Tuesday, May 1, 2012

World's Wealth In Workers Hand:World's Starvation In Workers Stomach!!!

Modern world of 21st century looks beautiful with mega structure and infrastructure.We reached a place were man can able to built a house on white moon surface.Every major development in the humanity as taken place from origin of fire.Ever since then world as moved into various faces but single think which remains unchanged in the world are workers/labors.Evolution of modern world can never been in reality without the shear blood drop of workers/labors.Today after invention of machinery there hard work looks simple but they only created wealth of the world.

Workers/labors worked for state or private but they created wealth of the world.Today world looks big because of the hard work  input from billions of people.No one as doubt about there hard work for combined wealth of the world.The most pathetic situation of workers/labors they never got fruit of there physical hard work.Its from pin to satellite everything are created only because of hardcore labor.

 The Most pathetic situation that workers are facing in the 21st century,can never be solved in present society structure.Some of the worst crises that a worker facing in the present world,

Farmer feeds everyone in the world,
But they have No Food to eat.
Shepherd provide world with milk,
But there children die in Malnutrition.      
Cobbler stitch a foot protection slipper of a person,
But they have No Slipper to wear.
Miner extract everything form earth to produce wealth,
But they have No Wealth.
Goldsmith design most expensive metal in the world,
But cant able to buy a ounce of Gold.
Potter Makes all utilities for life,
But don't have fruit of labor.
Manson built house,dams,malls,
But they don't have house to live.
Driver transport movable wealth throughout world,
But they walk throughout there life.
Porters carry tons in there shoulder,
But they don't have money.
Labors(Carpenters,iron workers etc) does everything in the world,
But still they are the poorest in the world..............
Oh,What a economic blender to humanity,
One who generated wealth dieing in starvation...........

Greatest economic blunder of the world.Economic policy were more oriented to the non-working class rather than the large working class.Workers even today work for hrs but earn minimum wages.The living condition of the workers are too low.Workers children don't have proper food,education,cloths etc.Its been over 150 years since Karl Marx started to speak about workers rights and power, but even today workers toiling for survival.Even today slavery,imperialism taking place in the most advanced form.   

   Gandhi said "Work without wealth a sin",but  today its happening in reality.Karl Marx on workers around the world"Workers of the unite,you have nothing to lose but your chains".Even a single day when workers stops working its difficult for world to run.One day world will see the power of working class.Until working class maintain silence only capitalist can extract wealth from hard work of labors. 

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