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Top 7 Revolutinary Leaders:Who Changed the World/Worked For Humanity!!!

Life is simple.Some of the person looked simple but time changed there life so drastically.I am so glad to write about inspirational leaders whom everyone must admire for there extraordinary  revolutionary taught.I want everyone get inspiration from the extraordinary leaders who changed the world with there revolutionary taught.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Birth:29,Jan 1929
Nationality:United States
Place Of Birth:Atlanta,Georgia,U.S
Death:4,April 1968(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A Man who won't die for something is not fit to live"
Books:Why we can't Wait,A testament of hope
Legacy:A Icon of Civil Rights all around the world
Achievement:American civil Right's
Reward:Nobel Peace prize-1964
Timeline:Montgomery Bus boycott-1955
Against Poverty and Vietnam war-1968

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Birth:14,Jun 1928
Place Of Birth:Rosario,Santa fe,Argentina
Death:9,Oct 1967(Assassinated at 39)
Quote:"A true revolution can be upraised only when there is a true feeling of love "
Book:Motorcycle Diary,Guerrilla Warfare
Legacy:Guevaraism,Youth revolution icon of the world
Achievement:Cuban revolution,Congo & Bolivia revolution
Reward:100 most influence people of 21st century
Timeline:Motorcycle journey entire South America-1950
Minister of Industries,cuba-1961


Mahatma Gandhi

Birth:2,Oct 1869
Place Of Birth:Porbandar,Gujarat
Death:30,Jan 1948(Assassinated at 79)
Quote:"An Eye for eye makes world blind"
Book:My Experiment with truth
Legacy:Gandhian Ideology,Nonviolence Crusader
Achievement:Civil Right's in South Africa,Indian Independence
Reward: Father of India
Timeline:Civil Right's-1914
Quit India-1940


Vladimir Lenin

Birth:22,Apr 1870
Nationality: Soviet Union
Place Of Birth:Simbrisk,Russia
Death:21,Jan 1924(Died at 54,stroke)
Quote:"A lie told often becomes the truth"
Book:What is to be done?,State and Revolution
Legacy:Leninism,working class icon
Achievement:Russian Revolution,Soviet Union Formation
Reward:First Comrade of Communism
Timeline:October revolution-1917
Soviet Union Formation-1922



Abraham Lincoln

Birth:12,Feb 1809
Nationality: United States
Place Of Birth:Hodgenville,Kentuchy,America
Death:15,Apr 1865(Assassinated at 56)
Quote:"As i would not be a slave,so I would not be a master.this express my idea of democracy "
Book:Life and Public service,Wisdom and wit
Legacy:Mastermind of Democracy,Democratic Icon
Achievement:Abolition of Slave
Reward:Crusader against Slavery
Timeline:President of US-1861
Emancipation Proclamation-1863


Nelson Mandela

Birth:18,Jul 1918(still alive)
Nationality:South Africa
Place Of Birth:Mevzo,South Africa
Quote:"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Book:Long walk to freedom,The struggle in my life
Legacy:Anti-Apartheid Icon
Achievement:Democracy in South Africa,Black People Right's
Reward:More than 250 awards
President of South Africa-1994    

Karl Marx

Birth:5,May 1818
Nationality:No Concrete nationality(Basically German)
Place Of Birth:Trier,Kingdom of Prussia
Death:14,Mar 1883(died at 64)
Quote:Religion is the opium of the people
Book:Das Capital,Communist Manifest
Legacy:Marxism,Communism,Socialism,Father of working class
Achievement:Communist Ideology
Reward:100 Most influential people of the world
Timeline:Communist Manifest-1848
Das Capital-1867

History of humanity saw many leaders but only few leaders principle survived over years.I think this 7 leader's principle will survive till end of humanity.They are most exemplar leaders who gave there entire life for humanity.Most of the leader in the list are brutal Assassinated.Legacy of such great leaders as based over centuries.I think 21st Century missing such leadership whom worries about entire humanity.Let legacy of such leaders bring changes in Billions of people.

                                       "Wake up to be next leader of humanity"     



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