Return To Public Sector Companies

Public sector is always the real asset of a country.In India public sector always means lose and poor management.It all happened after 1991 LPG economic policy of India.In order to promote private sector ,government started to show less interest in public sector company.Public sector company Once known as Gem of India are facing a great dip due to drastic development of private sector in India.Public Sector always determine the overall asset of a country.

In 1991,When government changed its economic policy,everyone stated that red tape and license raj increase corruption.It's clear if corruption during 80's for hundreds means now its for billion,so policy not a matter for corruption.I think its time for has to re look at the Public sector company.Public sector doesn't alone makes our economy strong,but also develop as a independent country.We think Chinese as our competitor but they are competing with US.I am not insulting our country but we need to restructure our country from basic.We are not independent for jobs to military equipment we are dependent on other countries help.If American stops outsourcing then 60% of IT sector gets affected.

Lets look into a classical example how public sector works in China.China our most competing counter part on other side of Himalayas a independent communist nation.I think we must learn how public sector can be converted into profit organization from China.If we consider top 150 companies in China most of them are public sector where majority of share are under government.If we look into glimpse of  Chinese economic development we can find many truth.

  • Every year China's Economic Development touches 9%
  • Chinese holds 18% of the global consumer market(Even India holds equal amount global consumer market.)
  • Chinese products as replaced many American product in the global market.
  • Chinese just pushed Japanese to third place and came second largest economy After US.

Now we can see there economic principles within public sector company which we must learn to implement in our public sector companies. 

  • Public sector companies are  managed by top business management people,Even though Government as major share in the company.There will be no interference from Government.
  • Every level of organization are inter linked and untied approach.
  • They Invest lot in R&D development of the company.
We can see even in many other countries the raise of public sector company.Since public company are combined wealth of the nation.

  • Even 3/4 of the world's largest oil company are Public sector companies.
  • World's largest natural gas company Gazprom,Russia is a public sector company.
  • Even major developing countries as taken public sector as main weapon Brazil,China,Venezuela,Russia,Cuba etc 

We believe after 1991 LPG we have reached this position and development,But its a wrong assumption entire world running behind public sector.I think its time to show restructure policy for public sector company,otherwise in future we must face occupy wall street type movement in India.We must bring all mining,road,public transport,tele communication,water resource,infrastructure activity under public sector.


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