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Top 8 Deadliest Drugs in the world

Recreational drug as a long history in humanity.Drug history runs back to from origin of humanity.Drug substance was not first used for medicinal value.Drugs are more than 10,000 years old in human culture.In ancient time drugs are mostly used for recreation,pleasure,relax,stimulation and erection.Drugs are in use either one or another form over thousand's of year.Even today drugs are used for same purpose but intention of cultivation as changed a great deal.Illegal Drug traffic around the world funds armed revolution,criminal activity,underworld dons,political activity etc.

The Eight most powerful drug in the world not only by substance power but also by market value.


Chemical Name:benzoylmethylecgonine
Preparation:Cocaine is obtained from coca plant(Natural method)synthesis cocaine is produced by using the chemical substance.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Topical,Oral,Insufflation,Intravenous
History:Over thousand years its been in practice of indigenous people of south America to consume Coca leaf.After arrival of Spanish Cocaine reached across the globe. 
Effect Time:1-2 hr
Usage:Alertness,euphoria,erection,sexual activity,power
Side-Effect:Physiology damage,Stress,depression,akathisa,nervous problem
Routes To Market:Caribbean,Mexico,Chile(Through bags)
Market Value:$100-$400 Per gram/World Black market value-$85 billion
Legal Status: Controlled Drug/Banned in many countries


Chemical Name:delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Preparation:Marijuana are produced from the dried flowers and steam of female cannabis plant.
Type: Cannabis
Intake Routes:Oral,Smoking,Inhalant
History:Cannabis were used well over 3000 years in south Asia.They are also found in Romania.Cannabis spread from south Asia to rest of the world through trade practice.
Effect Time:1 hr
Usage:Chemotherapy,AIDS,Vomiting,pain killer
Routes To Market: India,Myanmar,China(Sea and land)
Market Value:$20-$150 per gram/World black market-$145 billion
Legal Status:Banned in third world countries.


Chemical Name:Morphine
Preparation:Opium Contains 12% of Morphine.After Alkaloid are extracted from opium poppy they are treated with alcohol and organic solvent to extract pure morphine.
Type: Narcotics
Intake Routes:Inhalation,Insufflation,Oral,Intramuscular
History:In 1804-Freidrich Serturner from Germany discovered morphine from opium,Later in 1827 morphine came commercial as alternative for alcohol.
Effect Time:2-3 hrs
Usage:Acute pulmanory edema,Sever pain
Side-Effect:Respiratory disorder,renal failure,asphyxia
Region:Afghanistan,Arab nations
Routes To Market: Through Africa and Thailand
Market Value:$10-$250 per gram/World black market-$70 billion
Legal Status:Controlled Drug/Banned in third world countires



Chemical Name:Nicotine
Preparation:They were extracted from tobacco plant leaf.They were dried and grained to get small tobacco dry leaf.Tobacco leaf as to be cured.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Smoking,Oral,Chewing,Vaporized
History:Tobacco as long history over 1000 years,Tobacco as used in different culture in various periods in history.Tobacco doesn't have a specific year of origin.
Effect Time:2 hrs
Routes To Market: Entire world
Market Value:$1-$10 World market-$200 billion and World Black market-$61 billion
Legal Status:Widely recognized drug used in all form.



Chemical Name:Diacetylmorphine
Preparation:Heroin is a derivative of morphine.When morphine extracted from opium poppy is synthesized with diacetyl produce Heroin.
Type: Narcotics
Intake Routes:Inhalation,oral,Intramuscular
History:1817-Alder wright synthesized morphine to produce Heroin.
Effect Time: 15-25 min
Usage:surgical painkiller,terminal illness,painkiller
Side-Effect:Decrease Kidney function,dependence,mental weakness
Routes To Market: Malaysia,Singapore,India
Market Value:$50-$1400 per gram/World Black market-$72 billion
Legal Status:Prohibited Substance/Banned in any form of trade


Chemical Name:Methamphetamine
Preparation:Meth is prepared in wide range of synthesis process.Preparation is highly dangers since it contains corrosive and flammable chemicals.Most widely used synthesis ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine.
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes: Oral,Smoking,Injection,Inhalation,Suppository
History:1893-Japanes chemist Nagai Nagayosh.Its widely used in world war-II.
Effect Time:8-10 hrs
Side-Effect:parkinson disease,Meth mouth,Sexually transmitted diseases.
Routes To Market:Mexico
Market Value:$50-$500 per gram
Legal Status:Prohibited Substance/Banned to produce in lab.


Chemical Name:Alcohol Family
Preparation:Ethanol hydration,Fermentation,Modern process
Type: Depressants
Intake Routes:Oral
History:Oldest drug in the world which is in still existence.Most of the old method alcohol are by fermentation process.
Effect Time:6-7 hrs
Usage:Recreational drug,Sexual activity
Side-Effect:Birth defects,cancer,Metabolism
Region:Entire world
Routes To Market:Every trade route
Legal Status:No ban



Chemical Name:3,4 methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine
Preparation:Safrole a black oil substance extracted from root bark or fruit of sassafras tree.This substance is synthesized with the chemical substance to form MDMA
Type: Stimulant
Intake Routes:Oral,Sublingal,Renal,Injection
History:1912-Anton kollisch first synthesized MDMA.MDMA was widely used by the American army.
Effect Time:6-10 hrs
Usage:Physiotherapy,Reduce fear
Routes To Market:Mexico
Market Value:$7.6 billion dollars
Legal Status:Prohibited drug/No rights for production.

Drug are most recreational one which can relive the pain of a man only for short period of time.Drug not only destroy personal health but also economic structure,Tradition,culture,life style etc.The Good example of such activity is Russia were large number druggist get addicted everyday.Its a affected Russia internally so heavy.Most of the drug destination are pointed towards Russia.So Say no to drugs to protect our future.


  1. Lies! Anyone who reads this, take complete disregard to the fact that marijuana is on this list depicted as a deadly drug, the real drug problems consist of the lack of proper education, its pages like this that cause harm to people, learn your facts before you start posting nonsense all over the internet for people to continue to be misinformed! Enough said, you lose whoever posted this...

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