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What Is Love?

Love most unexplained feelings which crosses every person life.Love is one thing which as different meaning in various department.If we look into dictionary for love-Its just affection and attachment between men and women.In scientific aspect love is something different and love is combination of biology,chemistry,physics,social & physiology.Love can be stated as old as humanity,Its one of the few thinks living on Earth even before caste,religion,country,race etc started.Love always been emotional and cheerful matter.

Always there is difference between Love,Lust and Infatuation:

Love is something which live with you every moment of your life.You can feel love.
Crush is just a sexual attraction and a sexual desire.
Infatuation is similar to Love&crush but wont sustain for a long time.

Biological   What's love?

Biology divides love into three types lust,attraction and attachment.We will have in depth analysis of each and outcome of it.


First type of love according to biology called lust.When a person see a opposite sex gets attracted by appearance.It's just a sexual desire stimulated by Testosterone and estrogen.Male's have lots of lust than female.Lust keeps on changing when someone better comes than previous.Testosterone and estrogen stimulate pleasure cells in brain for sexual desire.So only male's have keen interest on girls.


Second type of love which can be attributed as True love.Attraction just a focus on a Individual person for life long relation.Even this stage starts with lust only,but create commitment for single person.When you fall in love at this stage they very well stimulated by pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.Even though its true love stage it may cant end in marriage due social reason.It remains in your subconscious brain ever and last for life long.


Third is key for permanent bonding of love.Where two person gets married and give birth to a child.It's a life long love,but it can break due to social problems.Important reason for life long they are stimulated by higher level chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin which gives life long feeling of love.It depends on situation for attraction to end in attachment.Love touches once more but last life long.

Symptoms of Love:

Many say in romantic way that can't sleep without you and flying like butterfly.Its true really it takes physically in our body too,which can be considered as symptoms of love.The hero of all action inside our amphetamines which stimulates the brain pleasure center.Major symptoms that can be felt are high heart rate,loss of appetite,loss of sleep,feeling of excitement and increase in Nerve growth.

Psychological What's Love?       

Psychology says love as a triangular theory in which love is combination of three stages.Intimacy in first stage were two person's share there personal and classified matters within them.During second stage of commitment in which mate's search for a life long Relation.Passion is a sexual desire for the opposite sex.Basically human psychological works this way towards love.Love is complete combination of all three stages.

Other views on Love?

Love is just a force of attraction between two opposite sex and a social activity.Evolutionary theory suggest that love is key for survival of humanity. A person view on love may vary according to growth and social background.Today love are based on social,physical and surrounding factors.Caste,religion,race,nation etc determine permanent attachment for a person even though they are in love.What so ever love touches one time but lost life long.(some person can argue that love will any number of time,but it depends only psychology and social factor of a individual.)We can marry someone else in life but first love will live ever in our memory,Since we are not machine to wipe out everything from brain.

Source For Article:-Human Evolution,History of love,History of Sex,Robert and Helen fishers theory,Internet sources and Bablu taughts.     


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