culture of a society and create madness for sex forcing social and sexual crime.
  • It may even have impact on after marriage sex life. 
  • Force them to select other pleasure methods also smoking,drinking and drugs.


Over three thousand years back,when rest of the world indulged in homo sex,Family sex etc.In India sex as been adored as most purist form of love for attaining god.Ancient India glorified sex,every guru kulam taught sex to student.Even women had school to know what is sex and purpose of it.Kama sutra one world's finest book on sex written by Indians.Kama sutra as been source for many sex education through the world,but in India we don't have sex education.A nation which taught the world art of sex must have sex education.Sex education can only make children to select good and bad.

Government can't block all porn website form India,since most of the server outside India.At least they can direct law towards protecting girls from forced prostitution.

Children come under this problem only due to over freedom like mobile,excess Internet,money etc.I think even both parents working as made children to over come idealness they move into sex world.

We can reduce porn watching activity by closing Internet as soon as our work over,diverting mind over other matter. 
Parents and teachers monitoring children are key for children in order to avoid pornography in there life.      


If we have abused or irritated anyone by this article sorry.We taught its a great social problem which as to answered.For one's pleasure many girls forced into pornography and someone else earn money.Finally affecting only viewers mind and body only.We have to do something for stopping this American forced culture into our society.It's in hands of parents to protect children and future of nation. 


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